Tullemark Governorate
Tullemarks Gouvernørat
Timeline: Medwedian World
Tullemark Flag.png Tullemark coa.png
Coat of arms
Forvjersj, men Land Tullemark!
Medwedia TullemarkHighlight.png
Tullemark highlighted in Red.
Official languages Medwedian
Regional Languages Tullnish, Russian, Ukrainian
Ethnic groups  Medwedians (Tullemarkers), Russians, Ukrainians
Demonym Tulle-marker
Government Parliamentary Republic
 -  Governor Høns Meyer
 -  Deputy Governor Gør Anders Bjerning
 -  Prime Minister Julius Rødenby
 -  Lord of Tullemark (Representative) Egon von Tullemark-Tørn
Legislature Gouvernørsbuero (Governor's Office)
 -  Upper house Vagtsenat (Provincial Senate)
 -  Lower house Landestiget (Provincial Parliament)
 -  Joined the Medwedian Democratic Federation 1769 
 -  Governorate Proclaimed 1802 
 -   estimate 22.500.000 

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