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After the Quadruple Monarchy had lost the Great Occidental War, Scotland became independent in 1547 again, thus reducing the Plantagenet kings to the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal. King Edward V had to resign in 1549 about the lost war.

His popular, although shortlived son Edward VI called in the council of Ghent to reconcile the Catholic church and end the Occidental Schism.

Under his successors, the countries were rebuilt and the empire enlarged.

Henry IV led the second Occidental-Seljuk War, acquiring the Marches, Algiers, Tunis and Sicily 1565 in the Peace of Ostia. He also reordered his kingdoms, and had South Atlantis explored, where he founded the colonies of Braseal and Argentine.

His successor Henry V brought the Triple Monarchy to its peak. He made peace with the French king François III, to divide the crown of Aragon and lead the Great Seljuk War together with him, which gave him all of Algeria and Tunisia in the peace of Naples. He also was accepted as king of Ireland and Poland.

But under Henry VI, the empire fell apart again, giving (re)birth to the states of England (later Britain), Spain and (shortly) Portugal.