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Timeline: Advancement
Turk Turkery
Flag of Turkey Turkish Sultan's Seal

Praise Allah! (Turkish)

Anthem "Medicyye March"
Capital Ankara
Largest city Samaraquand
Other cities New Persepolis
  others Pharsi
Sunni Islam
  others Shia Islam
Ethnic Groups
  others Persian, Uzbek
Demonym Turkish
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Grand Council of Viziers
Population 2,000,509 
Established 1069
Currency Turkish Dinar
The Turkish Republic is a constitutional monarchy dominated the northeastern portion of the Middle East. It was involved in a brief war with the Mughal Empire in 2005. It shares borders with Muscovy, Byzantia, Israel, Mesopotamia, Greater Buryatia, Uyghurstan and the Mughal Empire. Although there have been recent struggles in Turkey, it is back on track with its normal way of life.

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