Rossiskaya Imperiya KD

Tsarina Sigrid I is the current Tsarina and head of state of the Russian empire. She was born 23st of April of 1974 in Vladivostok City hospital where her parents were installed since the pregnancy was announced.

His education was done in the most extreme reclusion , she did not went to school but was educated by a private teacher whom which she lived.

The young (then) princess remembers this years as extremely interesting:

"I had every what I wanted, Jewels, Beauty products, a jacuzzi, servants, money, but I was kept in the most extreme intimity, forbidden to walk outside the gardens of my mansion, every time I wanted to go out I had to go in a limousine and no one could see me. I had to pray everyday, for me, that was extremely interesting, because I developed a feeling of independence, of being confident in myself, for compensate the lack of classmates or school-friends.

She did her secondary education in a rural school in Hiiumaa, an island in Estonia which according to her:

"was the nicest place where I studied. We could spend hours after school doing what we wanted, chilling in the countryside, having a bath in the Baltic Sea, spending time in refuges we ourselves built, wearing traditional skirts handmade by women whose ancestry in the islands was lost in the centuries ..., and it was the first moment where I had friends"

She has the obligation to make the opening of each parliament term and legislature in the Imperial Elections, and she has the right to choose her own decision when a law in the parliament cannot be approved in the cases of no majority, national interest, or emergency) and the grace attribution in case of death penalty.

She speaks Russian, Estonian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Polish, and English.

Her hobbies are belly dancing and winter Biathlon, having reached second place in the Lillehammer'94 Winter Olympics

She lives in the Moscow Kremlin, where the Imperial court is located since she became empress of the Russian Empire. She is married to who was his personal translator , a Polish citizen she met while on a visit to this country, Wojciech Antonowicz Wysokiewicz Romanow ( he holds dual nationality (Russian-Polish)

On May 1st, 1995, she gave birth naturally (she is against any kind of medical treatment during pregnancy) which by her express which is done at the Kremlin with traditional, non technological methods) to a girl named Ruth, which is a teacher in a public school in Moscow.

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