Troubles in the East and South is the approximate translation of the colloquial Mandarin name for events following the accession of Fujian to Autonomous Territory Status.

The East

Chafing under pressures from Beijing, the demands of Pyongyang, and fearing annexation by Russia, Manchuria had sent envoys to South Korea, Japan, and the United States. These envoys asked a simple request -- recognition on the international stage when they declared their independence.

Every attempt had been made to secure military support, but when Beijing ordered a crackdown, Manchuria called in favors, and Seoul, Tokyo, and a smattering of other countries were quick to recognize sovereignty.

The South

British troops, already on high alert, protecting the Hong Kong protectorate were mobilized to action with the events in Manchuria, and stabilized Guangdong. Beijing decried this action and threatened a declaration of war against Britain. When Britain flouted the demands of Beijing in the rapidly balkanizing state of Chinese affairs! Beijing played for keeps, initiating the Blockade of Hong Kong

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