The Language of Aq Qoyunlu

Court Language

Court Turke is infamously not understood by farmers, and sometimes even the middle class (but most of the middle class understand most). Court Turke, however, is the most documented. Some features of Court Turke are:

  • Court Turke has a more musical type of stress.
  • The introduction of long back vowels "aa, @@, oo, uu."
  • Loss of front h.
  • The ommiting of the soft sounds (q, g, gh, l, r) after back vowels (a,@ , o, u)
  • The loss of final consonants, in particular nasals and liquids. (m, n, ng, l, r)
  • "T" often becomes "s" in the middle of a word.
  • The adding of vowels at the begginign and end of a word. (Sultan -->Asultae)
  • Large Borrowings from Persian and Arabic.

Some examples:

  • Zevk olmadan hayat nedir. becomes Khoosh@ omada ayasa nedi. (What is life without pleasure)
  • Sen ordu hizmet etmelidir. becomes Se jish izmese esmeldi. (You must serve the army!)
  • Sen Moğolistan söyledi? becomes Se Molista söyledi? (You said you were from Mongolia?!!!!)

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