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Troll Distribution

Trolls is a term referring to several major groups of peoples, originating from Northern Michigan.


Trolls are descended from the survivors of the Great Nuclear War in Northern Michigan. Most of Trollish History is unknown to Belter nations. Th biggest event in Trollish History is the Great Trollish Migration.

Great Trollish Migration

In 1992 the Principality of High Banks tore into the flank of the Trollish Kingdom. As a result, 49,500 trolls were deposed, half of which join the migration led by Shaktilar the Learned. 10% of them died due to disease and other factors, and the rest make it to the bank of the Maumee River, which would become Troll’s Landing. Troll’s Landing was estimated to support only a mere 10,000 Trolls (there were more than twice that), and thus North Ohioans facilitated the moving of the other 13,000 through their territory, Khuzby, and into Southern Ohio via the Columbus Route, where they would grow to compete with the Valleysmen, Waynesdales, and other peoples, integrating well, the Valley Trolls numbers having grown to ~26,000 by 2015.



Trolls wear elaborate masks in style similar to Gas Masks. These masks are filled with rose petals which they believe protect them from radiation, but their cultural signifigance goes far deeper. A Troll would never remove his mask, as with some exception it is an immense taboo This is believed to evolve from the use of actual protective gear in the early days post war, wherein the masks began to become personalized. T modern Trollish mask can be decorated with boar's teeth, twine, shells, bones, and other things. Colored Chalk is used by females to decorate their masks, essentially being the equivalent of makeup, the only exception being blue chalk, which is a mourning color. As previously stated, removing the masks is taboo, with a few exceptions as follows:

  • To kiss the bride on the wedding day
  • Under the roof of a home, when making love
  • To look upon the face of child on the day of their birth

In addition, fur and wool mantles are worn denoting societal rank or profession.

  • Bright Blue denotes a Learner
  • Black denotes a King or noble
  • Yellow denotes a tradesman
  • Green denotes a farmer or herdsman


In the Trollish homeland, Trolls speak a unique version of English, and the Great Migrations have spread this tongue.


The average Troll stands almost 7 foot tall, with the upper limits of height being measured at around 8'4". Because of this, Trolls are known to have disc problems and joint issues. While the occasion is rare, a few trolls have been seen without masks. It is noted that almost every troll has Amber coloured eyes, and stark white, almost alabaster skin. It is theorized that this white skin comes from the constant covering of their faces and skin by heavy cloth and their masks.

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