Spain and Portugal were temporarily united under the Iberian Union between 1580 and 1640. The Union was one of the most powerful nations of the world until the misjudgment of their leaders made Portugal to regain its independence. But what if the two crowns had fully fused?


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The Battle of Ksar El Kebir occurs much before OTL, in 1532, and both John III and Henry I of Portugal die instead, leading to a succession crisis that has much less contestants. At the end, King Charles V of Spain is chosen.

Philip II's realms in 1598

The Iberian Union in 1598. Green, Yellow and Red is Spain, while Blue is portugal. Burgundy is the origins of the Italian part of the crown.

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Differences from OTL


Due to much further imperialism and competition between colonial empires than on OTL, monarchism is the most common form of government, especially constitutional one.


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  • October 14, 2011: A New Union of the Crowns might happen, says Queen Cayetana of England: Flag of Castile-Leon Flag of England TOLEDO, KINGDOM OF CASTILE: Today, Crown Prince Felipe of Borbón of Castile has been aknowledged as heir presuntive of England after Queen Cayetana's marriage with King Juan de Borbón y Habsburgo of the Kingdom of Castile. This would make Juan's firstborn son, Felipe, heir presuntive to both crowns.
Cayetana's children have been excluded from the heritage since their relationships have turned gelid after her marriage with Juan; in order to attempt to gain the English throne, they have claimed she to be mentally unfit for ruling, and did not subside until they were given some of Cayetana's estates in the kingdoms of Galicia and León.
Felipe is now heir to not only two countries, but several estates and over forty duchies and counties throughout the globe, giving him one of the hugest inherited powers in the world. It also includes one of the most important historical collections of the world; Cayetana's estate includes the first copy of Don Quijote de la Mancha, several early copies of William Shakespeare's plays, an early copy of a Canterbury Tales manuscript, one of the two maps first charted by Cristoforo Colombo after his discovery of the new world, and several paintings of some of the greatest painters of both England and Spain. This has formed mild protest from the republicans in both countries.