House Tudor
Country England, Wales, Ireland, English America
Parent house Tudors of Penmynydd (Agnatic) House of Beaufort (Non-Agnatic)
Titles Kings of England, Wales and Ireland, English America
Founded 1485
Founder Henry VII of England
Final ruler Elizabeth I of England
Dissolution 1678
Cadet branches House Aviz-Tudor House Habsburg-Tudor

The Tudor dynasty is the main family of the Tudor Line, its rise to power occurred from 1471 to 1485, when Henry VII became the Lancaster claimant, after Richard III's death he became king of England. His son Henry VIII made the dynasty more powerful, enforcing his rule of Ireland and Wales and marrying the Spanish Catherine of Aragon. He ignored his son, Henry IX who cared only for power, by intrigue giving his son claims, he also destroyed his father's work. His son Arthur I later called him a lackwit and tried to increase his lands claiming Portugal from his maternal uncle Louis I, almost bringing his country to collapse from exhausting. Finally a secret conspiracy killed him and gave the crown to his brother Edward VI. Edward turned from Portugal and decided to make his kingdom a colonial power, claiming the English settlements in America. Edward married to Anne of Scotland to align with James VI, with whom he signed a treaty that defined their colonial borders in America. He send English colonists after the Irish lost their independence war called War Over Ireland, his reign was constantly anti-Irish as he almost destroyed their culture. When he died in 1602 many lords in Ireland secretly celebrated.


Henry X came to the throne in 1619, at the time of creation of certain group who demanded their one nation in English America. Henry knew he would need ships if they declared war and so married Juliana of Orange, daughter of the Dutch Prince of Orange and Nassau. Now with the Dutch on his side, he started to raise his family. However, there were problems, only Princess Elizabeth survived as Juliana's pregnancies turned to stillbirths. Then to his horror, his brother Prince John, was killed by the Irish during his visit to the English colonies started by Edward VI. In 1650 Elizabeth I ascended to the throne with no one of the Tudor dynasty remaining. Desperate she and her husband Alfonso VI of Portugal signed a treaty of unification of their countries and colonial empires and that their children would be of House Aviz-Tudor to reflect their common heritage of the two dynasties, rather then House Tudor becoming an extinct house swallowed by those from whom Arthur I Tudor tried to take the throne.


House Aviz-Tudor
Country England, Wales, Ireland, Portugal
Parent house House Avis (Agnatic) House Tudor (Non-Agnatic)
Titles Kings of England, Wales and Ireland, Portugal, English America
Founded 1650
Founder Alfonso VI and Elizabeth I

 In 1678 Elizabeth and Alfonso's son John ascended to the English throne, the Portuguese throne was given to Elizabeth in 1675 upon Alfonso's death, because there was a decision that after being crowned in Westminster Abbey John II of England would sail to Spain and would be crowned John V of Portugal. He was a minor of eight at the time. The regency was handled by his grandmother and widow to Henry X, Juliana of Orange. John however contracted smallpox in 1684 and died. His brother at age 11 became the king. He was called Edward VII and III.



House Habsburg-Tudor
Country Spain
Parent house House Tudor (Agnatic) House Habsburg (Non-Agnatic)
Titles Kings of Spain
Founded 1673
Founder Mary I of Spain