Trotsky's Socialism

Trotsky, having a profound belief in Marxist and Socialist ideas, further developed them to form a new branch of Socialism called Trotskyism. In OTL Trotsky could have made huge reforms with his ideology in the USSR. In the ALT Trotsky succeded in coming into power and developed his ideas further, culminating in the Cominate. This Soviet parliament was elected by the people of the USSR with 728 officials or commissars. They were elected directly by the people every three years. Even though they were all Socialists, there were many different views and opinions in the Cominate, they were not suppressed by the secret police (Cheka) as long as they kept true to the socialist basic principals. They could challenge the existing government's plans, budgets etc..., just as the opposition do in many parliaments, but they could not challenge Socialism or the authority of the Cominate. The seven most popular/effective members of the Cominate were voted for by the other commissars to become the people's commissar of an arm of government, eg: transportation. This position would be held for six years until another election took place. Once every ten years a Commissar Patriarch/Matriarch was elected by the Cominate. This was usually the person who had proved themselves most worthy to the Cominate as a commissar. His/Her function was to ensure that all laws passed conformed with socialist ideals. He/She signed and ratified treaties, laws etc. He/She was also the head of state and lived, after 1941, in the Palace of the Soviets, before that He/She lived in the Kremlin, which was turned into a museum displaying the Tsar's decadence after the construction of the Palace of the Soviets. Unlike in OTL, the Soviets (committees of workers) became a reality. They formed a second branch of government called the Sovitern. It suggested laws for the Cominate, heard complaints from the people and organised local projects and budgets. This arm of government was unusual in that no one was ever elected. Instead people would just volunteer to join the Sovitern and could advance up along in rank by merit alone, not by political reliability like in OTL. It was immensely popular in the USSR for people to join as they knew that they were a part of their government and able to influence it directly. Members of the Sovitern were called Sovissars. You could not be a commissar and a sovissar at the same time, but if you withdrew from the Sovitern you could be elected for the Cominate.

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