Triumph of Enlightenment (1759 - 1782)

Situation of 18th Century in World

In half of 18th Century, world was torn apart by bloody colonial war - Seven Years War. War between France and Great Britain and their respectively allies. In North America were three dominant colonial powers - Spain, allied of France, France with their control over New France and Luisiane and Great Britain with their "Thirteen Colonies". Spain and Great Britain colonial power were brutal and repressive against Native Americans. Mass murders and terrorism against Native Americans were ordinary. French colonists were much more humble, peacefull and friendly toward Indians.

At end of 50ties of 18th century, New France was led by general-governor Pierre de Rigaud and Thirteen Colonies of Great Britain was under control of supreme-governor Jefferey Amherst. Situation in North America was critical and Great Britain won many battles over french armies. Except powerfull Iroques Confederation, most of Indians supported France.

At late spring 1759, Gregor Wechten, son of impoverished prussian-russian noble Dimitri Wechtenbergerov, arrived to New France, after he escaped from Europe because of his dead father debts to Swiss and other bankers. Gregor Wechten was succsessfull student of architecture and economy in Prussia, until his father death in 1753 when as 26 years old, he inherited father debts. He became mercenary and fought for Prussia, Russia and Austria in Seven Years War. His arrival to New France led to many important changes in colony and great successes of France. Already first day of his arrival, Pierre de Rigaud thanks to Gregor informations, arrested and executed british intelligence colonel, George Washington.

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