The Tsar-class aircraft carrier was a class of Alaskan Navy aircraft carriers designed and built in the late 1940's through the early 1960's. Small and agile, they were meant to house small aircraft batteries (typically no more than eight planes) and complement battleship groups, as opposed to the American and French strategies of creating navy groups based around the carriers themselves. Originally planned to have eight ships, the Tsar-class of aircraft carrier eventually only produced half of its original intent, due mainly to rapid technological developments during the 1950's and early 1960's (in particular the advent of the nuclear bomb in 1958-59) that rendered them more or less obsolete early in their service life.

The Tsar-class vessels were:

  • Tsar Mikhail I (FA-A11): In service 1953-1984, flagship of Alaskan Navy from 1953-1973, served as lead vessel of the Atlantic Fleet First Group from 1954-1973
  • Tsar Mikhail II (FA-A12): In service 1955-1988, served as lead vessel of the Arctic Fleet First Group from 1956-1974
  • Tsar Nikolai I (FA-A13): In service 1957-1990, served as lead vessel of the Pacific Fleet Center Group from 1960-1975
  • Tsar Aleksandr I (FA-A14): In service 1959-1982, served as lead vessel of the Pacific Fleet East Group from 1960-1975

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