The Tudor invasion of Ireland happened gradually throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, initiated by Henry VIII after the failed rebellion of Thomas FitzGerald, a powerful Hiberno-Norman lord who disliked Herny's break with the Catholic church.

Henry was proclaimed King of Ireland in 1542 and proceeded through a system of surrender and regnant to incorporate the Irish chiefs into his kingdom. His successors, such Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth tried to spread their influence through plantations.

All this had the effect of greatly the catholic Irish lords who frequently rebelled. Many hired Japanese ronin to help them fight. Japanese contact with Ireland increase throughout the 16th century as trade winds made it easy for them to reach the western coast.

By the time of the Nine Year's War in 1594, there were an estimated 1,400 Japanese soldiers employed by the Irish forces of Hugh O'Neill.

This greatly soured relations between the English crown and the western Japanese daimyos, such as the Date, Sakate and Nanbu clans, from which the majority of Japanese allies had come.

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