The Republic of Turkey is a nation in the western extremity of Asia, bordering Europe to the west, and the Middle East in the east. Turkey is a parliamentary democracy, with the state headed by a President, and the unicameral Grand National Assembly headed by a Prime Minister. The Republic shares borders with Greece, Bulgaria, the Soviet Union, Kurdistan, and French Syria, as well as maritime borders with Cyprus.

Founded in 1922 after the disastrous fall of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has has a relatively peaceful democratic history since then.

The current PM is Hasan Saka, and the next parliamentary elections are scheduled for 1950.

Foreign Affairs

  • Allies
    • We have an alliance with Kurdistan
    • We are pending alliances from the United States, the Federacion, Greece, Korea, and the Republic of China.
  • Neutral
    • We are neutral with the British Empire, French Empire, Soviet Union, and People's Republic of China.
  • Enemies

Supranational Organizations

  • We are involved in the UN.
  • We are pending membership in NATO.

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