We are all here to discuss colonial projects, of which war may come if we do not discuss them. Here every nation lays claim to a plot of land, and clarifies where they will colonize to help prevent colonial wars.

Edit this picture with where your future colonies are going to be. If 2+ nations want the same plot of land. Negotiations will commence.
666px-Proposed Vienna World turin conference

Piedmont-Sardinia's Claims

Piedmont-Sardinia: We claim the Horn of Africa, which we already controle much of, OTL Gabon and Equitoreal Gunei, southern Papua, Northern Australia, OTL Algeria, and the northern island of OTL New Zealand, as well as some Pacific islands that we care less for.

  • The only problem with this is that Britain claimed all of Eastern Australia in 1788 (east of the white line on the map). The coloured parts are the bits they have settled. 

Sweden: We will not be seeking colonisation, although we may change our minds in time.

Russian Empire: We claim northwestern, south central and western outback of Australia, along with parts of Madagascar not yet claimed by any other nation.

Russia's claims on the Conference

Russia's claims

Papal States: We claim Indochina, Ivory Coast and some more of West Africa (East border ending in the Danish Gold Coast), Hong Kong after the Chinese invasion as a free city under Papal administration, Kyushu after the Japanese invasion as a colonial province, and we support Bavaria to get Wittelsbach Archipelago and offer the Papal cities to be tax free ports during ten years, being revogated with agreement.(We also claimed Uruguay if the South American invasion ever occur)


Papal Claims

  • Bavaria: His Royal Majesty lays claim to the Wittelsbacher Archipelago and parts of Western New Guinea. We also claim some of the coastline of OTL Namibia. We also plan on purchasing the Virgin Islands from Denmark, but that will come later. We don't have the capabilities to settle all of the claims at once, but it is a long term plan. (Map coming soon)
    CoV Bavarian Claims

    Bavarian claims

    • The island is actually called Papua, not New Guinea, New Guinea is in Panama.
    • Actually, it can be called either
  • Spain: We lay claims on North- Eastern Australia
    Spain colonies
    , Liberia, Brazil after the South-American conquest, Taiwan and Kanto after the Asian conquest. Persia and Afghanistan after our next middle-eastern conquest and Angola and Namibia. We don't have the capabilities to settle all of the claims at once, but it is a long term plan. Also, we offer all European nations tax-free ports for ten years.
    • A few things. Firstly, Brazil. Why on earth would you want Brazil? It is a former Portuguese colony, with no ties whatsoever to Spain. It's also reasonably powerful. Secondly, Britain claimed all of Eastern Australia in 1788 (east of the white line on the map). The coloured parts are the bits they have settled. Thirdly, could we please negotiate about South-West Africa? I laid claim to a coastal strip near Walvis Bay (see Bavaria's post above), which would leave you with heaps of land still. Fourthly, the Danish Gold Coast (unfortunately not on the map yet, but it has been mentioned in posts a bit) takes up a bit of your Nigerian colony, but there should still be plenty of yours left. Finally, Persia would be quite hard to conquer, if not impossible. I mean, the Russians couldn't do it otl, so I doubt the Spanish could TTL. Especially without their South American colonies.
    • Yeah, no need for Brazil, and Persia is godly, Ottomans couldn't beat them in their prime, and Russia couldn't do it.
  • Greece: Claims OTL DRC, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Venezuela, Singapore and Korea. (Obviously not all at the same time though).
    • Zimbabwe is Portuguese, Singapore is British
  • France: The kingdom claims most of  West Africa, Kenya and parts of Sudan western Madagascar and western Australia, and later will begin a Intervention into Mexico as well as Siam and Baluchistan regions.

    France's claims


Indochina: Papal-States/France

Latin America: France/Spain/Greece

Ivory Coast: France/Spain/Papal-States/Denmark

Horn of Africa/Swahili Coast: Piedmont-Sardinia/France

Madagascar: Russia/France


Latin America

Ivory Coast

Namibia/Southwest Africa

Although I know both Bavaria and Spain claims this, I have to say Namibia has already been conquered by Belgium. Regards, Laptop Zombie 14:46, February 22, 2013 (UTC)

Horn of Africa/Swahili Coast

French-claims1 turin discussion

Piedmont's Proposal


Was conquered fully by Belgium in 1834. No more negotiations. 14:08, February 22, 2013 (UTC)

Belgium claims:

We already conquered Madagascar, Namibia and Papua New Guinea in the past. However, we accept minor settlements from other countries on the coast of our colonies. Please don't take our colonies. Please respect us. Regards, Laptop Zombie 14:48, February 22, 2013 (UTC)