17 July 1936- Spanish civil war breaks out, Leon Trotsky- traveling outside the Soviet Union decides to aid the Spanish socialist brigades. Germany decides to intervine and the socialist faction of Spain begins to lose.

September 1937- Soviets become tired fo fighting for the Spanish and prepare to leave- however; France, scared of the rising Nazi German power, decides to intervene on the Northern Front. The Southern republican faction and Northern French begin to close the gap and the Republicans win. Coup in Portugal makes Iberia Socialist.

April 1938- Leon Trotsky returns to the USSR; showing Stalin that socialism can in fact survive in another country the two normalize relations while Leon becomes commander of Red Army operations to regain Finland- they are successful. The USSR is now heavily industrialized when Stalin is persecuted for dealing with Hitler and Trotsky becomes the new premier.

1 September 1939- Germany invades Poland, Hitler still honors the non-aggression pact, but Trotsky's policies cause more German Jews and scientists to flee to the Soviet Union.

10 May 1940- Germany invades France and creates puppet Vichy France. Spain joins the Allies

6 June 1944- D-day

15 August 1944- Operation Dragoon is launched; Spanish brigades in North Africa lead to South Italy siding with Spain and overthrowing Mussolini (October 1944) turning Italy socialist, while France is liberated. Republican resistance factions inside France seize control and turn France Socialist.

December 1944- USSR has German scientists complete the atomic bomb.

February 1945- The USSR drops the bomb on Vienna of the Greater German Realm, Hilter does not surrender.

1 March 1945- The USSR drops the bomb on Hamburg, Germany surrenders- Hitler is executed.

6 June 1945- Soviet Union invades Manchukuo, liberating it quickly. USSR demands Hokkaido, Manchuria and Japanese Occupied Alaska in return for peace, threatens Nuclear bombardment of Japan, Japan surrenders 1 month later.

1 October 1949 East Germany is founded, and is merged with the French-Socialist areas of West Germany, The US and UK abandon Germany in fear of the Soviets and Germany becomes socialist, forming the Commonwealth of Western European Socialist States- CWESS.

1 October 1949- Mao Zedong declare the People's Republic of China. Lands controlled by the USSR on the Korean Peninsula (Korea) are becoming hard to maintain so the USSR turns over the PRK to the PRC and forms the Union of East Asian People's Republics- UEAPR. The People's Republic of Mongolia Joins 1 month later.

April 1952- America is the second country with the atomic bomb

1 November 1955- North Vietnam declares itself socialist.

1 January 1959- Cuban Revolution enstating Cuba as the first socialist Latin American country.

March 1959- Che Guevara travels to Mexico and meets up with Soviet Premier Leon Trotsky. Trotsky is old and teaches most of his military startegy to Che.

7 April 1959- Mexico Undergoes a successful socialist revolution and many Central American states do the same with Mexico's help. Trotsky returns to the USSR.

12 August 1959- Argentina undergoes a socialist revolution with Che's leadership; This leads to follow-up revolutions in Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil.

1 January 1960- All of South and Central America is socialist.

March 1960- Finding holing onto the island of Hokkaido to costly the USSR gives it back to Japan after Japan agrees to join the UEAPR, Japan agrees. Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia all also decide to join for the added protection of the Union.

21 April 1961- Joseph Stalin is released from prison.

18 November 1962- Leon Trotsky dies from poor health (age 83), Joseph Stalin assumes power, begins mass-producing atomic weaponry.

16 February 1963- Joseph Stalin dies from poor health (age 83). Nikita Khrushchev assumes power.

1963-1965- Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Ireland all join the CWESS.

1963- 1972- Soviets begin space exploration while America is too busy trying to get resources and money to stay afloat: Soviet get all the firsts for space including manned moon landing.

1967- U.K. under pressure of surrounding socialist states and decline in available resources joins the CWESS, which turns out to be more democratic socialism, and the U.K. citizens actually take to it very well, Switzerland follows suit and joins the CWESS.

30 November 1967- People's Republic of South Yemen is formed. It receives support from socialist regimes in Africa (brought upon the inhabitants by their European colonizers). (Note: Atheism in Africa solves most tribe v. tribe/ Islam v. Christian/ any other problem)

11 May 1968- PRSY joins with North Yemen to create the People's Republic of Yemen.

24 December 1969- USSR invades Afghanistan, copying German blitzkrieg they control Afghanistan in less than a month.

11 September 1971- Khrushchev dies (age 77), Mikhail Gorbachev assumes power.

13 February 1986- Civil War breaks out in Nepal, socialist party sides with China and wins incorporating it into UEAPR.

1986-1988- Reforms in the USSR such as Perestroika and Glasnost take effect leaving the people happier that they have some individual freedoms, the trend catches on.

1991- USA is facing crippling debt, massive military funding cuts and few allies, however it remains afloat, but just barely.

1 January 1992- USA Declares bankruptcy and forms a union with Canada to say alive with it's government in ruins as the USSR accelerates to the world's new hyperpower.

September 2011- Most of the world's countries are now socialist and reforms have kept the people happy and free of economic constraints of "upper-class" citizens. The USA/Canadian alliance is failing and fading fast, USSR is global hyperpower, willing to aid nations under distress from economically oppressed citizens. The remainder of countries do not take either side, but countries like India join economic alliances between socialist powers. The world has lacked conflict for more than 30 years and for the most part is peaceful. Karl Marx's manifesto is fulfilled.


USSR- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

CWESS- Commonwealth of Western European Socialist States

CEESS- Commonwealth of Eastern European Socialist States

SFRY- Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

UEAPR- Union of East Asian People's Republics

PCA- People's Constituency of Africa

ULAR- Union of Latin American Republics

USA/CAN- USA and Canada

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