The Game


The Games may now begin!

  1. Queen Victoria of Britain passes away at age 81. Edward VII takes the throne.
  2. Britain and Germany agree to an African colonial boundary between German Tanzania and British Nyasaland.
  3. The Caste War of the Yucatan ends, although skirmishes continue fighting.
  4. Irish nationalists are rejected by police during a demonstration next to the House of Commons, a governmental building in London.
  5. Turkey sends 50,000 troops to Bulgaria to keep order.
  6. Nigeria is now a British protectorate.
  • Argentina: The country is under the hands of a new ruler who promises the country greatness in power. it begins enacting economic, social and political reforms. Infrastructure, education and health begins to spread across the country. They begin to harness its natural resources for the benefit of the economy. The petroleum, steel, copper, and farming industries begin to grow. They begin research on machine guns, radios, airplanes, and modern battleships.
  • Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman Empire begins to build up industry in the nation to catch up with the West. Factories are built up, and railroads are set up to help move stuff around. Meanwhile, on the technological front, research on airplanes begins.
  • Britain: London mourns the loss of its sovereign Queen Victoria. Meanwhile, Edward VII takes the reins. He improves the empire in several ways that please the people such as giving them representation in parliament, especially the Irish. Meanwhile, the Crown begins research into airplanes and modern battleships to add to the edge we have as the world's leading power.
  • Kingdom of Romania: King Carol I, creates a bicameral parliament, with extensive powers. He also commissions a new frigate for the navy. It will be designed by British engineers, imported from Britain. The King asks Emperor Franz-Joseph for an alliance with the glorious Austria-Hungarian Empire. The army begins a recruiting drive.
    • British Diplomacy: His Majesty Edward VII is honored to have his Royal Navy be the model for Romania's navy. He offers them trading agreements.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: Romania welcomes the trade agreements, and offers Britain some oil. We also begin construction of an embassy in London.
  • Belgium: Starts research on the modern battleship, and offers a joint research program with Britain to speed it up. the army is in a horrible state, and the king demands it be brought up to scratch though the uniforms are to be kept the same. Close combat weapons are also to be kept as they are considered useful in trench warfare. Belgium offers Serbia an alliance
  • British D: We agree to the program and also will help Belgium train its army. We'll only do this two nations at once and currently they are you and Romania
  • France: The French Government sends their sincere condolences to the people of Great Britain, especially the Royal Family, and will hold an Day of Mourning for Queen Victoria. Meanwhile, President Lobet passes reforms to allow the people in French colonies have equal rights as citizens in the French Republic. Research on battleships and aeroplanes begins, and construction on three dreadnoughts and an submarine begins. Gas masks are equipped for French soldiers, and research into artillery shells that can hold chemical (nerve and mustard gas) and incendiary (white phosphorous) weapons begins. Trade agreements are sent to Britain, Romania, Belgium, and Argentina.
    • British Diplomacy: We thank the French and agree to the trade offers.
  • Spain: The defeat in 1898 in the Spanish-American War made the rapid growth of Anarchy and Socialist Movements. King Alfonso XIII abolishes the position of Prime Ministers, in fear of a Socialist or Anarchist political group taking power there. This decision causes more outrage, as Spain still suffers from major economic problems. The navy and army are reorganized completely in the mainland and lowered drastically and then money is put on researching technology. The garrison in Spanish Morocco is raised as recent attack from native groups have increased.
  • 'Italy: A rapid industrialization campaign begins supported by Roman, Florentine, and Milanese companies and the parliament. a re-arming and training of the royal forces to modernize it and make it more combat effective, the construction of a new navy is began as well as studies in medicine and chemistry are began to enhance Italian scientific efficiency and medical expertise.
  • Austria-Hungary: Research starts on airplanes, battleships and submarines. Larger dry docks start to be built. Increases industry.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: The King of Romania asks Emperor Franz-Joseph for an alliance between Romania and the Austria-Hungarian Empire.
    • Austria-Hungary: Agrees.
  • Sweden-Norway: Sweden-Norway begins to build up its navy and research begins on creating more powerful warships. King Gustavus I commissions the building of a defensive line along the border with Russia called the Gustav Line. Machine guns are positioned liberally along the line and troops are stationed all along the line. Sweden-Norway begins drafting men into the military in order to compete with other nations.
    • S-N Diplomacy: S-N asks Britain to help develop its navy and asks Germany to help develop its army. S-N also asks for a trade agreement from Germany and Britain.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria starts research on new technologies as the start of the 20th century begins, new Military and social policy reforms such as more rights for common citizenry and the lower class of Bulgaria are made. Military bases and Universities are built to increase these new goals of the new century.
  • Brazil: Brazil begins a massive industrialization and army renovation plan as well as the expansion and modernization of the Navy. Brazil also begins to fix its economy as well as infrastructure. It also offers Colombia and all other South American nations an alliance.
  • Australia: We mourn the loss of a true, fair and wise head of state. We ask that in this turbulent time the Dominion of New Zealand, and also Singapore be incorporated into the new Federation of Australia, for ease of administration. We also wish to set up a Commonwealth Union where members of the Commonwealth can come to air views. Transport is taken as a must and construction of major roads between coast and coast is begun. Aboriginal people and women get the right to vote (in the constitution). We offer Brazil trading agreements and would urge Britain to ask for an alliance. (Britain we need to talk, how far can I go and what can I do?)
  • You are autonomous, basically anything (go to war, conquer, diplomacy) but you remain loyal to the Crown. We rarely intervene in Australian affairs except in certain occasions. We reject the offer of incorporation,as we wish to keep them separate due to ethnic differences.
  • United States: American irredentists are sent to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the Philippines in order to convince them all of the benefits of becoming states. More people move to cities in order to get jobs. Two brothers begin experimenting with heavier-than-air flight. America asks for trade rights with Britain, France and Germany.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees to trade agreements sent to them by the US.
    • British Diplomacy: We agree.
  • Netherlands-Expands Military and infrastructure. Research begins into Heavier than Air Flight. The Netherlands ask to buy Dutch Congo for an alliance, trade agreements and $25 Million USD (RNG?). Alliances are offered to France, Britain and Belgium.
    • You mean the Belgian Congo, right?
    • Belgium diplomacy : refuses to sell the Belgian Congo as it is extremely lucrative and a useful asset.
  • Germany: The Germans accept Sweden-Norway's and the United States' proposals. Also, Germans give their condolences to the British people for the loss of their monarch as well as Wilhelm II and several other German royal's grandmother. Meanwhile, the German government begins sending more funds to the naval efforts, and consider making a more extensive naval fleet.
    • The Queen was Willy's granny. Was also Nick's granny. And George's granny. (Wilhelm II, Nicholas II and future George V.)
    • Ah, I knew they had some connection, I just didn't know what. Thanks.
  • Russia: Russia sends its condolences to Britain, since Queen Victoria was the grandmother of reigning Tsar Nicholas II. Seeing Communist uprisings start to take form, a third and more successful attempt is made at the Duma. (He made two attempts before this to make the commies lose their fight. Both failed, somehow.) Research begins into heavier-than air flight. (Planes, of course.) Cars start becoming more popular with the people who can afford it.


  1. The Boxer Rebellion ends when the Boxer Protocol is signed.
  2. Theodore Roosevelt, the current U.S. president, calls for the elimination of trusts within the economy.
  • United States: The United States manages to convince Cuba to remain part of the United States, for now. Industry and research continue. A small naval base starts to be constructed on Guam.
  • Ottoman Empire: More Manufacturing Industries are set up in the Ottoman Empire. Railroads are set up to help move resources around. Meanwhile, Cars become popular in the Ottoman Empire, though very few people can afford any. To help get more people get cars, research begins on cars so that we don't have to import them.
  • Argentina: Railroads, roads, factories, schools, and hospitals and built all across the country. Research on radios, machine guns, airplanes, and modern battleships continue. The reforms start to spread all across the country. They begin expanding and improving on the military similar to Europe's. They ask France for an alliance and trade agreements. Cars are becoming popular in Argentina, although only the rich can afford them.
  • France: France agrees to Argentina's request for trade agreements and alliances, as well agreeing to the previous alliance from the Netherlands. Research into battleships, aeroplanes continue, and chemical weapons that can be put into artillery shells continue. Three more dreadnoughts, and an submarine is launched from Cherbourg. President Lobet orders the increase in manufacturing of steel, and construction on power plants from coal begins. The French Army begins construction on the Maginot Line from the North Sea to the Alpines, and another section from the Alpines to the Mediterranean Sea, to protect it from Germany and Italy.
  • Dreadnoughts count as modern battleships, and you can not have those until 1906 at the earliest.
  • Korea: In fear of being caught in the war, the Korean government sets up defenses around its borders in case other countries try to invade it.
  • Italy: Infrastructure continues to expand as does Italy's industry, designing of chemical weapons is began along with studies on aeronautics and advanced physics. Plans to increase Italian agricultural exports is put into place to expand the national influence on the world market. King Emmanuel lII requests an audience with the French government to address the increase of military presence on its border, many Italians have become scared of the recent actions and requests have been made for an increase of protection of the region, but for now Prime Minister Camilo Benso and king Victor feel that a peaceful solution can be worked out between old allies.
    • French Diplomacy: President Lobet states that the Maginot Line is for defense purposes, and that Italy has no threats of an invasion by France.
  • Netherlands-Military grows and infrastructure improves. Again ask to buy Belgian Congo (RNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • No RNG, because Belgium has a player.
  • Romania: The King and the parliament decide to put their country on a process of modernisation. Railways begin to be built, starting to connect Bucharest to the other towns of the kingdom. The royalty, nobles, and richer merchants introduce cars to the country. The military becomes interested in creating an armoured car, and begins research into them. Machine guns are introduced into the army, thanks to the assistance of Britain, and a small machine gun corps is created. The new frigate joins the twenty-year-old cruiser in the Black Sea Fleet. Austria-Hungary is again asked for an alliance or trade agreement.
  • A-H: Continues to increase industry. Increases natural resource production and transportation. Starts to build defenses along borders. Starts research into an armored car.
  • Belgium: continues research on the battle ship, and the army is supplied with machine guns for the army. explains it will not sell the Belgian Congo under any circumstances. accepts the french offer and asks to help with the French aeroplane development. sends an offer of an alliance to Russia, continues to asks Serbia for an alliance
  • Britain: Celebrations are held in New Delhi with many Hindu princes in attendance to show that Britain cares for its 'Crown Jewel'. King Edward plans to visit India next year to present himself as his mother's successor or the "Emperor of India." Relations between Britain, its colonies, and Commonwealth members are becoming friendlier. Research into the selected technologies goes well and is on track to finish in the following years.
  • Australia: The Commonwealth Union is set up. We invite all members of the Commonwealth to join. We also propose a Global Armed Forces Training Organisation (GAFTO). Please state if you wish to join, will need 4+ to go ahead. Work on the transport system continues. We retract our request for Singapore, but ask again for New Zealand. We ask the US why it wishes to expand into the Caribbean.
  • Brazil: Brazil continues a massive industrialization and army renovation plan as well as the expansion and modernization of the Navy. Brazil also continues to fix its economy as well as infrastructure. The Brazilian resident Also announces the Creation of the Confederation of Latin America, a type of alliance for the nations of Latin America with a single currency and a unified military command. Chile and Argentina are offered positions in the LAC.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Chile accepts.
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: Yes, too.
  • Chile: A census shows that the national population reach to 3,000,000. Government begin a program for improve to the Armed forces, and bring engineers from Europe and North America. President Germán Riesco, a brilliant man, reach enough support in the Congress for pass the first new laws for change the political economical system.
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: It asks Chile for an alliance and trade agreements.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Chile accepts.
  • Russian Empire: Grand Duke Mikhail is seeking a wife. Germans, Austria-Hungarians, Frenchies, etc, noblewomen from any European great power are welcome. In other news, the Tsar buys a car and the Muscovy Auto Company is founded in Moscow. The Russian Navy builds more pre-dreadnoughts.


  1. A 7.5 earthquake hits Guatemala.
  2. South African Boers win a battle against Britain, killing a general and 200 men. This will be, though, their last victory (sorry for not mentioning the war earlier).
  3. Alfonso XIII reigns in Spain.
  4. The Philippine-American War ends (sorry for not mentioning the war earlier).
  5. Indians demand that Britain prove that it cares about India by ending economical, educational, political, and social discrimination against them.
  • ​Argentina: The country continues on their reforms and still continues to undergo economical growth. They declare war on Uruguay but promise to not harm Brazil along the way.
  • France: President Lobet, upon seeing the devastation caused by the earthquake, sends aid to the Guatemalan people. Research into battleships, aeroplanes, and chemical weapons that can be put into artillery shells. The Maginot Line continues construction, and the Italian-portion is completed and construction on the German portion continues. Lobet states that no harm will come to the people of Italy and Germany. A submarine is constructed, and an detachment of men is sent to the Italian Maginot Line.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria upgrades and expands their military. The Economy is increased with more jobs, Technology research is expanded, infrastructure is also upgraded and new works for the navy.
  • Ottoman Empire: More infrastructure and Manufacturing Industries are built. Railroads are set up all across the nation. Cars increase in popularity, and research continues on car designs.
  • Britain: From British Belize, the Crown sends aid to Guatemala. Using scorched earth policies, the war against the Orange Free State and the Transvaal is over with both being annexed into the South African colony. Although Britain won, a lot of casualties occurred on our side due to disease and combat. Britain does in fact care about India and lifts any discrimination against natives but asks that India remain patient, as it will take a while. Research continues and goes well.
  • Romania: Cars become quite common in the capital amongst the rich, and some nobles are investing in a car factory, which should be operational in early 1904. Thanks to British support, three new river monitors are constructed for the Danube Fleet, and construction begins on a small submarine. Work continues on the railway network. King Carol goes on a tour of Europe, visiting Serbia, Austria-Hungary and Britain.
  • United States: Cuba decides to remain in the states as a territory after diplomats convince them of staying. The United States starts pressuring Colombia to let the U.S. build a canal in Panama.
    • Australian Diplomacy: We are deeply shocked at the USA's 'pressuring' and declare full support for Colombia. If this (and also its apparent attempt to subjugate the Caribbean) continues we shall sever all ties with the US and refuse to recognise it as a nation.
    • Come on Australia, your threats don't go very far. We officially retract this statement.
  • Brazil: Brazil continues everything it did last turn, and asks the LAC embers to meet on the LAC page, note, I am reusing the games original CLApage and clearing the stuff from before the rollback. The Brazilian President advises the members of the CLA not to join other alliances unless agreed upon by ll of the LAC members.
  • Australia: Upon hearing news of the earthquake in Guatemala aid is sent. We ask for an alliance with LAC. We claim and occupy the grey part southern most island of Indonesia. A new flag is unveiled coinciding with the halfway of the transport and communications project. We repeat our request for New Zealand. We ask again for members to join GAFTO.
  • Your request was denied last turn.
  • Chile: Chilean Army is moved to the north due to an threat of war with Peru. With enough political support, the government continues with his economic reforms and also increase the military budget. In the shipyard in Concepción, begin the development and construction of new ships for Navy. The railroads in northern provinces are improved.
  • A-H: Keeps increasing industry. Builds more defenses along its border. Builds more railroads. Makes plans to increase Navy.
  • Russia: Grand Duke Michael is still looking for a wife. Most Russian rich people and nobles have cars. A count is killed in Omsk, heightening security measures for the Royal Family.


  1. A crisis occurs in Venezuela, when it refuses to recognize the financial claims of Britain, Germany, ad Italy. Sticking to their Monroe Doctrine, America vows to protect the country.
  2. The Orange Free State and Transvaal are forced into British South Africa.
  3. A car mania occurs worldwide as cars become popular.
  4. Germany is alarmed by France's building of the Maginot Line and begin building their version across the Low Countries and French borders.
  • Ottoman Empire: More infrastructure and Manufacturing Industries are built in the nation. Meanwhile, research on cars continues, but researchers and designers are getting closer to figuring out how to make cars.
  • Belgium: cars are made popular by the rich, and Belgium starts producing cars to sell to other countries, continues work on battle ships, and starts work on armored cars and heavier than air flight. Asks for an alliance with Bulgaria, and withdraws its offer from Serbia, as it is not responding. The king of Belgium prepares to depart on a royal visit to the Belgian Congo.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: Belgium is asked if it wants to have a joint research project into aeroplanes.
  • Britain: King Edward greets and welcomes the Romanian king to London and accommodates him in Buckingham Palace. Research into airplanes is in the home stretch while modern battleships have a ways to go still. Tensions ease in India with the lifting of discrimination and the Crown creates the IPA, the Indian Protection Agency; It's dedicated to protecting Indians against any discrimination in their homeland. The Crown plans to expand similar agencies into other colonies to prevent social unhappiness with discrimination.
  • France: The German Maginot Line is finished, and aid is continued to be sent to Guatemala. President Lobet begins to help the Guatemalan government by beginning to rebuild the cities to modern standards, and improve the country's military. France requests to absorb Andorra into France, due to language similarities. Meanwhile, research into battleships and aeroplanes continue, and aeroplanes are suspected to be designed by 1903.
  • Spain: The nation suffers unrest and protest by socialist and anarchist groups, causing turmoil in Spain.
  • Argentina: Argentina continues everything did mentioned last turn. Research seems to be very fruitful, as prototypes have been made and full versions are coming up. They take control of all of Uruguay and declare war on Paraguay. They send aid to Guatemala and request in join the LRA.
  • Romania: The king returns after a delightful tour of is allies' lands. He is glad, seeing his warm welcome in London as cementing the good relations between Britain and Romania. The army continues its research into an armoured car, which was begun in 1901. There are hopes a fully-operative prototype will be seen early next year. One more river monitor is built.
  • Australia: Upon hearing that our diplomatic advances have been snubbed and that our nation is not taken seriously violent protests break out. The government is forced to dissolve and a new isolationist, socialist government voted in. The communication and transport project is continued and expanded, to finish in 1915.0. The Armed Forces are Reviewed and military service is made compulsory based on the ancient Roman theme.
  • Italy: the Italian government demands Venezuela accepts its interests and pay its debts other wise there will be repercussions, the third and fourth fleets are sent "convince" the South American country, a request is sent to the USA to get its approval in doing the movement seeing as the Italians do not wish to cause a conflict but demand they get paid what is rightfully theirs. a request for a non-aggression pact with France is made, Italy starts constructing a defensive line across its own border with France as well as making it go along its border with Austria-Hungary just in case do to old animosities. industrialization continues and efforts to modernize the African colonies begins as well.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees to the alliance.
  • A-H: Industrialization continues. Construction of defenses along its borders continues. Tries to encourage the growth of the automobile industry within A-H. Requests a economic-military alliance with the Ottoman Empire.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria modernize its Army and amps up Factory production on new weaponry. Technology research along with Industrialization continuing.
  • Netherlands: Offers Alliance and Free-Borders with Belgium and France. Heavier than Air Flight is continued.
  • Russia: Grand Duke Michael is still looking for a wife. Research continues into aeroplanes, or heavier than air flight. Russia builds up the military, navy, infrastructure, industry, and economy. Russia offers an alliance to Romania (Unless one exists already.)
  • Chile: Engineers brought from Europe begin to teach to Chilean students and also work in the modernization of the national industries. While this takes place, the Chilean government declares the war to the Peru and the armed forces launching a offensive from Tacna to Arequipa. More troops are trained.


  • Heppner, Oregon suffers a flash flood.
  • Due to the recent events in Australia, the Free Australian Movement declares the country a free nation.
    • ​Huh? By free nation, what do you mean? Australia's population was extremely pro-Britain and pro-Empire in this time, and pretty much up until the end of WW-II. I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no way (with the POD in 1901) that Australia would declare themselves "free" from Britain, especially after a diplomatic snubbing from the USA.
    • Yeah, that is not happening.
    • Well, look what Australia did last turn. That kind of inspires me to make this move.
    • I'm not saying they can't become isolationist, or even socialist; but there is still no way that the pro-Empire "White Australia" of 1903 would declare themselves completely independent from Britain. If anything, they would probably ask Britain to avenge their diplomatic snubbing.
    • Let me clear this up: I am an Isolationist, Socialist, Anti-US member of the Commonwealth. David Rain 10:46, May 13, 2012 (UTC)
    • Rain, did you make these events? Because only mods are supposed to.
    • No I did not. I have no desire to be 'free'
    • It was RandomWriterGuy, and he was not accepted yet. One of the reasons why I was considering bringing it up on the talk page to decline his being a Mod.
    • That was my fault, I should have accepted them a while ago. I have a plan for this though. Check the talk page soon.
    • OK. look. It was just a misinterpretation. I never meant it.
  1. The Confederation of Latin America condemns Britain's, Germany's, and Italy's actions and sides with them in the crisis with Venezuela.
  2. Panama breaks off of Colombia with alleged U.S. Support.
  • Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic increases its military and builds a battleship, and generals state they want to increase the nation's influence in the Caribbean.
  • No battleships until 1906
  • Argentina: It defends Venezuela's sovereignty against the "European barbarians" and calls for Chile and Brazil to join it in the defense. Argentina continues its research of new technologies. It asks France to help it defend Venezuela as well. They continue industrialization. Paraguay is taken over by Argentina and sights are headed to Bolivia.
  • Ottoman Empire: Industry and Infrastructure continues to be built in the nation. Meanwhile, researchers and designers finally are able to make a crude car. Two Car Manufacturing Plants are set up in the nation, and they soon begin pumping out cars. The economy gets a large boost from this thanks to all the things needed to make cars. Thousands of people are able to get jobs from this, from glass manufacturing to the people who actually make the cars.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria Expands its military and its economy. Technology is research is amped up. Infrastructure for the military is increased for mobilization.
  • France: President Lobet is informed that research into aeroplanes, and construction on an prototype begins, and France opposes Britain's, Germany's, and Italy's involvement in Latin America, but will not intervene in neither way. The Maginot Line is opened, and French troops mass at the German-border for the impending attack on France by Germany. Research into battleships continue, and recruitment from Algeria and French Africa begins, causing an culture mix to begin on mainland France. French Guyana is garrisoned by more troops, and construction on the infrastructure there begins.
  • Romania: The army finally unveils its prototype armoured car. It has a fully rotational turret, with a machine gun. However, it is far from battle-ready, and it will still be two years before the first models can join the army's ranks. The navy, not to be outdone, begins a research project into airships, with a semi-rigid expected to be completed mid 1904. The king asks to import some Ottoman cars. The railway project is still steaming ahead, helping the economy with hundreds of jobs in construction and making the materials. The king tells the Russian Tsar that he would love to supply Grand Duke Michael with a spouse, but Romania has no spare royal women!
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We accept Russia's offer of an alliance of last turn; but we state that in the event of a war between Russia and Austria-Hungary, we would have to respect the Austrian treaty, as it came first.
    • Ottoman Diplomacy: We will sell Romania cars.
  • United States: The United States increases its presence in the Caribbean, warning other nations to stay out of the Americas. Upon hearing on Romania's armored car, the Military starts experimenting with the same thing. A plane test by the Wright Brothers is scheduled to occur later this year. Flood damage in Oregon is repaired.
  • Belgium: the king returns from his Congo tour, happy with the production rates of his colony. the research on battle ships, aeroplanes and armored cars continues. it says if Romania will share its armored car technology it will commit to a joint heavies than air flight dreadnought. refuses the Netherlands alliance as it deliberately broke away from the Netherlands less than a century ago. the navy begins work on a submarine larger than any built before it, it will be named the Albert, after the king himself. The Belgian bicycle brigade is started with the hope being that it will hopefully replace cavalry though this is very far off currently
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We agree to share our armoured car designs for joint aeroplane research.
  • Australia: A free state health service and free (compulsory) schooling (from 3-18) are implemented. Work on Transport and Communication continues. We condemn the US presence in the Caribbean and Panama. We suggest that if Britain destroys the debt, then perhaps the LAC would ally with them, providing a basis on which to attack the US for its blatant imperialistic ideals. We will provide Grand Duke Michael with a wife, if Russia agrees.
  • Australia, stop! This is Britain. WE ARE NOT GOING TO ATTACK THE US.I don't know about you, but the rest of the Empire is pro-US. The only reason we're not allied with them is because they CANT be allied yet. You are a dominion, I'm not sure you understand that; You're views are the Empire's views because almost all of Australia's population is British-white! I'd hate to do it but if you continue 'condemning' the US, I'm going to dissolve your government and take direct control of your nation.
  • I understand full well I am a Dominion. I suggested a course of action, nothing more. You have every right to refuse that action, but please do it a little less loudly. David Rain 17:03, May 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • Just wondering, but who could Australia provide to be Grand Duke Michael's wife? There is no live-in monarchy, no nobility, and only one famous opera singer. Callumthered 04:17, May 14, 2012 (UTC)
  • Germany: The German Maginot Line, to be called the Schlieffen Line (unless there is an OTL version of the line I've missed?) continues to be built. As well, the military advancement continues to be in place, and protests begin to stop the increased funding of the military that, quote, "doesn't need it." While the funding still continues, German officials consider improving the navy instead. Meanwhile, Germany tries to better improve the Triple Alliance by having Wilhelm II visit Austria and Italy.
  • Britain: As we have no interest in Latin America, We retract all financial claims in Venezuela to avoid armed conflict. Research into airplanes has been completed and the Royal Air Force is created, Britain's first few planes are produced and tested. With its success, we'll be mass-producing them in following years. The NPA is created( Native Protection Agency) and is expanded into all British territories to protect natives from discrimination and other acts of violence. Armoured cars are researched and will have a prototype in a year maybe.
  • Italy: supports the panama declaration of independence. the military is expanded and Italy offers to withdraw its navy from the Venezuelan coast if it offers to pay at least 50% of its debt. Car production begins in Italy for sale to the elitists. Socialists begin gaining some influence in Italy and the army and police are sent to suppress socialist and worker elements in the country.
  • Chile: After capture Arequipa, the Chilean troops continues his march across Peruvian territory. The navy defeat part of Peru's fleet, but the battles in the sea continues.
  • Empire of Ethiopia: Emperor increases the fund for education. Two universities are to be built on the major cities of Ethiopia. Ethiopian Diplomats are sent to Ottoman Empire and South Africa in order to strengthen relations. Industrialization begins on the other hand, providing jobs to thousands of people.
  • Shouldn't this turn have ended by now?


Accepted Mod Events


Proposed Mod Events

  1. Orville Wright makes a monumental achievement after flying the first aircraft. This will eventually lead to the rise of airplanes.
  2. Macedonia and Adrianpole rebel against the Ottomans.

  3. Finland demands independence.


  1. Yeah, the last two are a no go.
  2. Agreed.
  • Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic's army occupies Haiti, allowing semi-control of the whole of Hispaniola, and also sends troops to St. Kitts and Nevis, taking care to avoid the USA's Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.
    • It's no biggie, but until 1917, the Virgin Islands were Danish. Just pointing it out.
    • Brazil secretly sends aid to the DR SECRETLY
    • American Diplomacy: President Roosevelt demands that the Dominican Republic withdraw from Haiti and St. Kitts and Nevis, stating that America and Britain will not stand for this act of random aggression.
    • Dominican Republic Diplomacy: the DR head general states that Haiti has an unstable government and has been constantly attempting to undermine the DR, and that the St. Kitts and Nevis troops will be as peaceful as possible, and that a small nation such as the SK&N has a higher chance of not being taken over by large states such as America and UK with the help of the friendly DR.
    • yeah how friendly, military occupation!
    • Dominican Republican Diplomacy: The group that was sent to SK&N is more of a diplomatic group, with some soldiers along in case this got out of hand. Only Haiti has been "military occupied". (Also notice that I did not use the word "friendly", but "peaceful". And it's not like US matters in the Caribbean and S. America have been very friendly.)
  • Brazil: Brazil continues to back up Venezuela and since the CLA already supports Venezuela, the Brazilian Armed Forces and navy will as well, and they stay on high alert. Brazil calls for an emergency session of the CLA and asks the USA to attend as well.
    • American Diplomacy: We will attend.
  • Australia: Comes out of isolation, and sends a gift of $1,000,000 to the USA by way of apology. We support the Dominican Republic's occupation of Haiti and offer an alliance. Accepting that we could not offer Grand Duke Michael a wife of noble blood, we instead offer Russia an alliance. Transport and Communication continues to be worked upon. We send a scientific mission to Antarctica. We praise Britain's decision to void Venezuelan debt. Again we send out calls for members of the Commonwealth to join the Commonwealth Union.
  • United States: The United States thanks Australia for its one million dollars, which are mostly used to build better schools, hospitals and roads in Cuba. A flight is confirmed in North Carolina, and although Military Officials are impressed, they fail to see how it could be used in warfare.
  • Ottoman Empire: More Infrastructure and Industry are built across the nation. As more people move to the cities and get higher paying jobs in Manufacturing, many people start to buy Cars. However, many Manufacturing Jobs aren't very high paying, and most of the time it is only people who are managers who buy cars.
  • A-H: More industry is created. More defenses are created. Continues to increase auto industry. Lowers tariffs to encourage growth.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria expands their military, infrastructure and technology. Bulgaria starts researching airplanes and Battleship technologies.
  • Argentina: A car mania has occurred in the country. They continue to prepare their military for expansion into Bolivia. They continue to support Venezuela against Germany and Italy. It does, however, accepts Britain's apology. Amazed by the news in North Carolina, they send their top engineers to meet with them. They try to mediate the situation in the Caribbean by asking DR to concede to Britain's and America's demands.
  • Russia: Does no one have a noblewoman that is not married? The Countess of Ragtagskhieffelsein, the eldest daughter of some king, anyone? A-H, France, Germany, Britain? More people buy cars in Russia. More democratic reforms are introduced to Russia.
    • Ottoman Empire: You can have one the Sultan's daughters if you want.
      • She's kind of a Muslim, you know...
      • Oh yeah, forgot that.
    • Italian Diplomacy: the niece of King Emanuel III a proud daughter of the house of Savoy is offered to the Russian grand duke.
    • Belgium's offered you someone. (see his post below)
    • Russians: Russia...err...Russia accepts Belgium's person. (No offense, Italy, but Italians/Hispanics don't really work. Frenchies and Germans work better. 'specially when Belgium sort of French.)
  • France: France construction of an aeroplane prototype is completed and tested, and the French Army orders the construction of the French Army Air Corps. Infrastructure is improved in its colonies, and research into battleships continue. France suggests the League of Nations, to help deter any possible war.
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Flag of Switzerland Demands for Ford Model Ts are flooding the nation. A trade agreement with the United States is proposed.
  • Chile: After one year of war, the Chilean troops now besieged the Peruvian capital of Lima, with the government trapped inside. The new ships built in the shipyard in southern ports are sent to join in the naval blockade. While, more troops are sent for a offensive in north Peru.
  • Belgium: builds a armored car prototype based on Romanian design, and continues work on the Albert. Continues working on the modern battle ship, and heavier than air flight research is coming close to completion. Princess Clementine is offered as a bride to the Russian monarch by her father, both to strengthen ties between countries and to get her away from her current suiter, who he finds unsuitable.
  • Serbia: '' King Alexander I dies at the ripe old age of 26 as he and Queen Draga are assassinated by a group of army officers lead by Captain Dragutin Dimitrijevic, a Serbian soldier. Peter I has now succeeded Alexander I as the new King of Serbia and the royal couple are buried in the crypt of St. Mark's Church. Despite the King and Queen's unfortunate demise, but many rejoice as news arrives of Captain Dragutin having died not long after the kings death, due to wounds he received during the assassination.
  • Italy: industrialization of southern Italy begins and socialist protests begin to pop up throughout Italy and are violently put down by the army, the navy is withdrawn from Venezuela's coasts but a blockade of its national waters begins. interested in the Wright Brothers works the Italian military high command begins trying to replicate the same effects. Officials begin looking at the Balkans with interest for trading and economic potential. Same with Ottoman northern Africa.
  • Romania: King Carol I offers a trade agreement to Italy, which would give Italy access to Romania's vast oilfields. He also sends his condolences to the Serbians. The joint aeroplane project with Belgium is coming towards completion. Construction begins on a corvette for the Black Sea Fleet. Research, testing and construction continues on the armoured car and the semi-rigid airship. New harvesting techniques are introduced to Romania's large wheat farms. The armoured car prototype is patented, ensuring no country (barring Belgium) will copy it.
  • Spain: The situation in the former colonies is watched closely, research on modern battleship begins. In the political mess in the country, Fascist, Communist, anarchist, and other major groups keep growing, a coalition of liberals and conservative barely beat extremist organizations.
  • Britain: The Royal Air Force keeps producing planes in its first year of being created by his Majesty Edward VII. The armoured car is a go and they begin to be produced as well. The NPA is well-received in all territories and plans many good will missions soon to many poor areas. Britain is warning Australia to stop being so bipolar. Our threats of direct control stand and we do in fact have the support of the Australians so be weary of what you do next. sorry that was me forgot to log in.
  • Empire of Ethiopia: industrialization continues on the major cities. In order to prevent discrimination and bribery, the government creates a state-controlled worker union. Aware of the fact that empire is neighboring the major powers, emperor orders the head of government to build more barracks. Also, the Emperor, with the help of newspapers, calls the people to work for army and industry.
  • For goodness sake! What's wrong with 'Transport and Communication continues to be worked upon' or 'We send a scientific mission to Antarctica'. I apologised to the US, sent them $1,000000. What's wrong with that? My support of the Dominican Republic (why can not they annex Haiti, I did in the previous game, nobody batted an eyelid) came before either the US or you had posted not to and was not, despite what you may believe an anti-US move on my part. What's the problem with coming out of isolation and trying to build a set of alliances that you could then call upon? Why not ally Russia? You keep threatening me with dissolution even when I am trying to be friendly and Diplomatic!
  • That wasn't me that crossed it out. But you are being bipolar. You apologize to the US then you support something the US condemns?
  • That was me, Scraw.
  • A: MP, my suggestion is that no one plays as commonwealths or dominions.
    • ​That mkes no sense, seeing as Dominions were de facto completely independent. Callumthered
  • B: The problem is, frankly, that Australia's moves are too restricted by Britain.
  • C: Just because you're far South doesn't mean you can go down all the way South. Australia's climate is way too warm and they'd have a hard time getting accustomed to Antarctic temperatures.
  • D: You don't really have a million dollars. Even so, the British government would not appreciate you squandering their money like that.
  • ~ Scraw ~
  • I'm sorry, but as an Australian, I have to intercede. Australia DID send many expeditions to Antarctica, starting from 1911 OTL. Famous explorers include Sir Douglas Mawson, who discovered Commonwealth Bay. And to this day, Australia claims about a third of Antarctica as the Australian Antarctic Territory. Also, Australia would surely have had one million dollars! It had a massive sugar, wool and meat driven economy... and had had at least three gold rushes. I'm sorry, but please don't underestimate Australia just because it's a dominion. Callumthered 01:53, May 16, 2012 (UTC)
  • To the rest of you: I despise having to resort to a long angry post, but I feel things have gone too far. Forgive me. David Rain 15:33, May 15, 2012 (UTC)
  • Oranje: Opens the first Oranje plane academy and starts the BBJ (Boer Blue Jays). Asks the Empire of Ethiopia for an alliance.
    • Sorry, you were annexed two years ago! Please choose another nation:)
  1. ​Japan: Katsura Taro begins secret talks with Siam over both countries political future.
  • Greece: Opens first flight training academy. Starts the OAF (Olympian Airplane Force). Sends an alliance to Ethiopia and Japan. Develops economy, military, and social welfare. Moves capital to Sparta.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: Emperor rejects the offer of Greece.
  • Sorry, you can't have that right away, you have to research it. You're a semi-developed nation so it would take you about ten years to do so.


  • Dominican Republic: After agreements between the governments concerned, the Dominican Republic posts ships around and (friendly) troops on St. Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda. Diplomatic teams are sent further southeast, to Dominica and the French colonies of Martinique and Guadeloupe, and also to the Virgin Islands. Revolts and protests against both parties concerned break out in Haiti as the DR's army sieges the capital, Port-au-Prince.
  • Netherlands-Finally has a First Dutch Airplane flight and the tech begins to be improved. Battleships are researched and infrastructure is improved.
  • Brazil: Brazil continues a massive military buildup and continues to secretly plan an invasion of Uruguay.
    • Sooner. Argentina has Uruguay.
  • Australia:

Timeline 1) We declare independence due to treachery by Britain ( I quote: You are autonomous , basically anything (go to war, conquer, diplomacy) but you remain loyal to the Crown. We rarely intervene in Australian affairs except in certain occasions.) {C}

Timeline 2) Australian Revolution Crushed. (I will play as a different nation, Britain takes control of Australia)
Posible Division Timeline 3

Possible division?

Timeline 3) Australia is divided between Britain and the Free Peoples Republic of Australia (I will play as FPRA)The borders are open to negotiation.


No. That's it, your time as Australia is done. Honestly you are a thorn in my back, you're way too ambitious for being a dominion. I'm taking control of Australia. Choose another nation. {C}

Thank you. So essentially Timeline 2.

Yeah, that would never happen, even here.

No guys, that would simply never happen. Ever. So, nothing happened. Australia is still open for play.

  • Ottoman Empire: More Infrastructure and Industry is built across the nation, though mainly in the OTL Turkey part of the nation. Much of the Industry built is involved in Car Manufacturing or something that supplies it. A new car comes out from the nation's biggest Car Company, Türk Otomobil. It is called the Hızlı Araç. It soon becomes popular in the nation and has high sales (well, high for this era, anyway).
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria expands their military, infrastructure, technology research and economy. Bulgaria continues Battleship and airplane research. They begin to research automobiles.
  • United States: The United States continues to demand that the Dominican Republic back down in Haiti and leave the nation to solve its own problems. A small amount of excitement has occurred with regards to the airplane, and submarine research begins.
  • A-H: Infrastructure and industry keeps continuing. Builds roads to encourage car ownership.
  • Russia: A big fancy party is held is Moscow marrying Grand Duke Michael and Princess Clementine. Thanks Belgium. Moscow Auto Company is founded. (I think I did something like this once. IDK.) More democratic reforms are passed in the Duma (I think I created it a while ago, or is this the wrong game?)
    • Romanian Diplomacy: King Carol I sends his congratulations to the entire Russian Imperial family.
  • Empire of Ethiopia: Industrialization and Mobilization is ongoing on the Empire. Volunteers are being drafted to the army. Currently the military has just drafted 500 infantry. Also there are huge numbers of militias being drafted in rural areas. On the other hand, the Empire begins to concentrate on building roads and infrastructure. Guerrilla and Aerial Warfare is being researched, by the order of Emperor. Moreover, the emperor sends diplomats to Germany, Ottoman Empire and A-H in order to strengthen the relations. On the other hand, the emperor reduces the tariffs in order to encourage new people to Empire.
  • Britain: His Majesty King Edward dissolves the Australian government for misusing its role as a dominion. Australians are relieved to be rid of their incredibly bipolar government and create a whole new government based on their beliefs. The King's Royal Air Force continues strong. The NPA goes on goodwill missions throughout British Africa. King Edward arrives in India to truly demonstrate that discrimination is gone from the region and even partakes in some celebrations.
  • Romania: Is glad that Australia has now got a better government. A diplomat is sent to Ethiopia. The Armoured car is finally introduced into the army, with ten entering the newly created Armoured Division. Cars pour in from the Ottoman factories. The new corvette is completed, and enters the Black Sea Fleet. The semi-rigids are almost ready, as are the planes made in co-operation with Belgium.
    • Ottoman Diplomacy: We ask Romania if they want to form the Neutral Defense Alliance, an alliance mainly made up out of nations who want to stay neutral through the upcoming storm.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: Sure.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: An embassy is to be built for Romanian Diplomats.
  • Argentina: It asks the Dominican Republic in a nice manner to back down enforce anything nasty happens. They declare war on Bolivia and begin their invasion from the south. They ask Ethiopia for an alliance and trade agreements.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: Emperor accepts the generous offers of Argentina.
  • Mexico: Offers an alliance to the Dominican Republic, suggesting they take Hispaniola and be satisfied for the moment. . Asks to join Confederation of Latin America. We begin to research aeroplanes and zeppelins filled with non-explosive gas.
  • You are an underdeveloped and tragically poor country, how do you expect to fund expensive studies for an air force? Help your nation out first.
    • Dominican Republic Diplomacy: We accept the alliance.
    • Confederation of Latin America: The CLA accepts Mexico into the CLA and offers the DR membership in the CLA.
  • China: Domestic turmoil increases in China, with several small peasant revolts being crushed by the army. The economy continues to struggle along, caught in the 19th century. Reforms are initiated to solve some problems, but governmental ineptitude and corruption makes these less than effective. Popularity of the government is low, but the Army is keeping things up for now.
  • France: France continues to research into battleships, and construction on the French Air Force continues, but most are for scouting only. France once again suggests to form the League of Nations, to deter any possible war. Infrastructure in the colonies is improved, and the French Navy constructs two more destroyers and an submarine.
  • Chile: The war finally has ended with the defeat of the last Peruvian army and the capture of the Peruvian president. Chile annexed all the south part of Peru. Chilean army begins to return to country and celebrations spread for several cities. The President uses this to make important changes in the political system and continues improving the economy.
  • Italy: The Italian parliament thanks the Romanians for their very generous offer and in return offer a alliance and economic free trade zone to get distance our two nations from the boiling relations between Germany and France. Italy formally withdraws from the central empires and declares neutrality in any future conflicts. The first armored cars are made and put to the testy in suppressing socialists in southern Italy and rebels in Italian East Africa and both are declared huge successes. the nations first radios appear throughout northern Italy and several individuals see use for them.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We accept the economic free trade zone and agree to the alliance. (But, we will have to support A-H in a war between you two, since I got an alliance with them first.)
  • Spain: The government watches the situation in America closely. It finishes reorganizing their navy while modern warships continue to build. An air force is ordered to be created but delayed. Socialist and Communist Groups gain seats in the senate.
  • Persia: Persia is now involved in world affairs and wants an alliance with the British empire
  • Korea: Invades Japan to show they are not weak, they occupy key cities and build defenses in their home.
  • Multiple things wrong with this: 1 NO ALGORITHM 2 Japan is an industrialized, powerful nation how do you expect to do that? 3 come on! Korea invading Japan? Definitely not plausible... for now
  • Um I know I'm not a mod but isn't that impossible not to mention you're not using any algorithm. Again, sorry for doing this when I'm not a mod. Nkbeeching
  • Japan has a player (so an algorithm is probably necessary).


Accepted Events

  1. Inspired by Ethiopia's westernization efforts, pro-Ethiopian riots take place in Eritrea.
  2. The crisis in Haiti continues to grow.

Proposed Events

  1. Economic zones are formed all around the world: one in South America, one in Western Europe, one in South/East Europe, and one in East Asia.
  2. Tensions between America and Spain begin to rise.
  3. China is torn by war lords and the government, who ask for any outside help.


  1. I vote for four and five, if that's how we're doing it. ~ Scraw
  2. I'm not sure if only mods are allowed to vote, but I think three makes sense for the time we're dealing with. Callumthered
  3. From now on the events will be proposed on the talk page please.
  4. When will the map be updated? RandomWriterGuy 18:10, May 20, 2012 (UTC)
  • Argentina: Argentina captured parts of southern Bolivia and continue to move north. They support the pro-Ethiopian riots in Eritrea since Ethiopia is their ally. They plead DR to step down before anything nasty happens. They agree to China's request and give them some aid.
  • Dominican Republic: The DR's army ends the siege of Port-au-Prince, but does not withdraw from the country. A new faction, calling themselves, the Caribbean People's Army, burns down (mainly government) buildings in Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien, and Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan. The DR claims no connection with the CPA. Haiti's monarch is killed by protesters. Again, the DR claims no connection. As the "crisis in Haiti grows", friendly DR troops are posted at Dominica, Martinique and St. Lucia, and the troops at St. Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda maintained. Diplomatic teams continue "work" in the Virgin Islands and Guadeloupe, and reach St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada, and expect to enter Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados by 1905.
  • Russia: Russia introduces more democratic reforms and gives the freedom of speech, religion, press, and the other things in the US Bill of Rights. Condemns the DR's continued "aggression" on Haiti, as Duma seat holders put it, and promises "justified actions against the Dominican Republic" for "attempts to take over all of Hispaniola" unless "the Republic withdraws immediately." A man named Sergei Yaroslavsky forms the National Auto Motor Company in Petrograd.
  • Romania: Thanks to the economic agreement with Italy, the Romanian economy is now doing very well. The new harvesting techniques introduced a few years ago are really starting to take effect, and the oilfields continue to supply fuel to the nation's civilians, and armoured cars. Two semi-rigid airships, the Regele Carole and the Ascensuina are finally finished and enter the navy as reconnaissance aircraft. The King calls on western nations to send a task force to China to help prop up the government there.
  • Message from Dominican Republic Diplomacy: We state, again, that we have no connection to the Caribbean People's Army. It arose in Haiti and Puerto Rico, not in our nation. Our invasion of Haiti is in answer to previous tensions, and Haiti was not helpless. The assassination of Haiti's monarch was by a protester, likely a CPA member. Finally, a considerable of Caribbean nations (St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines) are behind us, as well as Brazil and Mexico. This concludes our statement. We hope this has settled any concerns you may have.
  • Belgium: The Albert is finished, and is currently the biggest submarine in the world. The Belgian government sends their own task force to China in support of a particular warlord and end up making a deal with him that once he takes over the country Belgium will be given exclusive trading rights and an alliance, among other things. With European help he is quickly gaining prominence.
  • Mexico: The government initiates massive economic and social changes, starting a program of industrialisation as well as state schooling and healthcare. The Mayan rebels enter talks with the government and it is decided that a semi-autonomous state The Mayan Republic of Yucatan be formed. (Unless anyone has an objection the MRY shall take their turn as part of Mexico). We ask the DR if it wishes for aid in crushing the CPA, and suggest that Haiti is made a Dominion of the DR.
  • I'm not going to cross anything out now, but remember you're still a poor and underdeveloped nation funding industrialization AND an air force might be a tad expensive for Mexico don't you think?
  • The Yucatan will become a nation that players can choose to play, but you will not be able to choose its moves until then.
  • New Zealand: Elections have taken place giving rise to new political figures. The 1st Auckland Air Squadron has been formed and talk of a possible expedition to the South Pole is a common rumor in the streets of Christchurch. New factories have been built bringing new industry to the cities and creating new jobs. Trade tariffs have been dropped in order to encourage entrepreneurs to bring in trade. (To all: I have just started on this map game so if I have broken any rules please say so and I will correct my mistake).
    • New Zealand Diplomacy to Britain: Would it be possible to split the Pacific Ocean into spheres of influence with France, Japan and the USA. This could possibly secure peace in this region for decades to come.
    • Britain: Welcome! I'm glad you are playing. Remember you are a dominion of the British Empire so you can do all you'd like just don't go overboard. your turns are subject to restriction by me since you are a dominion. Don't be overly ambitious for a dominion because Australia's player did that and I took over his government. I'm sure you'll do great and welcome to the game!
    • Don't worry, your first turn looked good. TacoCopper
    • Wonderful first turn! Much better than I would have expected for a first timer. ~ Scraw ~
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria expands their military and expands economy and infrastructure. Technology research is going up, industrialization and urbanization continues and research on Battleships and Airplanes continue.
  • Ottoman Empire: More Car Manufacturing Plants are set up across the nation, and more people are becoming able to afford Cars. Meanwhile, research begins on improving Consumer Goods. Meanwhile, we ask New Zealand for trade agreements.
  • New Zealand Diplomacy- The government in New Zealand accepts the Ottomans trade and begins to buy surplus machinery from Ottoman car factories along with agreed trade goods.
  • Denmark: A failed terrorist plot in Aarhus sparked a nation wide search for the plotter. He was caught and sentenced to death. The Danes found out he was of Romanian ethnicity and may have connections to the government of Romania. Denmark also opened a military base for counter terrorism and intelligence in Naestvend on the island of Zealand. We ask for relations with Germany.
  • Italy: Several Italian companies begin exploitation of Romanian oil fields with the signing of the treaty. the massacre of Palermo happens when military units gun down a large group of protesters leading over 250 deaths a national strike begins with even liberals and some nationalists joining protesting against the steps taking by the prime minister King Emmanuel states that a possible forced resignation may into effect, the nation starts to enter into a circle of anarchy as the strikes turn into large scale revolts in southern Italy. (I'm doing this to make things a bit more interesting :P )
  • France: France continues to construct its air force, and research into battleships continue. Meanwhile, the Maginot Line is increased, but is soon becoming obsolete due to aircraft. Meanwhile, construction on military runways in rural areas of France begins, as well as construction on urban airports. Meanwhile, infrastructure in Algeria, French West Africa, and Indochina continue.
  • United States: The United States builds more roads and schools in the territories won from Spain. Forces in the Caribbean are still on high alert due to the violence in the region.
  • Brazil: Brazil gives all technology that it has to Mexico and begins to help fund Mexican industrialisation and its air force. Brazilian advisors and generals begins to hlp train the Mexican Army and Navy while money begins to flow into Mexico. Brazil continues to build up its military.
  • Germany: The Schlieffen Line (the German version of the Maginot Line) continues being built. As well, the government agrees to spend more funds on the navy than on the military. As well, Germany agrees to Denmark, and plans to have German diplomats visit Ethiopia, Italy and Austria, also to strengthen relations. Technological advances begin to be proposed, such as an armored car and chemical gases.
  • Netherlands-Expands Military and infrastructure.
  • Russian Caribbean Coalition Suggestion: Russia: Since the DR has shown no interest in leaving from Haiti, the State Duma proposes that nations each give a few troops to form a coalition to invade the DR unless they back out soon.
    • Just make sure you don't violate the Monroe Doctrine.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We agree to the proposal, and prepare an expeditionary force to send to Hispaniola.
    • French Diplomacy: We agree to the proposal, and is preparing an expeditionary force.
  • Chile: The Chilean government begin the construction of new and modern railroads in the country, including the provinces annexed. While, the President reach new agreements in the Congress.
  • Spain: The Modern Battleship building is four-tenths complete. After much research, it privately concludes the Dominicans are in-fact behind revolts in Puerto Rico and Haiti, as these areas are of Dominican interest and could result in a Dominican-dominance in the Caribbean, and it privately notes this to the US as well. The Spanish Army prepares for 20,000 man assault into the rest of Morocco, with the King hopeful that this could appease Fascist and Communist movements, and gain power for liberal and conservative movements, as the the two head of the cabinets are conservative and liberals, and would take credit for success in Morocco. It keeps watching the situation of its former colonies, and is surprised at the expansionism of the countries over there. It plans for economic indirect interventions over there. The navy is deployed around the west and south cost primarily. It offers a set of trade agreements with France which would allow both nations to have a new set of liberal and free trade. It also offers this deal to Germany and Italy.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees to the trade deal.
  • Empire of Ethiopia: The Emperor declares its supports for riots in Eritrea. Meanwhile, most of the media agencies within the Empire are nationalized, in order to start a National-Unity Propaganda. All military units, including Militias, are sent to Eritrean border to put pressure on the Italian government.


  1. The DR crisis continues to grow. A coalition is being made to stop it, though Argentina warns that it may violate American sovereignty rights.
  • My good fellow, let me tell you that we are not violating the Monroe Doctrine, since it explicitly state that it will prevent European (and later any non-American nation) from colonizing any land in North or South America. We're not doing that. Also, the Roosevelt Corollary should have been passed in 1904, so I'll further expand my statement to discuss that: the Corollary was created specifically so that the US and any other nation would be allowed to intervene if any American nation got involved in wrongdoing of any sort, and that is exactly what we aim to do.
  • Can I trust you on that? Maybe if the occupation can be DONE by American nations instead of the European guys?
  • What do you mean "Can I trust you on that?" You want proof? I searched tons of websites, so yes, you CAN trust me.
  • Fine. Just make sure the occupation stuff is agreed.
  1. Italian Eritrea gains support from the people, who continue to strengthen the rebellion.
  2. Tensions between Romania and Denmark grow.
  3. Thanks to foreign aid, China is able to gain some success in stopping the anarchy.
  4. Due to many members attempting to industrialize at once, the CLA begins to run into great debt.
  • Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic asks for Mexico and Brazil and the CLA to provide troops and a military alliance, in case of an invasion of the Caribbean. A DR military force takes control of Port-au-Prince in the absence of any organised Haiti forces. The Caribbean People's Army moves to Cuba, and incites riots in Santiago de Cuba. Friendly troops are posted at St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago. Diplomatic teams continue/start work in Grenada (where riots, possibly of CPA origin, hinder them), Barbados, Guadeloupe, the Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands. St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda and St. Lucia send troops to Hispaniola to help the DR, in return for newly-manufactured artillery weapons, with mutual alliances ("Dominican Commonwealth") in case of war. It sends messengers to Denmark and France, warning them that an invasion of the Caribbean could lose them their colonies there (Virgin Islands for Denmark, Guadeloupe and Martinique for France) to the USA, Russia or Britain.
    • 'Brazil Diplomacy: Brazil gives the DR its technology and begins to fund Dominican Republican Industrialization. The DR is asked to join the CLA. Brazil sends 125,000 troops to the Dominican Republic as well as three squadrons of the latest naval vessels.
    • Stop. You can not decide where the CPA attacks next unless you control them, which I don't believe you do. Furthermore, you can not decide the policies of British colonies.
  • France: France increases its military presence in its French Caribbean colonies. France continues to improve its infrastructure across its colonies, and the French Foreign Legion is formed and begins to train on all types of terrain.
    • Dominican Republic Diplomacy: Threats? I'm afraid you've mistaken our statements. We warned you in case the US or Britain or would invade the Caribbean and destroy Guadeloupe and/or Martinique, and we basically provided Martinique with free soldiers in case of war. We were trying to help your two colonies.
    • French Diplomacy: Oh. My bad. I'll fix the posts.
  • Argentina: It takes over all of southern Bolivia and begins to move north. They manage to invent radios and machine guns. They make models of airplanes to see if they can be used by the military. After many tests, the military is seeing how it can be useful. They continue research on modern battleships, as it will be necessary for a strong fleet for the country. It starts to reconsider the Coalition against the DR since it would violate sovereignty rights in the Americas as well as the Monroe Doctrine. They please DR to pull back to prevent any trouble.
  • New Zealand: The Dominion Volunteer Force (DVF) is formed. 2500 ex-Boers, Maori trackers looking for a better wage and New Zealand farm boys looking for adventure signup. Though having no official ties to the New Zealand government, a message is sent through the foreign office asking Britain that it be attached to the Hong Kong garrison. This force is sent to China to aid British empire friendly warlords. "True" news stories of their exploits are printed in newspapers in the capital. Also the New Zealand Army is using the car machinery imported from the Ottomans to develop armoured cars with a focus on off road capability.
    • Now that I've researched it, I discovered that NZ was only a dominion after 1907... but that shouldn't matter; it was a de facto one since the 1850s.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: The king sends an angry telegram to the New Zealand PM, demanding that the DVF be recalled, as it is just helping to destabilize the central chinese government. But he also asks the PM for a trade agreement, whereby NZ could supply us with frozen meat and wool, and we send oil and our (patented) armoured car blueprints.
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: New Zealand agrees to the trade and offers to set up a Romanian Embassy in Wellington, but reminds the Romanian Government that it does not control the actions of a force of volunteers in China (some of which are not even citizens of New Zealand) but have sent telegrams advising the force to work along side the Romanian and Chinese Governmental forces.
    • Romanian Response: We thank the M for his response, and send an ambassador.
  • Mexico: Industrialisation continues and we give thanks to Brazil for their aid. We pledge to support DR, but only if the CLA agrees. We ask Argentina for their tech as a member of the CLA.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Brazil gives its blessing, and in extension, the CLA's blessing. The CLA calls for a meeting on the CLA page. Brazil gives the DR its technology and begins to fund Dominican Republican Industrialization. The DR is asked to join the CLA.
  • Romania: The parliament has elections, the first ever where women are allowed to take part. The Agricultural Party forms a minority government with the support of the Conservative party. The opposition is made up of Communists, liberals and Russophiles. The new government passes a bill giving people of all religions the chance to become citizens. The army begins work on a new class of armoured car, but developments remain secret. The navy begins constructing the country's most up-to-date frigate yet, with British help, of course. The Chinese Expeditionary Force is equipped and steams to Peking to assist the central government.
    • Persian Diplomacy: We want a military allianace with Germany, A-H and Italy.
    • A-H D.: Accepts.
  • Empire of Ethiopia: The Emperor starts the building of a new Military Academy at Holeta in order to recruit new officers. Embassies were built for Argentinian, German, Ottoman and Austra-Hungarian diplomats. The Emperor started an Anti-Imperialist propaganda to maintain the pressure put on Italian Government.
    • Um ... Eritrea is a part of Italy, you know.
    • Ah thanks for reminder!
  • Brazil: Brazil gives the DR its technology and begins to fund Dominican Republican Industrialization. The DR is asked to join the CLA. Brazilian funds in Mexico now fund more than 85% of Mexican Industrialization while Brazilian workers are being sent to Mexico to help in its construction.
    • Dominican Republic Diplomacy: We will join the CLA.
  • Italy: the Italian government starts cracking down harder on socialists and funding of right wing paramilitary groups in the south begins. Three more battalions are sent to Italian East Africa in the face of growing Ethiopian boldness and a formal warning to them is sent to either stop their attempts to annex the colony or face Italian arms. Italy formally withdraws its navy from the Venezuelan coast and declares it will not force its hand in South America but requests that the debt be paid.
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: The CoLA will handle the debts.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria modernizes its military and expands its infrastructure which is upgraded, and Technological and Industrialization is amped up. Urbanization and Modernization continues. Bulgaria starts to build bunker-like defences in the west in the Province of Pernik. Research on Battleships and Airplanes continue.
  • Denmark: Denmark improves military and economy. Denmark offers countries embassies in Copenhagen. Denmark begins researching airplanes and also builds a new university in Copenhagen.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: The king sends his personal assurances to the Danish king that the Romanian government was in no way related to the terrorist, and that we will pay for any damage he incurred. The king also sends a diplomat.
  • United States: Control of the Caribbean areas of America are strengthened. Armored car production increases and experimentation with planes also continues. Troops in the Philippines are sent to aid the central Chinese government.
  • Ottoman Empire: More Car Manufacturing Industries are set up across the nation, and with all the funds from selling Car Equipment to New Zealand and cars to Romania, expansion into other Manufacturing Industries begins.
  • A-H: Research completes on airplanes, with battleships close by. Airplanes are looked into as a way to spy on enemies, or target key individuals. Research starts on tanks and bombers. Continues to increase automobile ownership. Asks the CLA and its members for an alliance. Offers aid to Mexico.
    • The CLA accepts the offer.
    • Brazil accepts the offer of alliance.
    • Mexico: We accept aid and offer a heartfelt thank you.
    • Not going to happen because A-H is part of an opposing faction to that of the CoLA. LOL, Cola, aka soda. ~ Scraw
  • Russia: Russia introduces more democratic reforms and three parties are formed: the Conservative Party, the Nationalist Party, and the Imperial Party, a party which wants to go back to full imperialism. Russia continues research on advanced warships.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: The King asks Russia to help us and intervene in the Chinese civil war on the central government's side.
  • Britain: King Edward remains in India to celebrate the removal of discrimination there and to promote the Crown's stance on discrimination. Auto industries continue strong as well as the Royal Air Force. A trade agreement and an alliance is sent to the CLA (we never were against an invasion of Haiti, some one just said we were).
    • Mexican Diplomacy: As a member of the CLA unless the other states offer major reasons why not, the CLA accept your alliance.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Brazil votes in favor of the alliance, and welcomes Britain into the so called United Powers Alliance, or UPA.
    • You are aware that the Dominican Republic was sending troops into your territory, right?
      • Those are friendly troops to help the local government.
      • Does it matter? You are sending troops into British Territory without asking. Heck, the Dominican Republic even had massive debt at this time, so the fact that they could invade is a miracle.
  • Persia: Persia begins research on tanks.
  • Spain: Modern Battleship planning is now half-done. An invasion force is prepared for a long war, numbering 220,000 men.
  • Confederation of Latin America Diplomacy: The CLA tells Europe and the United States to back off or face a Global War. Below is a map of the CLA and its European Allies:
Confederation of Latin America and Its Allies-1-

With Britain

  • You think that Britain, the largest trading partner of the United States, is going to declare war on the Americans?
  • I didn't see Britain joining the CLA and Austria-Hungary as an ally, I do now, andmay I say: YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
  • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, like that's ever happening. I laugh at the ridiculousness of this, my good fellow. Also, why in Napoleon's name are you threatening the USA.


  1. CLA debt increases as their industrialization of several members at once continues and their expensive wars of conquest in the continent also continue.
  2. British traders were upset with the British Empire for increasing tensions with America, making trade increasingly difficult.

This is not correct. There are no tensions at all. Read correctly next time.

It was, in fact, correct. This event was created before Britain turned against the Dominican Republic. It has now been changed to the past.

Yeah, sure, Britain against America. I laugh.

  1. Italy strengthens its hold on Eritrea by sending more troops to its colonies.
  2. European nations like Germany, France, and Russia start trying to increase relations with the United States, trying to gain the U.S. on their side if a war begins.
  3. What European nations need America on their side for what war? I do not know what is happening, this whole A-H and UK united with a supremacist CLA threatening America. Britain would never turn 'against America, nor would it join the same faction as A-H. A-Hians would never, ever want to be allies with a so-called "Hispanic" nation.
  • Brazil: Brazil asks for an emergency meeting of the United Powers Alliance (All CLA members, Britain, and Austria-Hungary), to take place on the newly formed United Powers Alliance page. Brazil continues to prepare for war. The Ottoman Empire is offered a trade deal and military alliance. The Netherlands are also offered a trade deal and alliance.
    • Ottoman Diplomacy: We accept the trade agreements, but not the alliance since we wish to stay neutral.
  • Germany: German officials are concerned about Austria-Hungary's recent decision to join the CLA, which is also allied with the United Kingdom (who is in the Triple Entente.) Meanwhile, the government officially begins research on airplanes to use as fighter planes in the event of war. Also, the nation continues to try to boost relations with the Triple Alliance and Ethiopia, and try to increase relations to the United States by asking for a trade agreement.
  • Triple Entente does not exist yet.
    • American Diplomacy: Agreed.
  • France: France, also concern with Britain and Austria-Hungary, move soldiers from the German-French border to the English Channel. France continues to increase its presence in the Caribbean by deploying more soldiers to French Guyana and the French Caribbean Colonies. On the Maginot Line, French forces are demobilized, as they are more worried about the British then the Germans, but will still maintain troops.
  • Argentina: They take over central Bolivia and begin moving up north to take it. They are close to building modern battleships, as they are finishing the final touches. Seeing that the Coalition to invade DR is not to be trusted, they join the United Powers Alliance. They ask France, who ironically is on the other side, to leave the anti-DR Coalition and join the United Powers Alliance.
  • Britain: We rescind our alliance to the CLA in order to remain neutral. We forgot the DR posted troops in our territory so we demand they remove them. King Edward remains in India until next year.
    • Which islands are part of Britain's territory?
    • The CLA will have those troops withdrawn in return for the Alliance being reformed.
    • Every island you sent troops to is either Danish, French or British.
  • Romania: The King withdraws from plans to send a taskforce to the DR. The taskforce intended for the DR is instead redirected to China, to help the central government there. The King expresses his hopes to the Chinese Emperor that a concession will be awarded to Romania for the help it has provided. Meanwhile, railways are improved.
  • Mexican Diplomacy: We thank you. Why fight over a small island over a thousand miles away? Let me instead offer you a five year period of discounted trading with Mexico.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We accept the discount, thank you.
  • Belgium: Does not support the CLA but still owes a debt to Britain, and so asks it to remain neutral and not join the CLA. sends an embassy to france to asks for an alliance, and offers to send troops to help with their defensive lines if they obey, meanwhile, with the central government back in control in China, the troops sent there are repositioned to the Belgian Congo. the Belgian Air Corps is begun and Belgium makes alliance offers to Romania and Russia as they are already close and Belgium wishes for some strong allies with the global tension and Britain's seeming indifference.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We will accept a mutual defence alliance, on the condition that we only support you if you are attacked by two or more powers.
    • Belgium diplomacy: We accept.
  • Mexican Diplomacy: Come, join the UPA, we will willingly offer support.
  • Chile: The President Riesco celebrate the promulgation of a new constitution for the country. With new resources from the mining industry in the north the agriculture is improved. Also, the new railroad now connect all the country. Plans for develop a new industry continues. Armed forces increasing. The Army also prepare a plan for gained the control of the rest of Peru.
  • Dominican Republic: The nation's government states they will withdraw troops from British islands, if the British government wants it to be so. In the meantime, it continues supplying troops to Antigua and Barbuda, Guadeloupe, Martinique and also to the Virgin Islands. Diplomatic teams enter the Bahamas, and continue work in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The nation officially joins the CLA. The government offers the Caribbean People's Army a no-apprehension treaty if they do not attack the Dominican Republic (taken as including the whole of Hispaniola). Troops remain in Port-au-Prince, enacting/enforcing the annexation of Haiti.
    • French Diplomacy: France asks to peacefully withdraw its troops from Guadeloupe and Martinique.
    • Venezuela: Venezuela has joined and would like to form alliances with other countries.
    • Dominican Republic Diplomacy: We will withdraw our troops from the French islands. We will consider an alliance with Venezuela. If the nation joins the CLA/UPA, we will certainly.
    • Why the hell is there no one getting pissed off at DR for "annexing" Haiti. It never happened, it never will, and at least the following nations should be providing death threats: America, Britain, France, Spain, Russia. This is not happening, why?
    • This happened in the previous game, and barely anyone even noticed. Also, America and Russia are unhappy.
  • New Zealand: New Zealand is glad that Britain is remaining neutral and also thanks the Ottomans for doing the same. They send a Mr Colin Gunderson from the foreign office to Constantinople in order to request both a embassy and a possible treaty to help keep the Suez Canal open with Ottoman protection in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. Also in order to combat smugglers, the New Zealand Navy is expanded to include several new warships and patrol boats along with the construction of Newzealands first submarine. The Marines are expanded from 1000 to 3000 men. A message is sent to Great Britain requesting the cross training of Australian and New Zealand militaries.
  • Mexico: Sets up the Hall of Friendship. People who have been especially virtuous towards Mexico will have their names carved into the walls along with the reason. The Directors of CLA states and the leader of Austria-Hungary are the first carved in. We would be happy to offer an alliance to Venuzuela, and would formaly invite it to join the CLA. Industrialisation contiues. We would like to set up an embassy in Denmark. We offer a luctrative deal to the Ottoman empire in return for armoured cars. Mexico sends a contingent of troops to China to help prop up the central government.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Brazil tells Mexico that the CLA will have to start reducing funds on Mexican Industrialization and asks Mexico join Brazil on the UPA and CLA page.
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: NZ offers Mexico trading in food and a way to link with the Ottomans. New Zealand as offers itself as a neutral observer to the Haiti crisis.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Brazil offers New Zealand an alliance in which New Zealand stays independent but can still participate in the CLA meetings and is a full member of the UPA.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: We would value trading agreements, and suggest that our armies train together, so both are strengthend. However, we wish to ask one question. Why are you and Britain suddenly neutral? Brazil, that is fine. I can finish by myself. Thank you, Brother.
    • New Zealand diplomacy: New Zealand thanks for the offer and will be glad to train with Mexico's army but must remind its new allies that it can not go against Britain's wishes if war begins.
  • Italy: declares neutrality in the growing tensions in the rest of Europe unless Italian interests are threatened, the rioting in southern Italy is finally quieted down at least for now and more units are sent to Eritrea to calm down the natives. More efforts are put into modernizing the south of Italy and several planes are now produced for scouting and other uses, thoughts of making large hot air balloons begin based on the German ideas.
    • Romanian Diplomatic Cable: We will give you our airship plans if you want. And can Serbia join our trading agreement?
  • United States: Industrialization continues eagerly in the Philippines and Cuba. Small calls of statehood are now appearing in each of these places.
  • Empire of Ethiopia: The Emperor visited the German Empire in order to maintain good relations with German Officials. Roads and Factories were finally built along the borders. While the empire increases the quality of industry, it tries to concentrate on the quantity of army. The Emperor announced that any family who gives birth to their fifth child will be awarded money. Moreover, Eritreans and the other Africans were welcomed to the country in order to increase the manpower and Emperor promised that any African who applies to any Ethiopian citizenship would be given houses and jobs. On the other hand, outposts, trenches and minefields were built along the borders Also, the media was filled with anti-Italian propaganda.
  • Italian diplomacy: all ties to Ethiopia are severed and all the border is closed off in an attempt to deprive the nation of goods and get it to withdraw its efforts to seize Eritrea. The border is turned into trench line along Eritrea and along Somaliland.
  • A-H: Offers the CLA support during their time of difficulty. Sends the CLA schematics for many modern technologies. The first spy-plane is created.
  • Ottoman Empire: Industrialization and Infrastructure continue to be built up in the nation. Meanwhile, the Ottoman Empire declares neutrality in the upcoming war. The Sultan, however does not want to take any chances and draft begins, and all men between the age of 18 and 26.
  • Venezuela: The military dictator Cipriano Castro would like to form a alliance with the kingdom of Romania. This is because Romania has knowledge that Venezuela needs in order build up our oil industry that Romania has so much of.
    • Romanian Diplomacy; The king accepts the alliance, and sends Venezuela a diplomat, as well as some oil experts and mmilitary advisors.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: We request an alliance with Venezuela. The CLA has long stood up for your county against creditors, and would wish to continue doing so. However, we will only do so if you agree.
    • Venezuela Diplomacy:Dictator Cipriano Castro agrees to Mexico's alliance
  • China: The country continues on as always, with corruption dropping slightly. However, turmoil among the peasants continues, and some begin considering a regime change.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: Do you wish for me to withdraw my contingent of troops?
    • Chinese Diplomacy: No no, of course not. Ignore the peasants. They've been uppity of late. There are no problems here, don't worry.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: I order for our troops to remain in a stable base in China for a while; could we perhaps have a small concession, like the A-H concession in Tjanjin?
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: New Zealand wishes to post a contingent of marines to operate on the coast near Taiwan. If China is against this please say so.
  • Luxembourg: Request to join the CLA. Luxembourg builds up border security and begans a military draft of all able-bodied males ages 16-24.
    • CLA Diplomacy: The CLA welcomes Luxemborg into the CLA.
  • What! May I remind you this is The Confederation of Latin America! Feel free however to join United Powers Alliance (just type this in) comprised of CLA and allies.David Rain
  • Thank you, David.
  • Serbia: King Peter I agrees to Belgium's alliance proposal and also requests to join the Romanian-Italian trading agreement.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We welcome you into the agreement, but will ask Italy first.
  • Russia: Russia prepares to send in troops to the DR and cuts off all ties with the CoLA. The Duma also authorizes a permanent station of troops in China to help the Empire in case of another uprising or something like that. Offers USA trade agreements since they are a valuable friend.
  • Belgium diplomacy: Offers to help with the DR and once again asks Russia and France for an alliance.
    • Dominican Republic Diplomacy: We accept Belgian help.
    • Belgium diplomacy: No, actually I meant I offered to help Russia against the DR.
  • Luxembourg: Joins the UPA.
  • Denmark: Denmark improves economy and infrastructure. They also improve military in case of war.
  • New Zealand: Continues to improve economy and build more ships, plane and armoured cars.
  • Venezuela:Dictator Cipriano Castro requests to join CLA.
  • CLA Diplomacy: Accepted. Please sign both the Confederation page and the United Powers page.
  • Mexican Diplomacy (TO THE ENTIRE WORLD): Right. Things on the brink of war. Let me just try one last desperate plea to save the world from chaos. Everybody back down. Everybody.

Mexican Five Point Plan

  1. Dominican Republic will withdraw all troops from all Caribbean islands with the exception of Hispaniola. Now.
  1. Haiti will become a Dominion of the Dominican Republic (war has torn this place apart. It needs support)
  2. The Confederation of Latin America will agree to end all expansion until 1915.0
  1. The UPA and the Coalition will work together to destroy the Caribbean Peoples Army.
  2. Italy and Ethiopia will let the people vote. (to be done with Random number generator, by and unbiased mod. 50/50) That will be the end of it.

Please Sign if you agree to the above.

Mexico:David Rain


  1. Britain launches the first Modern Battleship. (Battleships now available.)
  2. Korea begins a new period of modernization and westernization to fend off the Japanese.
  3. China begins to drive back the warlords through foreign support.
  4. Britain expels the Latin American Diplomat after the Dominican Republic continues to send troops to its islands.
  5. The Persian people force the Shah to rewrite a new constitution.
  6. San Francisco is struck by a disastrous earthquake.
  7. A small short-lived Communist uprising occurs in the Ukraine.
  8. (Proposed) The worldwide crisis still continues.
  • Mexico: Army is mobilised, and a detachment of troops sent to the Dominican Republic due to threats by Russia. With Industialisation funds cut by Brazil the Government makes an agreement with the people. People who give up spare time to help industrialise, for no pay, shall reserve places at university for their children, with Uni costs being slashed by the hours they work. To this end several Universities are founded. Because of this industrialisation continues. We ask Britain to reinstate our diplomat, as we never meant to harm relations and the troops will be withdrawn. We ask China for an alliance. We offer Korea help in return for an alliance. We will help the US recover from the earthquake if it allows the DR to keep Haiti.
  • Ottoman Empire: Car Manufacturing Plants continue to open up all round the nation, and the funds from Car Sales are helping set up other Manufacturing Industries, such as Radio Manufacturing or Weapon Manufacturing. Meanwhile, research on Modern Battleships.
  • Spain: A Spanish Army moblizies, numbering 210,000 men, with the best Spanish Equipment there is for a mass scale operation. The Spanish Diplomacy reorganizes itself along with the Ministers of Wars. Research begins in a Modern Battleship.
  • Russia: Builds its first dreadnought and accepts Belgium's alliance and help offer.
  • Dominican Republic: The DR starts new industrialisation efforts, including the building of battleships, with the first to be completed by 1906.5. It asks Mexico and Brazil for funding with this. Diplomatic (not military) teams are sent all around the Caribbean as the threat of war increases. Troops remain in Haiti, and the government starts to improve infrastructure in that half of Hispaniola in the wake of protests and Caribbean People's Army riots.
  • Brazil is already funding DR industrialization.
  • Listen, the DR can't possibly do all of that. 1) It would take you ten years to research and produce a battleship (you are underdeveloped) 2) The DR is in a s***load of debt right now! You post troops throughout the Caribbean and you try to industrialize? How much money do you think you have? You're a poor nation, you really need to keep that in mind.
  • France: France begins to construct its first dreadnought after years of research. Meanwhile, France continues to increase its garrisons on the French islands and French Guinea. French Indochina and French West Africa has its infrastructure improved. The Maginot Line is upgraded, and construction on the French Air Force continues.
  • Britain: With the launch of the first battleship, more begin to be produced to add to our edge of having the worlds strongest navy. We remain weary of the situation in the DR, and expel their diplomats and troops. The Royal Air Force is expanded and upgraded.
  • United States: Slow down on the battleships guys. They are not going to be built in one turn. The United States begins research and construction of a battleship after hearing that Britain created one. The government authorizes rebuilding San Francisco and they also build more roads and another hospital in the Philippines.
  • A-H: Starts large scale creation of a "dreadnought" type battleship to try to bridge the gap with Britain. Tries to improve the airplane to make it practical for military use.
  • Germany: While contemplating building battleships, Germany continues its funds in creating fighter aircraft for war. Meanwhile, Wilhelm II visits Austria-Hungary to try to strengthen the Triple Alliance, and promises to visit Italy the next year, and Ethiopia half a year later. Also, Germany considers a fortification line along the border of Russia, and the government tries to convince Austria to do so also.
  • Luxembourg: Luxembourg's Grand Duke is assassinated. Luxembourg blames Belgium and claims it was due to them joining the UPA. Luxembourg closes its border with Belgium.
  • Denmark: Denmark begins researching the modern battleship and the economy improves. The military is also improved greatly. Denmark begins building a dry dock in the Faroe Islands and a medical research lab in Copenhagen.
  • Romania The navy is distressed by the new Dreadnought class of battleships, as they make all older battleships obsolete. So, the king asks Britain, our beloved naval mentor, if we could perhaps be given help to make a (very small) Dreadnought-style ship. More armoured cars are built, as are more railways. Education is made compulsory for children aged five to 15.The king also sends his condolences to Luxembourg. China is again asked if Romania can have a small concession, for the purpose of stationing troops to assist the Chinese government.
  • British Diplomacy: Of course. Your older ships aren't that obsolete, though.
  • Romanian Diplomacy: Thank you very much, the King assures Britain that a stronger Romanian Navy means a strong and staunch ally in the Balkans.
  • Argentina: Argentina takes over all of Bolivia, completing all of its South American conquests. The government encourages modern battleships, war planes, and modern armor to be used in the military. They begin to support DR and Mexico now that peace efforts are futile. They ask France, since of their good relations, to reconsider invading DR and try to be on the CLA's side.
  • It's going to take more turns than that.
  • Belgium: closes the Luxembourg border and closes down the Belgian Luxemburg embassy. Sends troops DR to support the French and Russian troops there. Belgium asks Britain to share their dreadnought designs with it if they could, and the increased military budget for Belgium is approved as it may be needed in this dangerous time.
  • New Zaeland: Citizenship is now offered to new immigrants in return for two years in either the military or state owned industry with a further eight years as a reserve in times of emergency. The army is expanded to 50,000 men and the marines is expanded by another 5000 troops. Veterans returning from China now serve as instructors at the new Napier Light infantry training ground, where they teach guerrilla warfare and anti-partisan tactics. The ban on Native troops is lifted and compulsory anti-discrimination laws are put into effect despite opposition from many conservatives. A request is sent to Britain asking for the ability to produce modern battleships or at least a royal navy squadron is to be stationed at Auckland as tensions start to rise worldwide.
  • Portugal: An industrialization effort, begun, but there is still an economic crisis.
  • Italy:more forces are sent to Somalia and Eritrea and an ultimatum is issued to Ethiopia cease all operations against Italy or face war, and the Italians make plans for a possible war keeping mind the mistakes made in the previous invasion and more modern techniques and weapons will be used. The south is calmed down more with aid being distributed and more efforts to integrate southern and northern Italians begins.
  • Venezuela: Venezuelan scientists begin to try to duplicate dreadnought schematics. Thanks to Romania the oil industry in Venezuela improves. The navy begins to expand because of the global tension.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria increases the military, infrastructure and economy. More research on the battleship and airplanes.
  • Chile: Education and health increasing his budget, while new professors and engineers are brought in to teach in Chile. Also, the government continues expanding the armed forces, and built new shipyards. New railoads are built in the south.

Can we start the next turn yet? TacoCopper


You may now research technology at any pace you want, but it must be plausible.

  • Australia - Australia goes to the polls with Chris Watson winning the spot by only two seats as Alfred Deakin loses his spot in Ballart.
  • New Zealand: New Zealand sends a request to Australia about cross-training troops. Navy and industry expanded. Research into more modern battleships and gas protection takes place.
  • Spain: Declares the second part of the Moroccan Conquest, and declares war on the rest of Morocco, the large and powerful invasion force simoltanously lands sucessfully in four important bordering areas around Morocco, a significantly lower force numbering a few thousands attack from Spanish-controlled Morocco into important inland Moroccan Cities. The war is popular due to usual anti-Moroccan feelings, as a result of early success, Communist and Fascist growth is stopped, momentarily.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria increases military, economy and infrastructure. Urbanization continues and Industrialization and Modernization. More Research continues on Battleships and Aeroplanes.
  • Italy: the research of modern battleships continue and several engineers begin making plans to build the tank. socialist newspaper owner Mussolini purchases rights to several radio stations in Rome and Naples and starts preaching socialists ideals and nationalism to his fellow countrymen. An alliance is offered to Spain to counter outside aggression. more factories are opened in southern Italy to expand the production areas of the country. Growing irratated with the Ethiopian situation the parliament begins debates on what to do with the troublesome African nation.
  • Mexico:The last period of industrialisation begins. We call for an urgent meeting of COLA members to discuss a) Spanish invasion of Morocco, b) Italy/ Ethiopia tension and C) the ongoing Caribbean crisis. The construction of the 'Martinez Line' along the border with the USA is started, due to fears of an invasion. We thank Venuzuela for their alliance. The first contingent of troops begins training with New Zealand.
  • ha! you're hilarious Mexico.
  • Brazil: Brazil continues to upgrade and expand its military while Brazil's population now numbers 108 million people. Land is opened up for sale in the Brazilian interior while Venezuela is welcomed into the CLA. Brazil completes industrialization and construction of roads and railways as well as plumbing throughout the country. Brazil will meet Mexico on the CLA page.
  • Ottoman Empire: We ask Bulgaria and Romania if they want to form the Balkans Alliance, an alliance dedicated to protecting nations in the Balkans region and surrounding area. It would also be a response to the growing powers of the CLA and the Triple Alliance. Meanwhile, more Industry is built in the country, and more people move to the cities. The National Draft implemented earlier is ended since the threat of war seems to be gone.
    • Bulgarian Diplomacy: Bulgaria accepts the Alliance and opens borders with Romania and Ottoman Empire.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We join the alliance, and open our borders to Bulgarian civilians.. Perhaps Serbia should join too?
    • Ottoman Diplomacy: If we can get Serbia to join, then I think we should. (I think we need to do an RNG, because I believe Serbia's player has left the game).
    • No, he just hasn't had access to a computer for the last few turns.
    • At this time, the Ottoman Empire and the Balkan nations hated each other. No alliance here.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Brazil gives the Ottomans their word that they and the CLA will not attack the Ottomans or there allies no matter what unless in the rare event that the Ottomans attack first.
    • Ottoman Diplomacy: We understand this, and thank the Brazilians for their re-assurance. You see, we want our members to have a defense against any enemies that are nearby.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Brazil offers the Ottoman Empire membership in the United Powers Alliance, so that if the Ottomans are attacked, the Brazilians, Chileans, Argentinians, Austria-Hungarians, Dominican Republicans, and Venezuelans can all fight together against their common enemy.
    • Ottoman D: Since the Balkan Alliance is over, we accept.
  • Empire of Ethiopia: Research of Radio was started. In addition, the research of Guerrilla Warfare was finished and all militias was sent to training camps. They learned how to set traps, commence tactical retreats and hide along the geography. First war-games were started after the building of the trench lines had been finished. Ethiopians also put signs on Eritrean Border, warning the civilians about the danger of mines. Emperor, demanding the demilitarisation of Eritrea, warned the Italian Government. Industrialisation still continues, a new factory was opened in the capital. The Construction of University is about to finish. An alliance was offered to Germany.
    • Italian diplomacy: due to the Ethiopian government not understanding their place in the world the Italian forces stationed in Eritrea and Somaliland begin firing artillery shots every 5 hours on the Ethiopian defences along their border in an attempt to adjitate them into entering Italian soil.
    • Ethiopian Respond: Due to the Italian government, not understanding their place in the world map, the Ethiopian Emperor, together with Argentinian ambassadors, announced an ultimatum and (just afterwards) "declaration of war" to Italy. Ethiopian Forces are stayed in defensive position. Mass Mobilisation is started in the country.
  • Romania: The King decides to join the Balkan Alliance. The navy, with its two airships, conducts exercises in the Black Sea. Thanks to the help of Britain, the navy has almost completed its first, small dreadnought. The oil industry is improved, as is the agricultural industry. The army biulds one airship for reconnaissance, and ten more armoured cars are built.
  • France: France is nearly done with the construction of its first dreadnought. Meanwhile, France upgrades the Maginot Line, but sees it's obsolete due to aircraft. Meanwhile, the French Airships are improved to have increased armor, machine guns for defense, and every crewmember will be wearing an parachute just in case. Meanwhile, the French Air Force increases expansion and is now ready to defend the air above France.
  • Chile: The rconstruction of Arequipa and other cities, now Chileans, damaged during the war with Peru, finally is completed. New railroads now connect to the provinces with the rest of the country. Armed forces are improved and begin the research for dreadnoughts.
  • Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic works on its economy to decrease its debt, and asks Mexico and Brazil to fund the creation of battleships to defend the DR and the rest of the Caribbean. A military force is maintained, ready to travel across the Caribbean in case of emergency, and DR civilians begin to settle into Haiti, but some riots against different causes do keep occurring, though the CPA's focus has shifted elsewhere.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Brazila aks the DR to join Brazil on the CLA page.
  • Venezuela: Venezuela increases military, oil industry and infrastructure because of global tension. Venezula scientists continue researching on Dreadnought schematics. Basically the whole economy improves.
    • Brazil Diplomacy: Brazil asks Venezuela to join Brazil on the CLA page.
    • Belgium: Belgium finishes work on the copy of the British dreadnought they were making. The king, Albert I notices the power of the Airships of other nations, commissions some to be built. The troops which were prepared to invade the DR are stood down as it seems that time is past. they are instead placed on the border close to Luxemburg, to stop any attack they might make.
    • Venezuela Diplomacy: Dictator Cipriano Castro agrees to join Brazil on the CLA page.
  • Russia: Russia's troops are sent to the Dominican Republic via the Panama Canal. The Russian Navy prepares to blockade Hispaniola while troops are sent into the DR and Haiti. Russia calls on the United States and Belgium and all others who said they would help. Another dreadnought is built.
  • Slow down on the dreadnought building.
  • Tis only two of three now total.
  • Belgium: Belgium sends troops to help Russia, along with its navy, including its dreadnought and calls others, such as France or Germany to help.
  • Britain: Britain calls out to all invading the Caribbean to stop, as it is not necessary.The Empire maintains neutrality as long as its possessions in the Caribbean are not threatened. Dreadnoughts continue to be produced and the Air Force continues strong. The NPA goes on goodwill missions in India and British Africa.
  • People we have a problem. The CoLA keeps industrializing and funding battleships and all kinds of modern weaponry. This would be understandable on a small-scale.It seems to me that they think they have all the money in the world to do this. They might be a unified nation, but they are still somewhat agricultural and poor (with the exception of Brazil who was a leading power in South America but still like the other nations). Despite this, Brazil and Mexico have 'industrialized and the rest of them are in the process or creating expensive weaponry. Just trying to point out things that block the process of all things realistic.
  • I agree. Maybe we could have it where they have to do stuff that only effects them locally, and then they can have an offical post for what their national government is doing. Kinda like the US, where the National Government makes laws affecting the entire nation and builds up the military, and the states pass laws effecting them only. TacoCopper
  • Good suggestion, but that's up to them not us. What I mean is they need to be plausible in their industrialization and 'funding' of things that they can't afford.
  • The problem is OTL governments wouldn't do it because they couldn't afford it. Why waste money on weapons that they might not even use, considering they are relatively peaceful nations. ChrisL123 02:50, May 31, 2012 (UTC)
  • I figure that they keep stating that they are modernizing and industrializing, and then they become overconfident and get destroyed by the Europeans. Not our fault, it's theirs. Monster Pumpkin
  • I really think we should add a new rule to make players aware of their power in this game and not to over do it. I mean, one of the problems we had last game was that the CoLA conquered Italy and the UK in one turn. We can't do that again, I really don't want to start over from scratch. We need to establish bounds. ChrisL123 20:33, May 31, 2012 (UTC)
  • I don't want them to ruin the game either, but I don't want to break them up either. Let's create a list of rules for anyone who forms a Confederation. TacoCopper
  • Argentina sends an airlift to the DR from Mexico to ensure that the people on the island get supplies. They ask Spain for an alliance and trade agreements. They declare war on Italy by sending Ethiopia supplies to help fight against the Italians. They also send their navy to raid Italian Somaliland. It begins to support Venezuela to help defend itself against aggression from the Triple Alliance. They give an ultimatum to Russia: withdraw from DR or they will make them get out.
    • Brazil: Brazil suggests that Argentina nor try to invade Russia, it's too risky. Brazil sends troops to hep Argentina and several naval squadrons. Several Bomber Plane Units are also sent to Argentina. 45 fighter planes are sent to the Dominican Republic as well.
    • What Bipolar actions are these, Argentina? Earlier you were urging the DR to withdraw so that things don't turn nasty, and now you are trying to invade places that don't even concern you? And Brazil, bombers are not allowed to be invented yet, and I never saw you researching airplanes. Furthermore, how could you have that many when you are spending your nation into debt?
    • Argentina, stop. None of you researched planes and even if you did at the very beginning of the game you would have four game years to go anyway.
  • If you or the rest of the CoLA think that you guys have planes, then you are horribly wrong. and really? An Argentine invasion of Russia? HA good luck with that.
    • We have planes.
    • I am not invading Russia!
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: What's Britain's stance on the DR crisis?
    • Italian diplomacy: The Italian ambassador formally requests that Brazil and Argentina stay out of this conflict seeing as it is one of Ethiopian aggression against the Italian state in exchange all debts that any South American nation might have with Italy will be withdrawn.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: Ethiopian ambassadors kindly request that Italy is the practical aggressor in conflict to be known.
  • United States: The United States readies all forces in the Caribbean. Presiden Roosevelt issues the Roosevelt doctrine, stating that the U.S. will invade any unlawful and unrecognized invasion of a country in the Americas. A few scout planes are moved to Cuba, and work on a dreadnought continues.
  • A-H: Creates its first dreadnought. Continues to research into better uses of airplanes. Tries to mount machine guns onto them.
  • Germany: Germany agrees to help in the attack on the DR. They also accept the alliance from Ethiopia and begin a free trade agreement. Germany remains neutral and may eventually help Italy in the war. As well, the German military is continuing its success in building military aircraft and boosting the armies.
    • Italian diplomacy: The Italians request German neutrality in the ongoing conflict with Ethiopia in memory of the Italian, German alliance, also reminding them that Ethiopia is being the aggressive party here.
    • (Must have missed that part, sorry. I'll change it.) ChrisL123 01:06, June 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • ATTENTION! All nations participating in the Invasion of the DR(defending or attacking) THAT ARE SENDING MILITARY SUPPORT AND HAVE WRITTEN IT IN THEIR POST please go to the talk page and let me know.
UPA Allaince
  • Mexican Diplomacy (TO THE ENTIRE WORLD): The world is on the brink of war. Let Mexico put out one last plea. Here is my six point plan for peace.

Mexican six Point Plan

  1. The Dominican Republic will immediately withdraw all troops from all islands in the Caribbean, with the exception of Hispaniola.
  2. Haiti will become a Dominion of the Dominican Republic, as it is in a state of anarchism.
  3. The CLA will halt all violent expansion, until 1915.0
  4. The UPA and The Opposition will work together to crush the Caribbean Peoples Army.
  5. Italy and Ethiopia will let Eritreans vote (Random 50/50 unbiased Mod) on their future.
  6. The World will establish a League of Nations. (this would function exactly as the OTL LoN).

Please Sign if you agree to the above proposal.

  • Mexico, David Rain
  • Brazil: DeanSims
  • Romania Callumthered
  • if the 5th close is changed to Ethiopia respects Italian territory all hostilities will be withdrawn.
  • New Zealand: New Zealand will not be online for a week so just assume we are doing whatever the empire does, wea also support our mexican allies plan
  • they need to withdraw from Haiti.
  • Spain: Ianian58 22:06, June 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • Chile: Katholico 22:13, June 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • Dominican Republic: 77topaz
  • Argentina: Accepts.
  • Bulgaria: Accepts.
  • Rejected:
  • Rejected. Overly biased towards Latin America. We respectfully suggest that you withdraw before the situation destroys you. America. Monster Pumpkin
  • A-H: Abstains Gemralts
  • Russia and friends completely reject since it is one sided. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 00:57, June 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • France rejects and we side with Russia and the United States on their decisions. Enclavehunter 01:00, June 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • Britain rejects.
  • Ethiopia accepts, we strongly believe that Eritrea needs a referendum. For other clauses, I've no idea. Since Italy rejected the proposal, it's not going to be worth thinking about the others.
  • Australia rejects as they wait for their next go.

Why reject? I (forgive me, I really can't) see anything biased. It's probably me being stupid, so please tell me. David Rain

  • Because we want the Dominican Republic out of Haiti. Enclavehunter 15:20, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

Netherlands-Offers the Sell Netherland East Indies to highest offer. Improves military and stays nuteral.

  • American Diplomacy: We will pay 25 million dollars for the Dutch East Indies.
  • Brazil;: Brazil offers 35 million dollars and 12 years of petroleum.
  • I doubt you have money to spare.
  • I doubt you honeslty know. And stop crossing out my stuff, I'm sick of it, I'm going to turn the islands into a new nation after I buy them Anyway, I'm not keeping them.
  • I'm not targeting you. If I'm wrong, please, tell me your argument.
  • We're not bankrupt, it's called trade and the fact that we own tons of oil and gold and silver and the Amazon rain forest, we sell THAT, and we get our money!!! We're not bankrupt, we have stopped most of our huge spending anyway by now. So stop!
  • Yes, you are. Now stop being ridiculous, Sims, before I ban you
  • No, I'm not, you're just pissed BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THE TRUTH!!!!
  • Nope. If MP doesn't disagree, you're banned.
  • Guys, look. Latin America is spending all of this money on things like research, army enlargement, the war in Haiti, the navy, etc. The oil industry is not on a great start right now, and the rest of the nation is poor and unindustrialized, and who would buy wood when they can get it from their own colonies? If you wanted to help your nation, then you should have focused everything into infrastructure, mining, and trade, not the military and conquests. All of your nations were in pretty high debt to begin with, the fact that the Dominican Republic was able to invade Haiti and not go bankrupt is amazing in itself. Furthermore, Brazil/Deansims, internationally, you are supposed to act as a nation according to your constitution, not act by yourself. I'm going to let you go this time, but if this implausibility/contradiction happens again, I will be very mad. Don't disappoint me. Monster Pumpkin
  • MP, we're already very, very mad. He, and the rest of the CoLA, have been implausible from the start. We let it slide, and that was a mistake -- now is the time for the BAN.
  • I realize that you are probably mad, but the fact is that I am nice and I am willing to let them have one more chance. I admit, I am almost up to here with Latin America right now, but still, it deos give us a way of getting more land, wink wink.
  • We've been nice since 1901. But we'll give them one more chance, and watch them screw it up next turn. How's about you take the DR and leave Haiti independent?
    • While I appreciate the idea, mwuhaha, how about we win first, then figure out who gets what?
  • I've proposed several plans for new rules concerning industrialization, debts and power, but they have been ignored. We can't just keep letting these things pass without something happening (i.e., new rules.) I'll bring them both up on the talk page so we can formally discuss them. ChrisL123 22:37, June 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • We've noticed, Chris, it's just that with no basic framework, we can't make any changes. By all means propose what you are thinking, and we will read it and see. Monster Pumpkin
  • So uh are we going to start the next turn or continue arguing?-Althistoryman11
  • We are waiting for the conclusion of the new rules, the Dominican Invasion, and the proposed events of next turn. Please go to the talk page to look at these. Monster Pumpkin
  • What should we do about Dean? RandomWriterGuy 04:04, June 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • I think we should probably bring him up on the talk page and discuss if we should remove him from the League of Mathematicians. ChrisL123 00:02, June 4, 2012 (UTC)


We are going to start the next turn, but be very careful when posting.

Please thank ChrisL123 for creating an algorithm in a few days that would have taken the rest of us weeks to do.


  1. Korea fends off Japan's attempts to vassalize the country.
  2. Romania suffers a few peasant protests that eventually settle down.
  3. A large group of people protest in front of the Russian State Duma.
  4. The Triple Entente between Russia and Britain is formed.
  5. Arabia expands to the north and south.
  6. The Invasion of the Dominican Republic and Latin America by Russia, Belgium and the United States.
  • United States: The United States assists its allies in the invasion, providing (for now) logistics and naval support. Trenches are established on the border with Mexico, and many people join the military out of national pride. Oklahoma is admitted as a state. We ask the Netherlands what the status on selling the East Indies is.
  • Ottoman Empire: Manufacturing industries continue to be built up across the nation. More people buy cars as many people get high paying jobs in the manufacturing industry.
  • Italy: New weapon designs are worked on. bombardment of the Ethiopian border and all major cities along the border using chemical rounds as well. Further suppression of the Eritrean populace continues, the Italian royal navy engages Argentinean forces that are harassing the Somali coastline, more troops are sent to Eritrea and Somaliland, the Ethiopian empire is giving one last chance back down.
  • Germany: Germany continues its expansion of the air force project, and may begin building a dreadnought in the next six months. As well, available troops assemble for a war with the Dominican Republic in a joint invasion. The air force will not be used, however. Germany also sends troops to aid Italy in the invasion of Ethiopia.
    • Argentinean Diplomacy: It begs Germany to switch sides and as a result, will agree to end support for Ethiopia.
  • I've started the Power and Influence Algorithms; however, to make the points more up to date (esp. concerning wars), I will begin after the invasion of the Dominican Republic is over. ChrisL123 22:03, June 4, 2012 (UTC)
  • Britain: The NPA goes on more goodwill missions, this time in British Belize and British Guyana.. We will get involved in the war in the Caribbean if our possessions are threatened. With the Entente formed, relations with Russia improve. We ask France to join the Entente as well as Germany because we are all on the same side in this crisis. Britain, however, sends aid (weapons, supplies, etc) from its various colonies in the Caribbean to the anti-DR coalition. Britain demands that New Zealand stop training with Mexico and to sever ties with the CoLA, due them being the aggressors.
    • Argentinean Response: WE ARE NOT AGGRESSORS! We only did it as a fear that our sovereignty would be threatened!
    • Yes, you are. One of your member-states invaded a country for no reason.
    • Note this. There is cause for rivalry and aggression between DR and Haiti: David Rain
      • The DR's decision to invade Haiti was unjustified (no reason was given in the turn). And I doubt that the DR would use their war of independence from Haiti as justification to invade Haiti... ChrisL123 00:42, June 6, 2012 (UTC)
    • German Diplomacy: Because Germany is already a part of the Triple Alliance, we must regretfully deny the offer. However, Germany does offer the UK a non-aggression pact and a trade agreement.
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: New Zealand will sever military ties with Mexico to retain neutrality but has to demand it allow to remain trading partners as this allows for our economic growth without dragging the empire into the war.
  • Note that Germany is already part of the Central Powers. Gemralts
  • A-H: Creates an air force and starts producing bombers and fighters. Creates a tank. Increases military reserves.
  • Please stop rushing your technological advancement. These things will take time. Look at the milestones on the talkpage and you will see what I mean.
  • France: France joins the Entente, but still asks to maintain good relations with Germany. Meanwhile, the French Army and Navy join the anti-Dominican Invasion force and support the Russians and Americans. The Air Force is expanded, and the first dreadnought is launched, with a second one being laid down. The airships are improved, making them resistant to small arms fire, but can still be damaged by machine guns.
  • Empire of Ethiopia: Safe Zones and shelters were constructed for civilians and the Emperor. The number of trenches was increased. In addition, more shelters were constructed in the trenches in order for soldiers to avoid bombardment.The Abyssinian Army distributed gas masks to people. Emperor rejected the offer of Italy and ordered soldiers to keep fighting, promising to distribute the profits they make on battle. Government, secretly, begins to fund the Eritrean and Somalian rebels. Experienced officers were hired from Argentina. Mobilisation, still, continues for the sake of country.
    • um - I don't think Ethiopia had that much money and general mobilization with a small population would leave you bleeding money, I think
  • Australia: Australia continues to expand their army as they look to go to the South East Islands. They also join the Triple Entente.
  • Argentina: (First, what about the Mexican compromise, wasn't there a majority agreeing to it?!) It declares war on the United States and their allies. It asks for at least anyone to help fight against the United States. They begin mass mobilization and send propaganda throughout the country to encourage war effort.
  • Belgium: Continues with the invasion of the DR, and applauds the European nations who are sending aid. meanwhile the first Belgian zeppelin is created, and the idea of a Zeppelin line is very popular with the people. another dreadnought is finished, and sent, along with another submarine to help with the DR invasion. Trench building supplies and artillery are also sent to secure the beachhead.
  • Romania: The peasant protests are peacfully scattered. King Carol I uses the protests as an excuse to give the parliament more powers. The small dreadnought is given repairs and updates. The parliament reiterates the nations position of neutrality in the DR crisis. Three more semi-rigid airships are produced, and the army has designed some bombs to be manually droppes from them.
  • Mexico: Continues mobalisation and increases presence on the 'Martinez Line' War research begins focusing on planes. We would remind the anti-Dominican Republic forces that Haiti was not recognised by the USA or Britain for many years, and that the Dominican Republic had been occupied by Haiti beforehand: 1822–1844. They closed churches and the University, forbade white people to own land, and imposed heavy taxes to pay for the occupation. The DR is not that bad.
  • Brazil: Brazil sends 85,000 troops to the DR and they immediately begin to fight the Imperialist Monsters. Brazil calls for a emergency meeting of the United Powers Alliance and the Confederation of Latin America to discuss the war, meanwhile Brazil begins to raize the rainforest and sell the lumber. Oil is discovered in northern Brazil, and the refining and selling of the product begins. Five Naval Squadrons are sent and they begin to battle the Imperialsit Blcokade.
    • Anti DR forces have already blockaded Hispaniola Island.
  • Chile: The Chilean government joins its allies in the war. The new national industry allow the construction of more weapons and ships for the Navy. More young men join to the military service and are trained. The government implements new economic measures.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria increases its military, economy and infrastructure. More research on battleships, airplanes and automobiles.
  • Russia: Duma security arrests the protesters. They are trialed in June and they are all acquitted. Russia says to Britain: that since France is a common ally, we should make an Entente all together. Russia creates an air force, comprised on four planes for now, however, Russian leaders fail to see how it can do better than naval and land forces.
  • Spain: The invasion of Morocco takes a crueler turn, as tactics in the battlefield become more effective yet crueler, the King of Spain believes a quick Moroccan War will effectively end Fascist Movements, along with other Communist movements. They stay neutral in the current conflict. They call for the Entente though, to stop their full-whole blockade of Hispaniola, as it is against International Law! (This had been agreed already by most nations already, that blockading a place completely was unhuman.) Traders become upset with the lack of resources now coming from South America, due to many products, around three-fourths of those which arrive in Spain, come from S. America.
  • Who agreed on it? No UN or LoN exists yet.
  • It was a somewhat unspoken term of war. The British were heavily criticized for their total blockade of Germany in World War I. It was established by tradition and it became recognized as 'rule of war'. Of course, it was later enforced by the League of Nations, which failed, and as a result, the law became obsolete in World War 2, and later then, the rule was enforced again by the UN.
  • Also, it may or may not have been in the Genoa Convention (can't remember how it was spelled).
  • That's Geneva Convention. And notice how World War I has not started yet.
  • Italian diplomacy: the Italian parliament offers the Spanish government an alliance to be known as the Mediterranean Alliance, and a similar invitation is sent to France and the Balkan states due to close economic and political ties.
  • Spain: It denies, not wanting to have any relations with any other nation at the moment, excluding trade and commerce.
  • Dominican Republic: All of the DR's army is maneuvered to surround the capital, Santo Domingo. Police forces hand out firearms to all DR families in Haiti, and many in the east half of Hispaniola. Diplomatic teams remain in the Bahamas, in case a mass evacuation is necessary. Some also travel to St. Kitts and Nevis. Protests and CPA attacks continue in the area. The DR diplomacy/government sends out urgent help calls to the rest of the CLA and UPA.
    • British Response: Dominican 'diplomatic teams' are expelled from St Kitts and Nevis and the Bahamas because BRITAIN IS NEUTRAL, SO DON'T SEND ANYONE TO OUR TERRITORIES. Stop or we'll declare war on you.
    • Argentinean Response: We beg Britain to join our cause, and in exchange, we will restrict the Dominican Republic from expansion into your territory.
    • Britain: And betray France, Russia, and Germany? NEVER. and it's not like the DR or the rest of you are a threat, like it's been said tons of time before the fact that the DR can invade or do anything but breath and not collapse economically is nothing short of a miracle.
    • Why do none of you care about Spain's aggression against Morocco?, Morocco did nothing to hurt Spain, but yet you allow them. Hypocrites.
    • France: Was Spain entering other nations' colonies? No. And who you calling an hypocrite, when you invaded Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay. When they did nothing to hurt you.
    • Still, Spain did exacty waht happened in Haiti, so why do not care about Morocco? Besides, I'm Brazil, I actually haven't invaded anyone.
    • Some nations, such as Germany and America, did care when Morocco was taken over. But this the age of Colonialism, and Morocco is a "primitive" nation that must be "educated." Haiti is not.
    • Venezuela: Venezuela continues expansion of military and the economy continues to get richer due to our oil industry. Dictator Cipriano Castro requests to form an alliance with the Dominican Republic.
    • Dominican Republic Diplomacy: We accept the alliance with Venezuela.
  • Serbia requests Romania send some armored cars in an attempt to improve out military. Serbia continues to trade successfully with Romania and Italy.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: The army sends two armoured cars and the blueprints, which are patented.
  • New Zealand: Builds some new ships, joins entente and begins withdrawal of forces from China in order to reinforce New Zealand as worries form that war might spill into Pacific from Caribbean.
    • ​Argentinean Diplomacy: It asks for a non-aggresssion pact with New Zealand so that the war won't spread to the Pacific. In exchange, it requests it stay out of the war.
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: New Zealand is planning to stay out of the war but if its allies are threatened then it will have to intervene

You guys, if turns take like two or three days, this game will crash and burn. Last game, the turns flowed so well what happened?

yeah. I think they should be faster.Callumthered 08:01, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

Same here. I'm waiting for the next turn, so that I can introduce my nation of Arabia. (With a plausible twist in this AltHistory.) Stewdio333 08:25, June 9, 2012 (UTC)


Post carefully. Sorry for the delay.

  1. The war in the Caribbean continues.
  2. The CPA branches out its attack in the Caribbean, not distinguishing between American or European nations.
  3. America's economy suffers a small downturn due to less imports from the Latin America region.
  4. Some Latinos in the southwestern region of America are uncomfortable with the war, and some are persecuted by other Americans.
  • Confederation of Latin America: The CLA launches its entire combined navy at the Coalition's blocakde of the DR, and the blockade is destroyed after a ferocious battle in which the Coalitions fleet is destroyed, and troops are landed in the DR. Planes are also given to the DR, and a naval fleet remains at the island while the combined fleets return home to their respective nation-states. CLA troops establish fortifications on the Hispaniolan beaches as well as the latest guns and artillery. The CLA offers the Coalition a deal, leave us alone and we will forget this ever happened, trade will resume and Haiti will become a self governing province in the DR.
  • No algorithm.
  • We don't have a naval algorithm, we need to make one.
  • We have one on the talk page. Oh, and good luck destroying a couple dreadnoughts and extremely advanced European and American naval ships with puny CoLA ships. You have to use the Power and Influence thing.
    • Sorry for not doing it yet, I had tons of homework to do, I'll get started on it now. ChrisL123
    • We understand Chris. Take your time.
  • OK, a huge fleet that's MODERN can take out dreadnoughts, it's not that hard, think next time.
  • Also you guys don't have planes and even if you did the DR can barely hold any milestones.
  • The DR is part of Latin America.
  • And lastly, your navies combined are still mediocre and rather small so yeah that's not happening
  • We have large navies and we combined them, we could and can win!
  • He's right. CoLA, just think about the Power and Influence numbers. The powers trying to defeat you are Russia with a 7.75, Germany at a 7.75, Belgium at 6.75 and the United States at 6.75, while the CoLA averages a 2.6 (also means you are limited to two milestones). While we will have to do a sea algorithm shortly, unfortunately you have to realize that there's really no hope.
  • Italy: The expansion of the army begins and the tank blueprints are made to start making some with in four year's time. the nation begins researching modern warships. Machine guns (as in the Vicker and guns like it) are produced in greater numbers and rushed to the Ethiopian front. research into the creation of a rail gun are put into place (railroad artillery) the Italian royal army continues firing upon Ethiopian positions but do not advance stating that this war is only to protect Italian colonies from an aggressive native state saying that peace will be accepted if Ethiopia drops all claims to Eritrea and accepts Italian ownership off the land. The naval blockade and blocking of products to Ethiopia are retained starving the nation of goods, raw material and food. The artillery bombardment of the Ethiopian trenchlines and border cities continues.
  • Newfoundland: Newfoundland embraces British immigration.
  • Netherlands-Sends troops to guard our American Prossesions. Offer to join either side of DR crisis for best offer.
    • American Diplomacy: We offered to purchase the East Indies, as you wanted. Y u no sell!?
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We are going to wait till the end of the crisis to sell.
    • Italian Diplomacy: an offer for a trade agreement is made to the Dutch government
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: New Zealand is neutral but even we can see that the DR has pissed off almost every major power in the western hemisphere. I suggest remaining neutral unless you have to defend yourself.
    • Russia Diplomacy: Russia tells the Netherlands that they need not send troops to America, since the CPA will massacre them. Instead, allow us (The Entente Coalition) to guard it from the military, infrastructure and technology research. More weapon factories are built. Research on Battleships and Airplanes continues
  • Arabia: After the victory of the Emirate of Nejd and Hassa, the Saudi state took over the Qassim region, the breadbasket of the Arabian Peninsula, in the victory against the Emirate of Ha'il. Even with the victory, Arabia is still a very underdeveloped country. No cars or paved roads, no radio, very low-tech, with the most bothersome point, a completely landlocked nation covered with nothing but desert. With the Ottoman Empire ruling Hejaz (including the holy land, Mecca), and the British and Persians in charge of the Arabian Seas, there is no way out of the Arabian Desert. King Abdulaziz officially announces the modernization of the Emirate, with the development of Machine Guns for the Royal Nejd Army, and flight technology (airplanes), in hopes of attracting diplomats to the country.
    • Italian diplomacy: the Italians send a diplomatic mission to Arabia with the offer of funding Arabian modernization in exchange for economic rights in the region and an alliance with the new nation.
    • Arabian Response: Deal accepted. King Abdulaziz agrees with King Emmanuel III to join a joint alliance with the Kingdom of Italy, for the modernization of the Emirate of Nejd and Hassa, in return, we shall provide you economic rights and an alliance, (Military?) with one additional request, help provide setting up the first national Arabic radio network.
    • New Zealand: New Zealand sent Mr Colin Gunderson as a diplomat to Arabia due to his experience with the ottomans. He is instructed to offer trade agreements and a alliance. As a token of goodwill a shipment of machine guns are sent as well.
    • The Government in Riyadh agrees to enter a trade agreement and an alliance with New Zealand, along with the shipment of machine guns. Arabia thanks New Zealand for support.
    • A reminder: Arabia can only have two milestones.
    • A side note: With Italian, French, and New Zealand support of modernization, King Abdulaziz plans to introduce automobiles and paved roads in Riyadh within the next five years, towards becoming a developing nation.
    • Italian diplomacy: as part of the treaty signed between both countries we request permission to begin exploration operations in arabia for oil and any oil found be exploited by a joint Arabian-Italian company which will split shares 60% for Arabia and 40% for Italy.
    • Arabian Response: We agree with the proposal, as long as Italy offers a military agreement to align with the Nejd state (with the Ottoman hopefully allowing access between the Mediterranean and Ottoman territory) and assist with any military struggles Arabia may have. Including Italian soldiers guarding the nation.
    • Italian Diplomacy: The Italian government accepts the demands and offers to station 10,000 soldiers at all times in Arabia along with modernizing and standardizing the Arabian army.
    • New Zealand diplomacy: if this occurs then we also would like to station a small contingent of men, to train yours in modern light infantry tactics as well as learning desert warfare for our men.
    • Arabian Response: Since the Ottoman have allowed open borders for the Arabs and its allies, on behalf of The Emirate of Nejd and Hassa, we welcome friendly relations with Ottoman, and a military and economical friendship with Italy and New Zealand, and sign the 1907 Ceasefire of Jeddah with the Hejaz state.
  • Ottoman Empire: We continue to build Consumer Goods Manufacturing Industries across the nation. Meanwhile, research on Airplanes begins.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: On behalf of the Arabs, despite the recent conflict between the pro-Arabia Nejd and the pro-Ottoman Hejaz, we ask for Open Borders between Arabia and the Ottoman, and the allowing for Arabia's soldiers and any of our allies (including Italy and New Zealand, with potentially France). In return, any trade will be open between the Constantinople and the Riyadh governments, and the end of all potential hostilites.
    • Ottoman D: If it ends the violence between Hejaz and you, then it's a deal.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: As long as there are no problems with foreign (Italian and New Zealander troops) troops crossing through the Ottoman, Deal.
      • 1907 Ceasefire of Jeddah
      • On behalf of the Arabian Nejd and Hassa and the Hejaz, all conflicts between Riyadh and the Hejaz State in Mecca, will cease immedeity, in order to have open borders to all of the Ottoman Empire's seaports, and allow for more communication with the outside world. This will also allow for the allies of the Saudi state to access the Arabian state for economic and military region, as long as they don't interfere with the Ottoman affairs. The peace will be kept between the two states, enforced by the Ottoman and Arabian militaries, and any military allies of either.
  • Belgium: Continues membership in the war against the DR, and continues to manufacture more dreadnoughts and planes, and some more Zeppelins, which are also sent to the DR. But the war is starting to take its toll on the Belgium, so a last push to annex the DR is suggested. As Italy is already fighting Argentina, it is offered membership into the anti DR coalition, in exchange for help against Ethiopia from Belgium.
  • New Zealand: Plans are drawn up for the construction of a series of new roads across both islands of New Zealand are drawn up. Hopes that this will not only increase the number of jobs, it will improve communications and increase the number of cars bought. The 2nd light infantry division is formed (10,000 men) and the first sniper contingent of the armed forces is formed. A request for the purchase of samoa from the German empire is sent along with hopes of a fair price.
  • Australia: Accepts the request as they look to team up with New Zealand in future wars. Plans are drawn up to put where the captial of Australia is and to construct a series of roads to the captial. They look to gain the islands above Darwin as a request for the Netherlands to attack Siam.
  • Romania: Asks Australia and New Zealand if they would consider exporting frozen meat to Romania, which, although producing much oil and wheat, is very much lacking in the beef and lamb department. The Parliament approves a much larger Naval Budget, which will be used to build one new Cruiser and a new airship. However, that comes at the cost of the Army budget, which results in the contingent in China being reduced. Many members of the aristocracy begin to invest in railways, which they see a being beneficial to their estates.
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: New Zealand agrees to the trade.
    • Australia Diplomacy: Australia agrees to the trade.
  • Britain: Breaks its neutrality in favor of our allies Russia and France (as well as trading partner, Germany). Naval support is dispatched to the imminent sea battle against the puny Latin fleet. Defenses are built in our possessions in the Americas. Britain tells New Zealand and Australia to not become involved and to sever any ties to the Latin American nations.
  • France: The French Navy begins bombard missions on the coast of the Dominican Republic, and defenses along the French Caribbean Islands are constructed to stop any attempt of an landing against the islands. France offers to help modernize Arabia.
  • Spain: Spain finally develops its first Modern Warship, a powerful dreadnought, it easily becomes a feared warship against the remains of the Moroccan Navy, the army pushes in, but heat, deserts, and determined Moroccans put a tough fight for Spain, out of the eight battles on the time, Spain loses two, and the enemy in those cases was heavily outnumbered, this causes weary eyes in the homeland, especially the north with Fascist groups.
  • Dominican Republic: The nation's citizens are either evacuated to inland shelters, or take up arms against the beach landings. Contact is established with the Mexican and Brazilian forces. The DR offers the Caribbean People's Army a peace agreement if they help in the war. The military remains around Santo Domingo and other major DR cities. DR civilians take up shelter across the whole of Hispaniola, along with former Haiti residents, some of which also take up arms against the invasion. Some citizens are evacuated to Mexico, and some civilians flee to nearby islands, such as the Virgin Islands and St. Kitts and Nevis.
  • British Response: Quit annoying us. We don't want anything to do with you so stop sending your people into our islands. Britain immediately deports all Dominican refugees from St Kitts and Nevis.
  • Russia: Russia asks Italy to join the Entente Coalition, since Italy is a powerful nation and could help us show the CoLA who's the real boss in town. Russian troops begin to make landfall in Hispaniola after a year of bombarding the coast. Russia builds one more dreadnought. Russian troops also secure Port-au-Prince. Russian forces are given order to capture every person under the service of the DR, CPA, or CoLA, but to leave all civilians alone. A bus full of Dominican soldiers is captured and they self destruct the bus, killing Russian troops, DR troops, and civilians.
    • Hey, you can't control DR soldiers!
  • Italian Diplomacy: The Italian government formally turns down the russian offer due to it being embroiled in a conflict with Ethiopia and its lack of interest in the conflict in Latin America.
  • United States: The United States continues to provide support for the invasion of Latin America, and military planners begin to organize the invasion of Mexico. A few more scout planes are produced.
    • New Zealand: Is it possible I could link what little navy I have with your Pacific fleet to prevent the CPU from hitting any colonies outside the Caribbean?
  • A-H: Tries to stay neutral in the event, as it has no holdings in Latin America. However, it does continue to build up its naval power.
  • Mexico: On the 1st of July at Noon on the balcony of the COLA Administrative Building in Mexico City, the Current Director makes a speech.

"Brothers, Sisters, I come to the arms of the nation with only a broken heart. After Months of deliberation the State of Mexico has decided to formally Resign from CoLA. While I believe in a United Latin America, CoLA was doomed from the start. Members did not act as a unified voice, with some countries ignoring decisions and others not even participating in the decision making process. Furthermore in CoLA's first real test as a unit has failed catastrophically. No nation will take the name of CoLA seriously now and nor should they. We have only ourselves to blame. Of course, Europe would stand United against any threat to their superiority, no matter how small or far away. Why did we expect less? One rule for those in charge, another for the former slaves. Any organisation that is not a puppet of Europe will never stand. It is my sad duty to inform you of this, prehaps the only way to end. Divided we stand, United we Fall."

At his words Civil War breaks out. There are five main groups, all of whom plead for aid to crush the others. these groups are: (in no order)

  1. Pro-COLA
  2. Pro-Government
  3. Fascist-COLA
  4. Fascist-Government
  5. Communists

Please put in your post if you send aid and to whom.

  • Italian diplomacy: the nation offers the pro-government forces food and arms but nothing else due to its conflict with Ethiopia.
  • New Zealand D: New Zealand, though made to renounce their alliance, still feels friendly to the Mexican government. Due to this, aid is given to the governmental forces as a way of supporting them through a crisis many in the New Zealand government see as their fault.
  • Arabian Diplomacy: While this is the first Riyadh has heard of the Confederation of Latin America, and would've remained neutral in the conflict regardless, King Abdulaziz is willing to pledge 1000 Arab soldiers alongside pro-Government forces, but only to keep peace, not to be used for any offensive conflict.
  • Ottoman Empire: We send old weapons, along with volunteers, but nothing else, to the Pro-Government Forces/
  • Seems like everyone's out of ideas. Next turn?
  • Chile: The industrialization process continues and is expanded to other areas of the country and improving the infrastructure of the major cities. The Army to recruit and training more men.


  • The King and Prince of Portugal are shot in Lisbon.
  • The first major oil discovery occurs in Persia. It is open to claim.
  • The Tunguska Event occurs in Eastern Russia.
  • Coalition troops lad in the Dominican Republic.

I'm not to sure if the whole Mexican civil war would have that many sides, so that may have to be reviewed.

  • United States: Despite news of Mexico's civil war reaching the presidency, Taft orders the planned invasion to begin. Troops invade Mexico from California, Texas, and New Mexico territory. The blockade of the Dominican Republic continues, and while some troops are still remaining to finish the fight, some are withdrawn to help invade Mexico.
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: We support your invasion, but can you please support our side in the war? This would place an American friendly government instead of some Fascist isolationist.
    • American Diplomacy: We are supporting our own side, US. We will end the civil war and bring peace and prosperity to Mexico. Then, all sides in the war can vote and state their opinions.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Russia agrees to what the USA is doing, since no side is good in the war here.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees to what the US is doing, and supports them.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: We have mixed feelings on the American Invasion of Mexico. We want to remain neutral, though we are supportive of a non-CoLA Mexico, but we hope that you will not attack the pro-Government forces.
    • Combined Mexican Fractions Diplomacy: Get out of our land. We do not want you here. We will put aside our differences for the single reason of driving you out. Then after the cooperation prehaps we will vote. In the meantime get out.
    • American Diplomacy: No. By the way, it should be "Factions," not "Fractions."
    • Combined Mexican Fractions Diplomacy: You expect us to believe that you, the USA, has our best interests at heart? Pah! You are the USA! Every time you come, you take, you go, leaving us with less and less. Now you come and use words like 'peace'. All you've ever brought before is war, bloodshed and tears. You wish to show you care? Give us back the land stolen in the Mexican-American War, along with a formal apology then.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: In order to maintain peacekeeping process, and not endanger our 1000 Arab troops with the pro-Government forces, we heavily suggest that the United States does not invade Mexico. Also, we suggest that Mexico does not threaten America with demands of returning Texas to Mexico.
    • American Diplomacy: @ Mexico: Your counterargument makes little to no sense, and here is why:
      1. How can you claim to know what your best interests are when your people can not even decide how your country is run? And before you mention the U.S. civil war, that was because of economics and culture.
      2. We stole nothing from you. That land was punishment for Mexico after General Santa Anna tried to steal the rights and freedoms of the Mexican people. Many Mexicans agreed, establighing republics that soon fell against his regime.
      3. Have you looked at what we have done with what we have obtained? We took California and Nevada from you, and soon gold and silver was found in those places, bringing wealth to the people. Same in Alaska. In Cuba and the Philippines, we are building better schools, hospitals, and roads. In Panama, we built the Panama Canal, allowing ships from all nations to pass through the oceans easier. And you claim that we only receive and not give?
      4. We care. We would not invade if we didn't care. If we truly did not care, we would simply sit and watch you tear each other apart like animals. We are putting a stop to that.
      5. It should still be "Factions," not "Fractions." Maybe you should let us come in and build some schools for you.
    • Combined Mexican Factions Diplomacy: (not in order)
  1. So you are saying that you came in to take land from the Mexicans because their dictator was beating them up? That makes no sense! That's kicking someone when their down, taking land when they need help!
  2. Gold and silver that should be ours. You take the land then claim the reasources! The wealth would have come anyway!
  3. Why not fund the building of better schools and hospitals in self autonomous countries? No that leaves free countries that may present a nelegible risk to your goals, so you instead spend money to win them into your country, money that could be used to further improve more countries.
  4. Hah. What do you think this is? This is to do with economics and culture!
  5. No you would put enough force to the side you supported to make the others give up. Invading Mexican sovereign land is wrong from both and economic and moral perspective:

a) More money is required to outfit an army capable of defeating all the sides for long enough to make them listen.
{C}b) More troops are required for the same reason meaning more loss of life, etc.
{C}c) It is less questionable to work alongside Mexicans in clearing up their mess rather than simply using brutality, shock and awe to stun them into complying.

  • Russian: State Security and the the Russian Homeland Defense Agency sends troops to assist in cleanup and investigation in Tunguska. Russian troops move into Persia to claim and secure the oil deposit area and Russia proposes a join land claim with its allies suchs as France, Britain, USA, and others. Russia argues with the former Mexican director (I call them the Directators, a portmanteau of director and dictator.) that there are many strong non-Euro nations in the world, and the US is a fine example of that. Instead, Russia denounces the CoLA directors as semi-dictators waging imperialist actions, dangerous ones at that. Russia also bombards the coast of Argentina and Mexico and blockades Veracruz and Yucatan areas.
  • Mexican Diplomacy: The government of Mexico is currently fighting to get out of CoLA. Please call off your ships!
  • Russian Diplomacy: Russia apologizes and agrees. All ships are
    • You know the oil claim is in the gulf, right?
    • OK. Does that make a difference? Russia already has a sphere of influence in Persia.
    • Well, it is in the gulf, which is not in your sphere, so it will be harder to claim than Britain.
    • Actually, at the time, both Russia and Britain contended for greater influence in the area. I think. Ianian58 03:00, June 14, 2012 (UTC)
    • I have Tehran.
  • France: France continues to bombard the shoreline of the Dominican Republic, and French warships sail aong the coast of Brazil, bombarding cities such as Rio de Janeiro, before fleeing back to the Caribbean or Europe. The French also declare unrestricted submarine warfare (meaning my submarines are able to sink ships without warning) against merchant and military ships that fly the flags of the following nations: Brazil, Argentina, and any other COLA member. Research into technology claims and drilling for oil in the West Africa Territories and Algeria begins.
  • Mexican Diplomacy: The government of Mexico is currently fighting to get out of CoLA. Please call off your ships!
  • Italy: The Italian government tired of the passive actions taking by the Italian generals in East Africa switch the general Enzo Gilardotti famous for his wift tactics to break the Ethiopian defences and put the afriocan nation in its place but promises not to annex the nation with the 9,00,000 soldiers stationed in the region and the german soldiers sent top supply it to advance with caution and artillery support from both borders with Ethiopia in a pincer movement pressuring the starving nation. (can someone please due the algorithm)
    • Arabian Diplomacy: Your Arabian allies would be happy to help the Italian Invasion of Ethiopia, as part of the military deal, should the need arise for backup. (Willing to send upwards of 50,000-75,000 recently modernized Nejd troops.)
    • Italian Diplomacy: the Italian government accepts the arab help arming them with Italian arms for the fight.
  • Britain: Britain also claims oil-rich areas of Persia and the Persian Gulf as we already have a presence nearby. The British Navy bombards major cities in Brazil and also declares unrestricted submarine warfare on CoLA nations. A planned, massive invasion of Northern Brazil begins from Guyana.(results coming). Britain begins to drill for oil in our claims as well as our holdings in otl Yemen and Oman. Britain also launches its planned invasion of Southern Mexico/Yucatan from British Honduras/Belize, (algorithm coming) promising to restore order in Mexico on behalf of the true capitalist Mexican government faction.
  • Romania: The railways are growing, with conncections between all major towns. The upper and middle classes are busy eating Australian and New Zealand Beef and Lamb. The oil industry is concerned with the oil finds in Persia, and hopes Itlay and Britain will still be wanting Romanian oil. The cruiser and airship are basiclly completed.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: As per suggestion by the New Zealand diplomats, The Emirates of Nejd and Hassa would like to join forces with Romania and its oil companies, for a joint oil program, in return for more efficent and higher standard extraction technology. With our oil economy combined, we could beat out Persia's oil claims.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: The king agrees wholeheartedly, and sends a team of oil experts to Arabia immediately. The joint oil program is also established, with a uniform price for all Arab-Romanian oil.
  • Arabia: As the economy throughout the Arabian Emirates exploded overnight, that economic boost (thanks to oil) is threatened by Persia's oil claims. Fearful of this, King Abdulaziz asks for a joint Arabian, Italian and Ottoman coalition into claiming the West and South Persian lands of oil, hopefully planning to avoid the British and Russian claims of oil, to avoid potential hostilities. Meanwhile, as automobiles are being brought over from Italy, New Zealand, France and the Ottoman Empire, and the first roads are being paved outside Riyadh, to connect to the recently gained Qassim region, and making a 317 km road between Riyadh and al-Qassim's capital, Buraidah. The Arabian scientists are also focusing on research with self-made Machine Guns, and researching a method for Arab-designed airplanes. The Radio technology given by Italian diplomats begin being tested out in Riyadh, seeing its future as a military purpose.
  • Arabia remember that you're still a poor and undeveloped nation. Having a 90,000 man army is extremely doubtful your in the middle of the desert. Also remember your economic limitations you probably can't afford to send your army to like 3 different places in the globe.Also you can't just have a 'booming' economy after ONE turn, it takes more than 10 years to properly extract oil.
  • All right. I apologize for overestimating the capabilities of Arabia. I respect your word and realism. (I thought that Arabia would have a 90,000-man army considering how many battles a population of 4.8 Million have been, and thought oil success would be gained immediately.)
    • New Zealand: Don't worry, New Zealand is willing to set up a contract where we will only but oil from you if you keep the price at a fair level. I suggest asking the Romanians for technology to extract your oil more efficiently.
    • Arabian Response: We would be happy to accept an exclusive oil contract, though, to maintain new relations with Romania, we hope that the contract that New Zealand signs, will have exclusive oil contracts with Arabia and Romania.
    • You can only have two milestones.
    • They can research all they want.
    • They can research, but if they research more than two, it would be pointless. Refer to this.
    • Italian Diplomacy: The Italian government requests that arabia focus on economic development at the moment and not antagonize any of the European countries with attacking the Persian region, Italian engineers will aid Arabia develop its oil fields but don't get involved in any conflicts for now for the Italians are limiting their forces to protecting your borders and teaching the Ethiopians a lesson. At the moment anything more will put at risk the Italian logistics and put it in bad terms with friendly nations.
    • Arabia: King Abdulaziz agrees with the Italian diplomats, and after greatly overestimating the growth of his country, and realizing that early relations may be threatened with European Powers, will not take part in any battle, until the economy and military has fully modernized to European standards, which is predicted for 1918, when oil extraction has fully developed. While it will retain its military alliance with Italy and New Zealand, we will not take part in any offensive until full modernization, thus declaring our semi-neutrality in the global stage. We will also leave Persia alone, but we are still open to diplomacy with any foreign nation, who is interested in our oil stocks.
  • Ottoman Empire: The Sultan moblizes his army, just in case it decides to get involved in the race for Persian Oil. Meanwhile, the nations continues to make Manufacturing Industries and research Airplanes.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: While 65,000 soldiers are headed off to Ethiopia, with 1,000 soldiers stationed to keep the peace in Mexico, and 2,000 troops stationed to keep the peace near the Hejaz border as stated earlier, Riyadh would be happy to help bring 10,000 Arabian soldiers alongside Ottoman troops put oil claims in West and South Persia, though we hope that Italy will bring at least a couple thousand soldiers, or at least arms for both Ottoman and Arabian troops. Though this leaves only 12,000 Arabian soldiers, 10,000 Italian soldiers and 3,000 New Zealand soldiers to defend Nejd and Hassa. (Total Arabian Army before any potential conflicts: 90,000)
  • Spain: The invasion of Morocco is put to a schreeching halt by the defeat of the main bulk of the army against a smaller force in a mountain, Spanish forces reorganize to counter-attack, prices rise in Spain due to the war and the war Latin America, and especially Britain's Submarine Warfare which cost much supplies to Spain.
  • Venezuela: Dictator Cipriano Castro is enjoying the show.
  • New Zealand: The armed forces undergoes a military reform, backed by soldiers recently returned from China. The troops are now issued a new helmet, ressembling a chamber pot, which the men refer to as jerrys. Also troops of all ranks are issued a sidearm and better training is put into place. The New Zealand fleet reaches Pearl Harbour and begins patrols to prevent CoLA naval forces from entering the Pacific. An offer for Samoa is sent to Germany with plans for taxes to be put into place if the cost is higher than expected.
  • Dominican Republic: Citizens take up arms against invasion forces that land, with heavy bloodshed on both sides. A small amount of aid is sent to help government and CoLA forces in Mexico. The DR government, from a secure and secret location, asks Venezuela and Chile, as fellow CoLA members, to help against the landing forces in the DR, or in the Mexican war, or the attacks in South America. Army forces are send towards landing points, but many remain to defend major population centers against the horrific attacks and human rights violations etc. as experienced in other regions. Former Haitian civilians fight alongside those of the DR, as the attackers seem to make no distinction, and they were already well integrated by the time external invasions began.
  • Mexico: With aid sent by other countries the Pro government forces begin to create stability. However the US invasion forces the various fractions to band together and try to repel the opressors. An urgent plea is sent for aid against this unjustifialble imperialistic expansionism, of exactly the same degree as DR/Haiti.
  • British Diplomacy: Britain calls off its invasion of Southern Mexico, not wanting to add to the chaos that a civil war brings to a country. We never wanted to provoke a civil war, but intervention was justified and the invasions that followed were proper retaliation. Britain sends military aid to the pro-government forces.The US is asked to stop their invasion and help the pro-government forces and allow Mexican factions to battle it out, we have priorities in the Caribbean anyway.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria Increases Military, infrastructure and economy and Technology. Research continues on Battleships and Airplanes.
  • Venezuela Diplomacy: As a CoLA member, Cipriano Castro agrees to support the DR in the landing forces for the Mexican War
  • Australia: Does a request to spilt the Pacific Islands into New Zealand and Australia and if they accepted then Australia would give Tasmania to the Kiwis.
    • Whoa, whoa whoa. No way on earth would Australia EVER simply "give Tasmania to the Kiwis", ESPECIALLY not for some measly islands in the Pacific. Remember, Tasmania is one of the integral six states of the Federation. It would actually be treason to give a state to another country; no matter how closely allied. Tasmania was also the state with the highest "Yes" votes in the Federation Referenda. Also, Australia already has a large presence in the Pacific, remember South-East New Guinea is Australian. If you were going to give something to NZ for some islands, then how about Norfolk Island? Or Macquarie Island, or both? Callumthered 08:25, June 15, 2012 (UTC)
    • Australia Response: If New Zealand accepts the offer than they can give Norfolk Island and Macquarie Island.
    • New Zealand: Can you elaborate on what you mean about splitting the Pacific islands, as in who gets what?
  • Germany: Germany sends more troops to help Italy in Ethiopia. The government notices the tension between the Triple Alliance, most notably Germany-Italy against Austria, who has support for the CoLA. The Germans try to boost relations with the Italians to keep their largest remaining alliance, however Wilhelm II considers joining the Triple Entente. Germany also improves the military, airplane and chemical gas milestones.
    • Scraw has ruled that alliance implausible a while ago. Gemralts
    • Hm. I wonder why it has been proposed as mod events several times then. Thanks for letting me know. ChrisL123 00:34, June 17, 2012 (UTC)
    • Tis RWG who proposes that. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 01:01, June 17, 2012 (UTC)
    • Italian Diplomacy: in a secret telegram to Berlin the Italian government proposes a possible partitioning of the Austria-Hungarian empire due to rising tensions in between Germany and Austria and the increasing Italian interests in expanding its influence into the Balkans, again just a suggestion but it would allow Germany to unite all of the German people under their flag and allow them to establish several puppet states in Eastern Europe to act as a counter balance to the russians and ottomans.
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: Germany, are you willing to sell us Samoa?
    • German Diplomacy: Germany agrees to sell the two islands and is willing to negotiate prices.
    • New Zealand diplomacy: How much do you believe the islands are worth, we believe £3.6 million, plus favored trade nation status meaning any speclised goods you produce we will only buy from Germany. Your views on this?


  • Bulgaria declares independence from the Ottoman Empire.
    • ​What? Bulgaria wasn't indepedent all this time?-Althistoryman11
    • No, it was a state under Ottoman suzerainity-Callumthered
    • I believe they were semi-independent, I think similar to how Canada or Australia were parts of the British Empire, but remained independent. -Stewdio333 03:39, June 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • The United Kingdom declares ownership of the Persian Oil Claim.
  • Russia again proposes that the UK and Russia own the oil claim together. Duma elections are held again and the Duma Presidential elections are held again, Nationalist candidate Mikhail Zhukovich loses to the incumbent.
  • United States: The army occupies most of the northern Mexican states, and an offensive on Mexico City is planned. Supplies and recon data is sent to Britain, so they can launch their own offensive from British Honduras.
  • United Mexican Fractions: We continue to ask the US to pull out. WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE! Might we also point out that Britain pulled out of their invasion due to the Civil War and sent aid to the Government. Many nations wish for you to pull out, not just us so I suggest you do.
  • France: France continues to launch raids along the coastal areas of the COLA, and unrestricted warfare against COLA shipments and warships continue. France continues to support the Coalition with naval support and supply shipments with warship guarded.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: Please pressure the US to pull out.
    • Russian Response: Russia and France are both supporting and helping the US in this. The Mexicans are regarded as foolish. The Duma says "If the Mexicans want the Americans to get out, they should join together and FIGHT America, not asks other nations to tell them to stop."
    • United Mexican Diplomacy: You might note we are. Foolish are we? Asking for help when your country has been invaded by someone who has historicaly always been the enemy?
    • Russian Response: Indeed you have proved youselves foolish. You have ignored the bulk of the statement and twisted the meaning. What we mean is this: "Y'all are stupid cause if you weren't, y'all would stop fighting each other AND SHOW A DAMN UNITED FRONT AGAINST AMERICA."
    • United Mexican Diplomacy: We are. United Mexico. See Mexico (Triple Entente vs Central Powers). The bulk of the statement? The only bit we did not respond to was the first sentence! That needed no response, you were simply stating a fact. If you read the Mexican post you will find this.
  • Romania: The new railways are helping the economy, with oil and wheat able to travel much larger distances much faster. One new submarine is ordered from Britain, but will only arrive next year. The government declares its support for Bulgaria, and sends a division of Armoured Cars and many infantry.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: The government in Riyadh wants to be supportive, and open up an Arabian Embassy in Romania and Bulgaria, but fears that the Ottoman Empire may retaliate. Current meetings are undertaking the situation.
    • Bulgaria: Bulgaria thanks Arabia and Romania for support and offers a Trade and Alliance agreement to both.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: We accept the agreement with Bulgaria. We hope that Romania will enter a similar agreement with us too.
    • Romanian Reponses: Accepts the Bulgarian Trade and Alliance Agreements, and offers the same to Arabia. The king proposes a sort of "mini triple alliance" between the three nations.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: As long as this alliance is supportive of Italy (which has been shown, through Italy supporting Romania's economy), Arabia would be happy to support this "Triple Alliance" with Romania and Bulgaria. We accept the agreements.
    • Romanian Response: Naturally, the alliance will be supportive of Italy, and if Italy wants in, it could become the Quadruple Alliance.
  • Argentina agrees to Italy that it will stop supporting Ethiopia if it will agree to get itself and some of its allies if possible to join the war in the CoLA's side. The war is now defensive, and pursuades the rest of the alliance to stop going on the offensive and start going on the defensive. They plead to Britain and France to a cease-fire.
    • Italian Diplomacy: The Italian government accepts the ceasefire but we will not aid the CoLa since most of our allies are against them (France and Germany) and we have no interest in South America who used to renounce our debt claims in Venezuela.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees to an ceasefire with Argentina, and Argentina only.
  • Australia: The parliament finally decide on where to put the parliament/capital of Australia. The plans have been drawn up as new railways to connect the state of the ACT. Australia looks to join with New Zealand to become a new country to connect with each other.
    • New Zealand Diplomacy: No.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: Please call on the US to pull out. We do not wish to be invaded.
    • Australia follows Britain.
  • Italy: The Italian offence in Ethiopia continues (since there is no algorithm at the moment I'll say it's a stalemate) but fighting is completely bogging down with heavy casualties on both sides along the trench lines but more forces keep coming from the mainland. The research into the dreadnoughts continues and the nation starts producing subs in its dry docks. Back in Italy the voice of Mussolini's radio continues to get people worked up and the starting of Facismo as a popular ideology among the populace takes place.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: Would you like to join an Alliance/trade agreement with Bulgaria, Arabia and me?
  • Arabia: Upon news of Bulgaria's independence, King Abdulaziz makes a bold statement, in support of an independent Bulgaria, despite tensions, a treaty between Hejaz (Ottoman) and Nejd (Arabia) is predicted to be in trouble, along with any visitors who are coming to Arabia, or any diplomats visiting other countries. King Abdulaziz is supportive of Romania and its oil claims, though his friendship with Italian diplomats. For defense purposes, shortly after the announcement, the King secretly mobilizes 2000 Arabian soldiers to the west and north borders each, for defense, in case Ottoman troops retaliate. We ask that Italian soldiers stationed in Arabia should only mobilize if the Ottoman attacks, as we don't want to cause any further diplomatic crisis. Meanwhile, research on Machine Guns and Airplanes continue, with the first airplane factories expected in the near future.
    • Update: The King orders the return of all soldiers from the Ottoman borders, upon hearing a peaceful agreement between the Ottoman Empire, and the officially independent Bulgaria. Meanwhile, diplomats are considering the possibility of being in an alliance with the Ottoman, considering the recent alliance with Bulgaria and Romania being confirmed, and wonders if relations with Italy and New Zealand will still continue being well, based on Arabia's lack of outside information much of the time.
    • New Zealand: Honestly, as long as you don't go to war with the Ottomans I ain't that bothered what you do. I'm friendly with the Ottomans and trade with you for oil helps my nation's development plans greatly.
  • United Mexican Factions: Send out a plea to the world for aid against the USA, or at least condemnation of the invasion. Guerrilla warfare is imployed in occupied areas, whilst the population refuses to aid the Americans in any way. Preporations are made for the seige of Mexico City. Conscription is introduced and people actively indorse it. Also we would ask if you wish to withdraw your troops from Mexico as the US seem intent on 'bringing peace' and are planning to take Mexico City. If you do not withdraw troops please move them out of Mexico City, or we shall use them against the US. If you do not want to do so, please tell us.
  • It's factions, damn it.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria declares full sovereignty from the Ottoman empire. Military is increased, economy and tech research. More Research on Battleships and Airplanes continues.
  • Ottoman Empire: The Sultan decides that he can't risk hurting his nation's economic growth, and instead allows Bulgaria to leave on one condition: They accept an alliance with us.
    • United Mexican Diplomacy: We are pleased that conflict has been avoided. We would ask if you wish to withdraw your troops from Mexico as the US seem intent on 'bringing peace' and are planning to take Mexico City. If you do not withdraw troops please move them out of Mexico city, or we shall use them against the US. If you do not want to do so please tell us.
    • New Zealand diplomacy: New Zealand troops shall be withdrawn as we speak, thank you for the warning, though we are against the CoLA we do not condone the USA's invasion of your territory. If you wish we will send food supplies for civilians and will set up a refugee camp on the coast with our protection.
    • United Mexican Diplomacy: Yes please. Thank you for your offer.
    • Ottoman D: We don't have any troops in Mexico. Only Volunteers are there. We will warn them of course.
    • NZ, you have to follow the UK on this kind of matters.
    • Thats why I'm not fighting America. I'm actually using my navy with their Pacific fleet against the CoLA like Britain is. All I'm doing is setting up a safe zone for civilians with the troops I have in the country.
    • New Zealand: Using a task force comprising two divisions of light infantry and the NZ marine corps, a force is landed in southern Mexico to support the empires allies in South America. A beachhead is hoped to be established. The government stesses that the taskforces aim is not to affect Mexican politics or even aid the US, its simply to deal with pro CoLA forces and protect Mexican civilians.
    • Britain: With the invasion successfully completed, the Edward Campaign as the assault on Brazil is known is at 50%. British troops march through mainland Brazil and are predicted to arrive in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Bulgaria is recognized as a sovereign, independent nation by the Crown.The Persian Gulf oil claim is British however since our good ally Russia also is there we'll give you a share, but since we had it claimed as in OTL here we'll keep the vast majority of it. Military aid is sent to the US. Bombardment of cities like Recife and other coastal cities continues as well as a partial naval blockade of southern Brazil.
    • Argentinan Diplomacy: Look at what's going on in the Mexican civil war! These people are suffering and you guys don't even care! (Except those that do) Can you please just help these for once?! We will stop fighting eventually! White peace?
  • Liberia: The hasty modernization of the nation's small army has begun with the purchase of arms and munitions. The construction of paved roads between Monrovia and Harper is also underway.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: Though we do not have much at the moment, we would like to set up an embassy in Monrovia, bringing our first relations into Africa.
    • Liberian Diplomacy: Liberia accepts Arabia's proposal.
  • Germany: Germany accepts New Zealand's offer for German Samoa and Germans begin moving back to the motherland. As well, the navy is improved and airplanes are beginning to improve in number. More troops are sent to aid Italy in the war against Ethiopia (until this algorithm dispute passes, I suppose).
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: It begs that it ceasefire with the CoLA for white peace. After all, it ended support for Ethiopia and requests if possible join the war on its side.
  • Spain: Armored Vehicles, mostly test units are sent to Morocco to fight due to the changing course of the war, Moroccan Forces overwhelm Spanish forces farther in the north, most Armored Vehicles are stopped. Spain makes later peace with Morocco. The government is very unpopular at the moment.
  • Costa Rica: Costa Rica is requesting to join the trade agreement/alliance between Romania, Bulgaria and Arabia. Costa Rica is sending 1000 troops to aid the Mexicans.
  • China: The country begins


  1. The Italian coalition successfully defeats the Ethiopians after several years of war (as per the algorithm).
    • Who wrote that, that algorithm is all wrong.
    • I did, as no one else did. If you'd like to complain, explain why on the talk page. ChrisL123
  • Germany: The rest of German Samoan citizens leave New Zealand Samoa. As well, Germans celebrate the defeat of the Ethiopians and troops are sent home. Several thousand, however, are to stay until the next year to keep the Ethiopians from revolting again. The Germans continue their airplane expansion and plan to crate armored cars in the next year and a half.
  • United Mexico: We thank the Costa Rican Government for their aid and request an alliance. Mexico City is now firmy entrenched, havig been worked upon almost continuously for six months. Due to donations and aid the city is well supplied and warehouses are full. All Children, women, sick and elderly are moved to the Refugee camp constructed by the people of New Zealand. Fresh unrest breaks out in USA occupied land, with major rioting. All soldiers are prepared and ready for the forthcoming attack.
  • You can't control what happens in other people's land.
  • New Zealand: A frigate is sent to Samoa along with a detachment of marines to set up a naval base on the island. Local elections are organised to select a governing body among the natives and to send a representative to the capital. In Mexico the refugee camp is built at Mazatlan on the coast away from the main fighting. A message is sent to the US government requesting that they bypass the surrounding area to minimise civilian casulties. The New Zealand navy moves to the Galapagos in preparation to blockade the more westernly CoLA countries, a request is sent to the US navy asking for backup.
  • Ottoman Empire: More Manufacturing Industries are set up, and many people are benefiting from the new Industries and are considered Middle Class. However, many people still remain poor and work at low wages in the factories.
  • Arabia: The Emirates of Nejd and Hassa continue to focus on modernization, and continue to find more proper ways to extract further oil from the soil, which is predicted to take 9 more years to build proper facilities. Research on Machine Guns and Airplanes continue. Companies are being set up, to allow Fiat to set up operations in Riyadh, and be able to sell Italian automobiles to Royalty and the upper class, as roads are being paved in the capital, with connections planned in other major cities. Diplomatic missions are sent to Costa Rica, since their request for a potential alliance in the same one Arabia is in, though with permission by Bulgaria and Romania, the two other major components of the mini-triple alliance.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: Sure. Costa Rica needs our help, and we can give them aid and stuff.
  • United States: The United States accepts New Zealand's proposals, and asks it and other nations to send supplies so that the violence in Mexico ends swiftly and without unnecessary deaths (In other words, send me stuff, lol). Any unrest in occupied Mexico is ordered to be put down as carefully as possible, so that no one dies.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria increases Military, Infrastructure and Economy updates. Technology upgrades continue and more Research on Battleships and Airplanes continue and research on better durable automobiles.
  • Italy. With the collapse of the Ethiopian war efforts, the Italian empire begins the occupation of Ethiopia and sets up a pro-Italian government executing all former government officials including the emperor of Ethiopia under charges of obstruction of the peace, Ethiopia is declared a client state of the Italian Empire. it starts suppressing anti-Italian elements in the country, their is a massive surge of nationalism thanks to the victory and Mussolini and other extremists loss support. Research into battleships and rail guns continue. As thanks for their help germany giving a promise ose of eternal friendship and the Arabian government is giving 15000 pounds since it is the strongest currency at the moment and a guarantee of independence from the Italian government. Several troops are relocated to Arabia to defend it and other troops are sent back home leaving a 50000 strong force in East Africa to hold on to the region. plans to unify eritrea, somaliland and occupied Ethiopia into the state of East Africa under Italian protection (de facto Colony although it will look like an independent state) are put into operation by the parliament. As part of the plan an army will be established lead by Italian officers.
  • Liberia: Liberia increases its military strength, and purchase a destroyer from the United States, set to arrive in one year. Also, Liberia lays down the first railroad tracks going from Monrovia to Harper, seeking to expand it annual rubber exports.
  • I know you're new but you should really understand a country that you're playing as. Liberia is hopelessly poor right now they can't afford to do a lot. There's no way you can pay for a US-grade destroyer and even if you could you have to actually contact the US government to do so.
  • Sorry.
  • Technically, the USA could give Liberia a warship (due to historical ties and stuff) But you'd have to ask them for one.
  • Romania: The army begins spending more time on training the Machine Gun Corps, which has been sadly neglected. The submarine arrives, and the navy takes it for tests in the Black Sea, along with the other ships/aiships of teh Black Sea Fleet. With railways connecting major cities, roads begin to be built as well.
  • Argentina pleads a cease-fire because the whole Mexican humanitarian crisis is much more of a concern than the whole war that CoLA and the other nations have been in war with. It pleads just status quo ante bellum.
  • British Reply: Argentina, you're despicable. Just last turn you offered to join our side and now you're begging for ceaasefire after we all ignored you? There's a thing called national pride and none of you all have it especially you given your requests last turn. This Confederation was doomed from the start as none of you understood even the basics of your country.
  • Britain: With the capture of Rio and Sao Paulo, the Edward Campaign is completed and the state of Brazil falls to the British. An interim military and pro-Britain government is established to prevent the state from falling into anarchy. The Crown ignores Argentina's plea for staus quo antebellum saying that "Doing that will only put us right back where we started, the Confederation of Latin America must be punished." Meanwhile Brazil's borders are secured and another invasion of a CoLA state is planned for next year in the spring assuming that the war will even last that long.
    • Argentinan Response: Well, we weren't the first to strike during the start of the war! And look at Mexico! We pelase want you to stop the fighting because we have a humantarian crisis in our hands!
    • British Response: You guys got yourself in this all on your own. I'm not directly involved in Mexico, i'm only sending military aid to the US there. It's basically a Mexico vs US war because all the factions "united." So not much of a 'humanitarian crisis' there.
    • Argentinan Response: Well, at LEAST SOME OF US signed the proposed peace at Mexico. Why wouldn't you let you try to reconsider?! Also, I opposed the CPA!! So should we fight a common enemy instead of each other?!
  • Afghanistan: Afghanistan's government asks for international funding, to begin modernizing the cities with modern early 20th century equipment. They would also agree to arrange a trade agreement to receive water supplies. A telephone system is installed in various districts in order to ensure speedy communication between the frontier and Kabul.
    • Arabia: Although we do not have much at the moment, we could establish an embassy here in Riyadh for Afghanistan. In return, we could help send some of the money that we have the potential to make in the future. Also, we could refer you to our growing alliance, and see if they're interested in the development of Afghanistan.
    • Afghanistan: Afghanistan agrees to establish an embassy in Riyadh. Meanwhile, we would like to know more about the alliance and its goals.
  • France: France continues to send supplies to the United States and Great Britain. Meanwhile, expansion of the air force continues, and the Navy produces one more dreadnought. Unrestricted warfare continues on COLA shipments and warships.


  1. Heavy rebelling begins in Brazil alongside Chilean Peru and Argentinian Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay.
  2. The pro-British Persian Shah is overthrown.
  3. King of Belgium Leopold II dies.
  4. King Edward of the UK dies
  • United States: The United States asks other nations to send supplies or troops so that the violence in Mexico will end as soon as possible. Troops would be nice, but supplies would also be welcome. The assault on Mexico City will begin in the winter. The first battleship hull is finished.
    • Liberian Diplomacy: The Liberian government would like to purchase a destroyer for the development of the Liberian Navy. We are willing to exclusively provide the United States with Liberian rubber for the next five years as payment. This would go a long way at helping the U.S. develop vehicles for its people.
    • American Diplomacy: Agreed, and we ask for better trade relations.
    • Liberian Diplomacy: So be it.
  • Romania: The King sends his personal condolences to George V, and also hopes that the good relations between Britain and Romania can continue. King Carol asks the heads of state of the "mini Quadruple alliance" to meet in Sofia to discuss tactics, trade and other things. Condolences are also sent to Belgium. Oil production increases, and some of the profits are used to build ten more armoured cars.
  • Ottoman Empire: The nation continues to Industrialize. Meanwhile, we tell Afghanistan that we will help it Industrialize, if it joins becomes in an alliance with us.
    • New Zealand: A lucrative trade deal is sent to the Ottomans. In return all they have to do is keep out of South America. The locals are losing and clutching at straws.
  • Liberia: Massive industrialization of the major cities in the country begins. Liberia also begins work on developing a local arms industry to expand its military capabilities.
  • France: France sends its condolences to both Belgium and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, France continues to send troops and supplies to the United States "to help" quell the violence in Mexico once and for all. Research continues on major milestones that are possible or haven't been done, and the military (navy, air force, and army) is expanded. France also supports the rebelling in Peru, Chile, and Argentina, but can't provide aid to them at the time.
  • Afghanistan: The modernization of the towns and cities continues. Afghanistan also asks for other countries to send them bricks and other building materials.
  • Argentina: It agrees to give the rebels independence in exchange for good relations with Argentina and help fight alongside the "imperial aggressors" attacking the country. They persuade Chile to give up its part of Peru in order to persuade it to join the war on their side. It asks Persia, Afghanistan, and the Ottomans for help.
    • You are the aggressors.
    • The rebels are rebelling because they do not want to fight your "imperialist aggressors" because they know it is a suicide.
    • Are you guys serious? Cant you see that he said "imperialist aggressors" instead of imperialist aggressors? He's being sarcastic to his people to justify his actions. And this is how politicians were doing.
    • Guys, let's keep this civil. ~MP
  • New Zealand: A day of mourning occurs when the news of the Kings death reaches the Islands. The building of infrastructure continues.
  • Italy: Postwar Italy sees a rise in general happiness with the government due to its competence in defending the nations interests, and a second industrialization plan begins expanding the growing Italian middle class. They propose to Romania, Arabia, Germany, and the Ottomans a new military alliance similar in structure to the central alliance. Development of the rail gun is completed and test runs on the first one are down.
    • Romanian Diplomacy Whilst we would like very much to strengthen our relationship with Italy, we can not accept an alliance which includes the Ottomans, and our ally Britain might not like an alliance with Germany. However, we reiterate our offer to Italy to join the Romania-Bulgaria-Arabia alliance.
    • Germany and the Ententers are actually in a state of sharing a common enemy right now, the CoLA, so accepting Italy's offer wouldn't be much of a problem. ~ Scrawdad
    • Arabian Diplomacy: While we are supportive of our alliance with Romania and Bulgaria, and don't want to anger the nearby Ottoman (and the British ports located nearby), we are undecided on the situation. Germany would be a huge power boost, and we have always had an interest in the British ports of Abu Dhabi and Muscat interest us, as we have longed for access to the sea.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany agrees to the alliance if the others are willing to join.
  • United Mexico: More preparations are made for the forthcoming attack. We once again condemn the interventionist policies pursued by the US. We ask the European's how the US invasion is justifiable, unless there is a humanitarian crisis. You have already stated their is not so what are they doing? Protecting Mexico from the threat of humanitarian crisis? We could say that about war torn Hispaniola, yet how many would sanction Mexican troops landing to restore order? Hypocritical European/North American imperialists!
  • Italian Diplomacy: The Italian government worried about the rising turmoil the country offers to mediate a special ceasefire between it and the USA and offers to accept refugees that wish to flee from the violence in Mexico. No other Latin American nationals will be accepted though said the officials in Rome with their still being distaste in their mouths due to the COLA support for Ethiopia and their intervention in the Venezuelan crisis nine years ago.
  • Brazil: Brazil asks for a pro-status quo treaty with the Europeans.
    • Italian Diplomacy: due to the rising critical situation throughout Latin America Italy offers to act as a mediator between the nations of Latin America and the American led Coalition.
    • German Diplomacy: The German government will not condone the CoLA to get away with war (that they started) and expect a status quo treaty. Wilhelm II requests that the American-led coalition meet to discuss what should be done about the war.
    • Russia says that the CoLA should be dismantled but agrees to meet with Germany in Berlin if America should agree with Russia's decision. (After all, we are the bosses of this thing.)
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: Status quo ante bellum? We promise to get rid of Hispaniola.
      • German Diplomacy: The German government states that status quo will never happen. Dominican Republic, Argentina, as with all CoLA members involved in the war, are all responsible for the war. You can not get away with fatalities, destruction and invasions after the American coalition thoroughly defeated you. The German government also mentions the Berlin conference should take place next half year.
    • Italian Diplomacy: The Italian government proposes the following: the dismantling of CoLA, the independence of Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia from Argentina, minor territorial concessions to European powers by CoLA, the complete disarmament of all Latin American nations except Mexico in exchange for European aid in modernization. and monetary compensation, to Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and the demolished nation of Haiti. A separate peace will be worked out with Mexico since we believe they were dragged into the war.
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: Agrees to everything except dismantling of CoLA. It would appreciate limited disarmament,
  • 'Australia:' The deaths of the Kings reach the whole of Australia as the infrastructure continues. Australia looks for the NZ alliance with Fiji and PNG for New Zealand while Samoa and Tonga goes to Australia.
    • New Zealand: We are already allied. Also why would I want islands farther from me for islands I have either spent a lot of effort and money getting?
  • Britain: King George V succeeds the late King Edward. Meanwhile Brazil remains under occupation, with a Latin American surrender hopefully imminent due to the knocking out of one its key states. Defenses are built in Brazil and the planned invasion of Venezuela (which will be carried out next year unless the CoLA surrenders beforehand) is ready. The Persian Gulf oil claim continues to drill for oil as well as our other oil fields.Britain supports its allies by saying, like Germany, that the CoLA will NOT get away with war so they will NEVER get a status quo treaty no matter what Argentina Brazil or Mexico say will matter.
  • Costa Rica: Costa Rica begins researching airplanes and tanks (can I do that?). The government is thinking about invading Nicaragua, but no conclusion has been reached yet. Costa Rica is supportive of Italy's possible entry into the Romania-Bulgaria-Arabia alliance.
  • No, tanks can not be researched yet.
  • Arabia: After weeks of discussion in the royal chambers of Riyadh, King Abdulaziz decides that he wants to fully join the military alliance with Italy, as it is the best in our interests, Should Bulgaria join the alliance with us, we offer desert training for Bulgarian soldiers, alongside the offer for German soldiers to train here. An official diplomatic mission is sent to Berlin for the first time.
  • Brazil: Brazilian resistance continues in the Amazon Jungle against the occupying enemy forces. And Brazil calls for a ceasefire between both sides and unrestricted guerrilla warfare. All PODs captured by the Brazilian forces are forced into camps inside the jungle where they receive adequate food and shelter. These camps are deep in the jungle along with the resistance. Brazil offers these PODs back as a chance for ceasefire talks. They are not being harmed.
  • You already had a post this turn.


  1. World Event: Peace Talks begin in Berlin to settle the outcome of the Confederation of Latin America.
  2. An uprising against Ottoman rule breaks out in Albania.
  3. With the formation of a possible new alliance between Italy, Germany, Romania and the Ottoman Empire, the Triple Alliance collapses.

Peace Talks

  • Russia: Russia proposes this:
    1. The CoLA is dismantled.
    2. Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia will be given independence back.
    3. Chilean Peru will reunited with Peru.
    4. The United States will take North Mexico, everything up to a straight line that will pass through Mexico City.
    5. New governments will be put in place in Brazil and Argentina. Chile will have an exception since it wass not involved in much fighting.
    6. Haiti, which has already been freed from the DR, will be recognized WITH FULL INDEPENDENCE.
    7. The DR will be occupied by Russo-American led forces.
  • Brazil: Brazil will agree to these terms but believes they are to harsh on Mexico, as that's more than two-thirds of Mexico's entire landmass. You were all supposedly fighting to end imperialism, don't destroy Mexico, it would be hypocritical. And Brazil didn't expand at all before or since joining the CoLA, it shouldn't have to lose any land.
  • Argentina: It accepts everything but 1, 4 and 5.
  • German agrees, but adds:
    1. Dissolution of the Confederation of Latin America without the possibility of a subsequent union
    2. Haiti would gain independence with occupation (to ensure its sovereignty)
    3. War reparations for the war must be paid from the former CoLA in the form of $200 million each country. United Mexico will be forced to pay half the price, and this will cause a slower milestone innovation.
  • Brazil: Brazil can agree with Germany's terms, but states that Brazil did little fighting other than on its own land in defense of its homeland, and asks why the victors should be paid when their homes weren't harmed besides Haiti and the military costs. Brazil will pay half of Russia's and its allies war costs EXCEPT the United States, which is rich enough. The USA will be paid, though, if it agrees no expansion into Mexico, as that is not right.
  • Argentina: We accept everything but number one.
  • Russia tells Brazil that France, Russia, Germany, and the USA are on an equal level. Russia also agrees to Germany's addition. Russia also tells Brazil that it is not losing any land.
  • France: France will be willing to take over as an occupational and reconstruction force for Haiti.
  • America: We don't want anyone's money. We will post our terms when this calms down.
  • Britain: Why are you all forgetting Britain, we played a large role here too. We provided large Naval power, lots of support for the invasions and we occupy Brazil right now. We agree to everything, including Germany's additions to the original proposal. We will gradually return Brazil to a new government that's set up as per the proposals. Also we withdraw any aid and break off the alliance with Romania due to them joining a different alliance system.
  • America: You were not forgotten, Britain. We are just figuring out the process.
  • Thank you. Also, Venezuela should be given a new government as well and Mexico after the civil war of course.
  • United Mexico: This is exactly what we have feared. you come in to quell our civil war and leave with our territory! crush us or set us free, but do not leave us with only half our land!
  • Russia: says okay then, we will CRUSH you.
  • New Zealand: I support most of the coalitions point made here, but why does mexico have to lose territory. Couldn't the USA occupy the northern provinces as insurance to Mexico paying its debts and declare them a demilitarised zone?
  • Arabia: We agree with most of Germany's idea (not just because we are in the alliance with them, but because they have a good point), CoLA has done more damage than good to Latin America, sent Mexico into a Civil War and has caused irreparable damage to the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Haiti. Though, the only point we disagree with, is such a high reparation. $200 Million may be too much for most of the countries. If that happened to us, we would totally collapse within weeks. We think there should be some penalties for their actions, just not such high amounts.

The Actual Game

  • Romania after much debate, Romania decides to join the new Italy Germany ottoman alliance, whilst continuing support for Arabia. The navy starts work on a rigid airship, and more river patrol boats.

Sorry, scratch that. Romania respectfully declines the alliance, in order to maintain the alliance with Britain. Callumthered 01:19, June 26, 2012 (UTC)

  • Argentina: It accepts most of the terms other than those that expalin military disarment, disbanding of CoLA, and others mentioed above. It does accuse the US of violating its own ideology. It set the Monroe Doctrine as a way to protect us and you used this to your advantage to become our own undoing.
  • Dominican Republic: Despite/because the political situation having calmed down, large civil CPA riots occur across Hispaniola. Russian and American citizens are expelled from the DR and parts of Haiti as well. The government enters diplomatic meetings with the CPA to calm the situation in the DR and especially Haiti, which is suffering from the low level of government and high level of warfare and poverty as a result of that. A large fraction of the army is sent to Mexico and Argentina to help against European forces there. Both the government and citizens remain pro-CoLA, and the government refuses Russia's "peace proposal".
  • You know you're being occupied right? You really don't want to send your army elsewhere right now but those kinds of decisions are exactly why the CoLA is going down the tubes. You also can't control what Haiti or the CPA does.
  • RUSSIANS in Hispaniola? What kind of trash is that? RUSSIANS in the DR? What?
      • For some reason they attacked. Ask the Russia player for an explanation. It is indeed unrealistic.
        • I AM the Russia player and I said that. They're soldiers, you can't deport soldiers
        • It is not unrealistic.
      • You're under occupation, your government has been overthrown; you're blockaded, we've got troops in your country; your people are cowering in the face of Russian troops marching through the country, we have men on every street; all your leaders, the Director, they're in jail, gonna be tried for war crimes, with no way to bail; ya don't control Haiti, heck the DR doesn't exist any more, try this again and we'll fling you out the door. (If you'll notice, I'm rhyming. This should be a rap.
      • In case you haven't noticed, the Americans, Russians, Germans, Belgians, British, etc. have been attaking you and the CoLA for a couple of years now. Russia got through to you from the Panama Canal.
      • Which could be blockaded easily by the CoLA.
      • Excuse me, it was me, Russia, who said that there are no Russians except soldiers in DR.
  • France: France continues to pledge assistance to the COLA and Dominican and Mexican citzens are expelled. Unrestricted submarine warfare continues and tons of merchant shipping is sunk by French submarines.
    • (Jeez, you don't have to shout). Argentinan Diplomacy: It thanks France for being the only member of the coalition who still has sympathy for us Latin Americans. It asks for closer relations ebwteen the two since Argentina did not consider France as much as an enemy with the other coalition nations.
  • Afghanistan: It continues to modernize the cities and replace the clay buildings with brick buildings. It asks for nations to import the bricks and cement to Afghanistan. In return, they would provide these nations with afghanistanese swords.
    • French Diplomacy: We will export bricks.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We will, too.
    • American DIplomacy: We will export Cement.
    • Afghanistanese Diplomacy: We thank you all for this. We're starting to export our swords to France, Romania and America tomorrow.
    • Russia: Exports bricks from the north.
  • Italy: The Italian government officially declares the creation of the state of East Africa made from Ethiopia, and Italian colonies, its head will be the nephew of the deceased emperor and will be under Italian administration and protection. With the possibility of a new alliance system the Italians talk to its allies of Germany about a possible Partitioning of Austria-Hungary as it might end up being a thorn in the side in the future, with coastal

Austria-Hungary going to Italy along with Croatia, austria and their polish holdings to Germany and the rest to be made into client states of the alliance. the test of the rail artillery is a success. plans to make an Italian air force are put forward.

    • Romanian Diplomacy: If Austria-Hungary is being partitioned, it should be kept in mind that Transylvania has a large Romanian majority.
    • Italian Diplomacy: we offer the romanians who while not part of our alliance but who are an ally of us independent of any alliance system to participate if we go to war with AH which has not been decided yet, to seize control of the disputed region.
    • Russia: wants a bit of AH.
    • Italy: The Italian government offers them half of Austria-Hungarian Poland and all of OTL Czechoslovakia except for sudetland which will go to Germany.
    • Romanian Response Thank you very much. We're glad our independent alliance is still strong.
    • Russia agrees wholeheartedly. Proposal map:
    • Germany: the German government agrees, and troops begin to collect.
    • Italian Diplomacy:The Italian government agrees to the proposed new area in eastern europe.
  • Liberia: After hearing the stories of forced labor and poor threatment of African natives in Portugal, the Liberian government agrees on an invasion and occupation of Guinea-Bissau. This invasion sees a draft of 5,000 men into the army for the event.
    • You don't border Guinea-Bissau, and good luck invading from the sea.
    • Clarify your reasons please. There is no rule saying you must border a nation or colony before going to war first. And Liberia had two gunboats by this time OTL, and a law requiring men between 16 and 50 to fight in the military if needed. Your action lacks any basis.
    • I think they only crossed it out (I didn't make this post) is because it mentions army, which wouldn't be the ones that would invade Guinea-Bissau, it would be the navy. It is certainly possible, but note that according to this, "[in 1900] the navy consisted only of two small gunboats", so really the attack probably wouldn't be that effective.
    • Liberia was a major trader at the time as well. So my reasoning would be that just as the United States did during my conflicts, Liberia would simply confiscate trade vessels for the war effort. Plus, canoes such as these were in wide usage by the native Africans in Liberia. So the military could have simply used those, as a trip from Liberia to Guinea-Bissau on an African war canoe would be plausible. It would be a somewhat dangerous trip given the currents, but so long as the canoes remained near the coast, the troops would reach their distinctation safely.
    • Remember, you are fighting Portugal, who has machine guns, cruisers, etc.
    • I know you're new but understand that Liberia is a horribly poor nation marred with corruption, embezzlement, etc. Your puny navy is nothing to Portugal not to mention your army. So unless you want to be annexed by the Portuguese I suggest you start being plausible. Also you need to realize that you can't industrialize unless its paid by another entity and that will only cause heavy influence on you by that country.
    • Historically, Liberia had been finacially sound because of the rubber trade, and it had the backing of the United States throughout its history. It had only become a wartorn country during the 1980s. I'm not to sure about your Liberian history, but corruption wasn't an issue. Native unrest was. Also, Portugal, as history has made very clear, was under going far more internal unrest than Liberia. The government killed the king in surprise, surprise!, 1910, and the garrison in Guinea-Bissau was patheic. And I see nothing requirng me to beg another country for help industrializing as well.
    • Well sir, in this game, the King was not killed, we managed a move of stability in Portugal. Also, corruption was an issure back then. Bottom line: If you attack Guinea Bissau, well, let's just say that Portugal has another colony.
    • Portugal's king was killed. Look at the few previous events.
    • Yes, and there was social unrest following the death. The government was in a bit of an issue after that, and the military wasn't trusted by the new government. So that added to the weak garrison and an untrustworthy military, and you get Liberia with one new colony.
  • America: The Battle of Mexico City begins, with several divisions begining the attack after artillery pounds part of the city for a few hours. Allied troops and supplies are helpful, and the government thanks those nations (France, Britain, etc.). We also warn any countries with troops in Mexico that are not on our side my be killed or wounded, and that they should withdraw them as soon as possible.
    • Liberoan Diplomacy: The Liberian government requests the aid of her long-time ally America in assisting in the liberation of native West Africans under French control and unjust colonization. In return, the Americans would find Liberia to be very thankful, and happy to open up its markets to America, giving it access to the rich untapped wealth of the region. Liberia begs America not to turn its back to the suffering of those people, and help it put France in its place.
  • United Mexican Diplomacy: Would you agree to a free evac of any forigners still in Mexico city?
    • Did you even read my posts? Not hours. Days. the defences are thick. is there an algorathim?David Rain (Sometimes...)
    • American Diplomacy: Sure, but they might be killed in the conflict. Also, I don't get what you are saying about the posts.
    • Mexico can not have anything called "thick defenses" and that is self explanatory. We're talking M-E-X-I-C-O. Even if you did have these great defenses, America would ram through them in a matter of minutes.
    • I really have to ask this question. What is the point of industrializing, buying weapons, setting up colonies, and building up your nation, if someone is simply going to say you can't fighting a larger nation because your weak, hense negating all the work poured into your nation in the first place? If this game is run by algorithms then why is the US bragging about its strength, when up until WWI, its military was a joke? If I understand correctly, the game system is supposed to allow for a fair game. How can the game be fair if after all the work Mexico spent industrializing, the United States can simply knock it over? I understand the civil war deal, but some aspects of this game appear to be unfair for the smaller nations. Need I remind that Japan was in a far worse position than Mexico, but managed to get itself together and beat Russia? If that was possible, then why would it be impossible for Mexico to do the same with America?
    • Because, simply because America has Russia, France, and Britain right behind it. Also we have planes. Need I remind you that Russia did not exert its full strength as America is?
    • America didn't either. No draft, no naval blockade against Mexico, etc,
  • United Mexico: Fighting for our existance. Not much to say apart from this: (Cross this out if I'm not allowed to source from peoples talk pages) Spies report of a descussion between USA and Britain: "Mexico will fall into complete chaos and anarchy. You can have, say, Baja, Sonora and Chihuahua, Durango-Sinaloa, and the Rio Grande states.Yucatan peninsula will go to Britain and be added to British Honduras or something else, Britain's choice. Rest of Mexico can become a new nation. We'll set up a new government there. Technically, adding Yucatan to British Honduras would not violate the Doctrine since BH is already there. If you took all of Mexico the others would get p-d. I think it would work, (and I don't think it would abuse mod powers because it's plausible.) I'll suggest it though. Worry yourself not. "
  • You can source from the games talk page, but not other people's talk page. And that proposal was by Russia, which, if you noticed, I, America, rejected. And spies? In Washington while you are fighting yourselves? Uh huh.
  • This doesn't exist yet, as it was coordinated by two people who won't exist for the next 80 to 90 years. Btw, this was Scraw and MP, RUSSIA and America.
  • Brazil: Although stilll in hiding, Brazil's current President, who was fairly elected, goes up for re-election throughout Brazil in unofficila polling stations around the nation, and he is re-elected by a huge 85% majority popular vote. He states that he is still the fairly elected Executive of Brazil, and he continues to rule Brazil in the untaken and un-foreign ruled Amazon rainforest. He states that you may have the coast, but Brazil shall live on without foreign influence which is not wanted. He continues to promote full political unifacation with the rest of Latin America into the Federated States of Latin America (FSLA), </strike>and although this is secret, it begins to take power in brazil even faster due to Yankee and the European hypocrite's occupation.
    • America is not occupying Brazil.
    • We're not occupying, still attacking. The heck are you talking about?
    • Sims , Britain has already defeated you and is occupying you. Your government is overthrown and replaced by a British Military government until Britain returns sovereignty to you.
    • I'm not really doing anything except talking, it's fine!
  • Britain: The military occupation of Brazil continues with plans to return sovereignty in the near future but for now an interim military government is created under a pro-British general. Britain doubles aid to the US to quickly end the Civil War in Mexico. Also we politely suggest it doesn't take Mexican land and to at best anneex only the DR because they started the war. Britain expresses sympathy towards Austria-Hungary and strongly suggests that nobody invade or partition it. If Gemralts doesn't come back soon, i'm going to use an RNG to decide if A-H will join our alliance(because the Triple Alliance fell apart).
  • While that may be admirable, A-H joining your alliance could cause disputes with Russia, as the two countries have differing views on the Balkans (at least OTL, anyway.)
    • Before crossing that out I want to see what Russia thinks of all this.
    • Italian Diplomacy: The Russians stated they want a piece of Austria-Hungary.
    • Russia objects with all its might with A-H joining the Entente. Austria and Hungary enemies, should you even let them join the Entente, Russia will exert its full and greatest maximum capability on destroying Britain. We'll blockade you, even with your Royal Navy, we'll air raid London and tear down Westminster Palace with our bare hands. Please remember that this is what would have happened if I (Russia) didn't cross that out.
    • Good luck with that Scraw.
    • Whoah calm down Russia no need to get crazy here. We're allies remember and it was just a suggestion. and that seriously would not happen in real life but that doesn't matter anyway. We'll support you in this but remember that we would be no different from the DR if we invaded A-H. So yeah no a-h joining entente got it.
    • Excuse me AP, I said this is what would have happened if that little implausible post wasn't crossed out.
    • Liberian Diplomacy: Liberia requests of the mighty British government aid in removing French control of West Africa, and turning it over to Liberia. The suffering of the African people there has grown too great, and Liberia, though weak, wishes to bring them under a friendly black government who knows their pain and hardships, and seeks to fix them. While Liberia is too humble to offer anything of worth, the wealth of the region may be exploited by British companies as payment for her help in liberating Liberia's brothers and sisters. Please, we for your aid in this time of need.

We should probably end this game. Hardly anyone seems to be having fun, and isn't that what map games are about?

I agree, but I can only put the blame on the CoLA and the Coalition, but mostly the CoLA.

I fear I must agree. I just got here and now I want to throw a chair into a crowd of angry people.

I think everyone needs to chill the hell out. This is a Map Game, not betting on who's country is best. Stewdio333 02:58, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

If this game continues, can I post as the CPA? 77topaz

No. You would post as occupied DR following America/Russia/Britain/France/Belgium orders to the word.

  • New Zealand: The Prime minister of NZ heads to the conference in Berlin.The NZ fleet heads into the Panama Canal to prevent the CoLA taking advantage of negotiations.
  • Spain: (Sorry for a long time out.) Seeing the situation in the Americas, it publicly criticizes British, Russian, and especially American demands of taking a large amount of Mexican Territory, it points out if Mexico lost so much land, while forced to pay so much money, that they can not possibly pay, it would put into anarchy, becoming a haven for warlords and would cause more damage; and the other nations of Latin America would be left weak and defenseless to attacks by other powers or major coorperations of nations. It especially criticizes the demanded U.S taking of Northern Mexico. This public criticism brings praises among liberal and conservatives, even various Fascists, but it heats up sharp verbal attacks on the current government by small Communist and extreme Fascist groups, due to the poor handling of the Moroccan War which Spain was forced to make a peace offer, and the currently poor economy.
    • ​Argentian Diplomacy: Don't forget Spain, that Britain, Belgium, Russia, France, Germany, and Italy have violated the Monroe Doctrine and yet the United States doesn't even do anything about it! SHAME ON THEM!!! (Though I am trying to rebuild relations with France).
    • Note that the Monroe Doctrine was primarily for aggression towards European colonialism in the Americas, not wars. Also note the war began to stop Dominican Republican colonialism of Haiti, so the US would be obligated to join in the war anyway.
    • But what's the effect? NOTHING!! How big of a threat can that be?!
    • The Monroe Doctrine effects only EUROPEAN COUNTRIES intervening in the Americas, not American countries as they are already IN America.
    • The Doctrine wasn't heavily based on military interfering in the Americas as much as it was on European colonialism in it. And the doctrine wouldn't get in the way of the US from declaring war on one of the North American nations if it was justified.
  • Arabia: Research continues on machine guns and airplanes, the King announces the first airplanes to be ready out of Arabia by the early 1920's, and a fully modernized military. Roads are announced to be paved and connected between Riyadh and newly-occupied Ha'il, within five or six years, as we order another 2000 Fiat model cars from Italy, though automobiles remain to only be affordable to aristocrats and parts of royalty. We hope to maintain independent trade with Romania, despite that we wish to stay with the Italy-Germany-Ottoman alliance, and that we may retain friendly relations with Romanians.
  • Romanian Response Don't worry, the alliance and trade between our two countries will continue notwithstanding.


  1. Peace negotiations continue (go to the talk page from now on)
  2. The CoLA is on the verge of falling

TO Argentina: France is not helping you, that was a typo. Just tryin to avoid confusion.AP 03:57, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

  • Argentina: A military coup deposes the government and declare Argentina a neutral country. The new leaders believe that doubting the anti-DR coalition led to the country's downfall. They hope they could rebuild Argentina's economy and stray away from wars as much as possible.
    • Reminder: New government or not, you are going to be affected by this treaty. No exceptions
  • Liberia: Liberia opens its borders to any refugees fleeing the fighting in Mexico and South America, and any Ethiopians seeking to rebuild their lives away from Italian forces. Also, the military is modernized, and the government puts in place a draft, calling on the enforced recruitment of some 50,000 men. Numbers are expected to rise to about 75,000 as the influx of refugees comtinues.
    • You're banned IDK if you knew that.
    • History lesson: Paraguay built a similar sized force with the same population and fought three nations at the same time. I'm surprised you didn't know that.
    • *facepalm* You were banned because of previous actions, not this one.
    • 'Yeah and then they proceeded to losing hilariously to Brazil, Argentina,and Uruguay. I know my history but yours is a bit sketchy you should read up on things more. Still banned you know so... yeah look the definition of 'banned' while your at it
    • The point is that they had a good run. Anyway, please clarify what I did. And my historu is perfectly fine. I know they lost, but it was brave in the long run.'
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria increases and updates military, infrastructure, economy, and technology. Research is nearing a end on Battleships and airplanes.
  • 'Italy: ' The Italian government redirects most of the military and leaves 30,000 troops in East Africa and 7000 to help defendAarabia the rest are recalled to the homeland to prepare for war with Austria-Hungary. the research into modern warships is completed (I started researching them in 1905) and the first Italian dreadnought will be made in three year's time. The navy starts shipping aid to slavic minorities in the Balkan region to cause problems for the Austria-Hungarian government and to create a casus belli for the future war, the borders are lined with soldiers that are digging in case A-H strikes first.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: We don't have many troops, but we are willing to send 1200 Arabian soldiers to the battlefield, as we are greatly supportive of Italy, and how they are helping in the modernization of our great kingdom.
    • Italian Diplomacy: the government while greatful for the offer suggests against Arabian diplomant to Europe as it will greatly affect them for they are used to deserts only but we request they be sent to East Africa to aid the occupation so that some Italian soldiers may be sent to Europe for the upcoming war.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: We accept those terms, and will ship about 3000 Arabian soldiers to East Africa, to allow for more Italian soldiers to go to war.
  • New Zealand: Industrialisation continues to progress. A temporary naval base is set up in the Galapogas islands for the Navy to safely dock while negotiations continue.
  • Arabia: Research continues on Machine Guns and Airplanes. Upon full annexation of the Emirate of Ha'il, Arabia's official new name, the Emirates of Nejd, Hassa and Ha'il, is at first planned to be announced, until King Abdulaziz announces a full unification of the Emirates, and plans to name the newly formed nations, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    • (OTL, Saudi Arabia wasn't formed until 1931, however, with full modernization of Nejd troops, there are a couple differences with this Saudi Arabia, and OTL Saudi Arabia.)
      • OTL Saudi Arabia contained the Red Sea Coast (Mecca, Jeddah), and a part of the Persian Gulf Coastline. This Saudi Arabia is landlocked, and those portions are controlled by the Ottoman Empire.
      • Wheras OTL Saudi Arabia was mostly modernized by its formation, this Saudi Arabia is still very poor and unmodernized, though it's in the process of building its economy.
    • United Mexico: Thanks Spain for its support. Surrenders. The former Director is found hanged with a suicide note beside him, which after some ditiective work is found to be genuine. It reads:
To whom it may concern,
I have seen my folly. And I have seen the result of my folly.
In my arrogance I believed I could stand and halt the tide. I was wrong. Look upon my works, all yea mighty and despair. Mexico has fallen. I saw the fall of my country, and, thinking to stop it, brought my vision to completion. So now I judge myself free at last from the sorrowful farce of life, I will ask what I may, my last request, in the knowledege it will be spat at or ignored.
My only plea is that the devil will now throw off its robe and, forgeting the past, forgive a nation that is dead. Bring back Mexico, I charge you, and do not let history repeat, oh my sons.
Your humble fool, Juan Martinez.
    • Italian Diplomacy: Upon hearing of the suicide of the Mexican president the Ttalian government offers their condolences to the mexican people who now face the complete distruction of their country and the plight of having a cowardly leader who could not guide them to safty, the Italian government offers once more to take in mexican refugees.
    • Mexican Refugees: We thank you. What we really need is someone to back us up at the negotiation table, someone to stand for a free Mexico.
    • Italian Diplomacy: We will act as a neutral party in the negotiations, our nation is in a precarious situation and we need to be neutral so that our plans can go forward without any major opposition and to keep our support alive from the germans and the Russians, but once again we will act as a neutral party to try to get decent terms for all parties so that no one is harmed by the caese of hostilities.
    • Argentinan Diplomacy: It sends its condolences towards Mexico as well. It asks Italy for better relations since it has ended its support for Ethiopia.
    • Italian Diplomacy: until the war in Latin America is finished it will retain a neutral stance in the conflict since it needs to retain support for its future plans.
  • Italy explain why you're starting all this crap with A-H. Seriously, I understand why Germany and Russia want land there but you have no reason to have land there. There are little to NO ethnic Italians in the land you want. I think this is totally implausible maybe even the whole war.
    • Economic interests in the Balkans, the Italians always had an interest in increasing their influence in the Mediterranean thats why they went to war with the ottomans in 1911 and thats why they sided with the entente in otl ww1 its mainly to make several puppet states and to increase Italian power on the continent instead of attacking the ottomans since I've been looking at the situation in this game I was pondering whether to go to war wioth either Austria-Hungary or with ottoman empire, depending on the chances that were presented in the game since most of my allies and most powers in the world are on good terms with the Turks I see it as unwise to take them on so my best bet it AH if you want to scratch out the moves against A-H no problem I'm simply being opportunistic. Besides Italy and Austria-Hungary were never on good terms thats one of the reasons why Italy didn't come to germany and Austria-Hungarian in OTL WW-I.
  • United States: We appreciate Mexico's surrender and promise the Mexican People that they will be treated with dignity. As such, the army occupies Mexico and the Yucatan, and set up military occupation zones. These zones are scheduled to have a civilian government as soon as the war in the Americas is over. The dead Mexican dictator is given a funeral headed by members of the Mexican Army. The Navy and Marines continue their operations in the Dominican Republic, and President Taft hopes the war will soon end.
    • Argentinan Diplomacy: The new government asks for better relations with the United States.
    • American Diplomacy: Over time this will happen, but it can be jump started with a trade agreement.
  • To Everyone: I will be away from June 30th to July 20th. I ask that everyone play fair and remember that the game is JUST a game. I do expect that the mods continue their appointed tasks fairly. If ANYONE creates a huge amount of trouble not game related, I will ban them upon my return. Please have fun, and keep in mind the events in the game. The CoLA War should end soon, and remember, China stabilized. If I don't get back in time for WW1, then please create a unique start to it. Scraw and Chris are the head mods. Please don't let me down everyone. Monster Pumpkin
  • Romania The new river patrol boats are completed, and work continues on the rigid airship. An ambassador extraordinaire is sent to London to help patch up any ill feelings that Britain may have with Romania over the botched German alliance. They are armed with a new deal; British companies having first pick of Romanian oilfields, and allowing British ships to use all Romanian ports and rivers during wartime.
    • British D: Accepted
    • Italy Diplomacy: The Italian government hopes that the Romanian offer to the British doesn't effect the oil fields already being exploited by the Italians (remember you signed a treaty with us at the beginning of the game giving me access to your oil fields)
  • Germany: Italy, Russia, et al. are asked if they are ready to begin the war on Austria-Hungary to dismember her. Propaganda posters begin to be printed to attract Austro-Germans to annex the area. Approximately 10,000 German troops are ready, and more begin recruitment.
    • Russia is ready and places 1200 men on the border front.
  • Brazilian Rebels: A rebel resistance movement forms in the Amazon jungle, and they begin to fight agsint the British, organizing riots, uprisings, and other anti-British actions. As there is no real leader, the Resistnce contniues to fight sporadiically but still rather united, allowing much damage to take place against the British.
    • Not everyone likes being occupied by another country!! Your just saying that because you want to keep Brazil as a puppet forever!
    • Dean, if you want to a dumbass, I will ban you. Look up the meaning of occupation while you're at it. You're lucky I have to ask Chris first. Meanwhile, your resistance will exist, but you can't do any "much damage." Also, I am not Britain. You will be independent after peace talks end.'


  1. With the deposition of Argentina, the occupation of Brazil, and the surrender of Mexico, the ColA falls.
  • Just wanna point out that it's kind of going against everything the anti-DR coalition stood for if y'all just invade and annex Austria-Hungary like that. Just sayin.
    • I'm in this to try and destfroy a large rival along my border, ill only annex Italian majority areas and the rest will be made into a puppet state of croatia ok. Nkbeeching
    • Look, countries can't always be the "good guys". One example (OTL) I can think of is the Soviet Union's involvement in WWII. They were on the side of Germany's, they invaded Poland, they kept their land, they invaded the Baltics, they kept that land, they invaded Finland, they kept their territorial annexations, and they continued to hold that land even after they switched sides. Nations aren't always the good guys, but this war isn't necessarily "bad". It's a political one as well as an ethnic one (Germans in Austria). ChrisL123 21:05, June 30, 2012 (UTC)
    • We're doing what we did last time. Attacking an enemy. Freeing different peoples. AH is an enemy, of Germany and Italy for breaking up the alliance, Russia because, Russia and Austria are enemies. Russians in Slovakia. Germans all over the place. Italians in Slovenia. Freeing Croatians from the others. Hungary from Austria. It's all very noble. We're preventing World War I sort of. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 21:10, June 30, 2012 (UTC)
    • thats about as honest as saddam husseins saying, "Oh - we want Kuwait because it used to be ours" Come on, you gotta make a better excuse than that, you hypocrites.
    • Sign your posts whoever wrote that, I don't want anyone thinking that was me.AP 21:37, July 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • Newfoundland: (hey, when will it be possible to revolt, just want to know). Newfoundland (under British Countrol) builds up the militia.
    • Revolting, that's tough to say. You'll notice rule 11, "British Dominions can not declare complete independence or war on Britain without due cause." You'll have to have a really valid reason. Perhaps if the UK gets into a war that you see unjustified, you may be able to, but it probably can't happen in the foreseeable future. ChrisL123 22:42, June 30, 2012 (UTC)
    • Just remember; you don't have to revolt to be independent. Take Australia, New Zealand and Canada for example. All British dominions, all independent without blood being spilled. Callumthered 00:28, July 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • Been reading up, Newfoundland has been a dominion since 1907. Pretty much independent. So to speak.Callumthered 01:09, July 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • Arabia: Research continues on Machine Guns and Airplanes. 3,000 Arabian soldiers take their place in East Africa, so that will free up Italian soldiers to go to war against Austria-Hungary, we hope that we are part of the Italy-Germany-Ottoman Alliance. Meanwhile, national highways are being paved all throughout Saudi Arabia, connecting Riyadh and Ha'il, to connect all the Emirates.
  • Romania The am assadkr to Italy assures the Italian government that the new deal with Britain does not effect the previous Italian deals in any way: Italy is an important ally to Romania, and we hope to remain as such. Intelligence agents in Austria-Hungarian Transylvania begin to spread discontent among the local Romanian population. Leaflets and small arms are distributed. Two corps of the army set up a camp near the border with A-H. The navy completes the rigid airship, and tests it out. It is armed with heavy machine guns. The army orders ten more armoured cars to be constructed.
  • Britain: The Crown is content with the fall of the CoLA, because now we can focus on rebuilding Latin America and replacing the hostile governments with competent and peaceful ones. The military occupation of Brazil continues, with several sting operations going on to destroy any remnants of brazilian resistance. Dean, I would like you to know that people in the CoLA hate all of your state governments because you got yourselves into extreme debt and practically ruined your economy so your 'resistance' wouldn't be large, they'd be more like a couple of extremists who are still somehow pro-CoLA
  • Argentina: Argentina agrees for America's proposal for trade agreements. It also asks Britain for better relations as it does not consider much of an enemy. (AND IF I WAS HERE LONGER, I WOULD HAVE FIND A WAY TO KEEP BRITAIN OUT OF THE WAR) They continue reconstruction.
    • NZ D: Would you like a trade agreement. We had to fight you because Britain was, it wasn't personal.
    • Argentinan Diplomacy: I guess so.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria increases and updates military, infrastructure and economy oh and tech. Government laws are updated with the Tsar and the Chairmen of the counciles updating military and economical laws. Also Bulgaria is happy with the dismantle of the CoLA and put's heavy stance of opposition on Foreign influence in their land and upgrade their defense around the borders.
  • Italy: The Italian war planning continues and continues funding minority extremists in Austria-Hungary to get better results in destabalizing the government. More troops are prepared for the upcoming war. The first national dreadnought continues its construction. Fascists are allowed political practise by the parliament due to their ability to rile up the populace in favor of nationalism which at the moment will benefit the government and public rallies are held throughout the country.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: In support of Italy, Arab representives are sneaked into the Muslim parts of Austria-Hungary (like Bosnia), to raise anti-Austrian feelings, and have the muslims support Italy's invasion.
  • New Zealand: Seeing a opening for trade deals to exploit New Zealand offers trade deals to Argentina and Mexico to help them rebuild while making money off them. Industrialisation continues.
  • Mexico: accepts New Zealands offer. Its surving diplomats arrive in Berlin (see talk page).


  1. The invasion of Austria-Hungary is imminent.
  2. Latin America begins reconstruction, being led by Britain and starting in Brazil
  • Italy: The government starts digging in on its border and preparing for the war deciding that making the Austria-Hungarian forces attack first would be the wisest course of action seeing as the mountains along the border make a strong defence and attacking the heavily guarded border early would be unwise, the military starts border skirmishes with Austria-Hungarian forces to agitate them into declaring war on Italy. on the economic front the nation slowly starts gearing up into a war economy for the first time its history, and more jobs open up in factories which women start taking due to the new conscription policy placed by the government. More Fascist rallies increase support for the government in the deemed Italian rebirth, as a reward the Fascists are giving a few seats in the largely conservative, liberal parliament.
  • Germany: With the (hopefully) ratified Treaty of Berlin, the German government begins planning a port in which to settle in Mexico. The port, which would tentatively be named Wilhelm Hafen, is planned to either be situated in Costa Maya, Coatzacoalcos, Frontera (of Tabasco), or on Antón Lizardo. A vote will be passed on which to build on hopefully by the next half year. As well, troops begin to situate themselves alongside the Austria-German border. Propaganda posters begin to popularize themselves among Austrian Germans, hoping they will support them in the war or even protest their government to finally split. The government hopes that this threat will be enough for the kingdom to declare war on the coalition.
  • Great Britain: With the ratification of the Treaty of Berlin, the UK congradulates its fellow coalition members on a successful campaign. Aid is sent to Germany and Russia for the impending attack on Austria-Hungary. Reconstruction of Brazil continues, particularly those damaged in the initial invasions such as Sao Paulo and other cities.Great Britain will take Veracruz as its port city of choice, renaming it Puerto Inglaterra or Port of England in spanish. The military occupation of Brazil continues, the army launches more sting operations in the amazon, capturing even more resistance members.
  • Russia begins construction on a port in La Paz. Troops are massed along the border with Austria-Hungary and "Russia's great hour" has come, in the words of the Tsar, with the victory in the West and the coming victory upon Austria. Troops in the West are brought home, but they are sent to the front once more on the Austrian border.
  • Argentina begins improving relations with the rest of Europe, the United States, and their other allies. They begin to condemn the DR for causing their undoing and requests the Russians to punish them as much as they can.
    • Russia has punished the government and that is enough. They have been executed for war crimes. Nothing will happen to innocent civilian lives.
  • France: France continues to expand its military and offers an trade agreement to Argentina to help rebuild relations. France takes Cabo San Lucas on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, (I believe that's not part of the US). Meanwhile, France sends help to the countries that are going to invade Austria-Hungary, stating the nation is not an great power as it should be.
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: Yes.
  • Romania: More units, including the ten new armoured cars are massed on the border with Austrian Transylvannia. Spies continue causing discontent amongst the Romanians living in the empire. The navy is standing by to blocks the Austria-Hungarians from the Danube, and Britain and France are asked if they would mind blockading their Adriatic coast.
  • Just wondering, when A-H is defeated, who gets Galicia? I'm not saing I want it, but it has very, very large oilfields, so whoever gets it gets a huge potential wealth. And can the Hungarian rump state be ruled by the Hapsburgs, sort of like the post WWI Hungarian kingdom? Callumthered 04:52, July 3, 2012 (UTC)
    • From the map Scraw drew up, Russia gets Galicia. But I suppose we could set up a deal where the other countries get oil rights or something. And yes, the coalition will probably have to make sure the country is ruled by the Hapsburgs. ChrisL123 14:25, July 3, 2012 (UTC)
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria continues to increase military, infrastructure, technology and economy. Research and building of battleships and airplanes continue.
  • Arabia: Research continues on machine guns and airplanes. Discussions of opening up an Intelligence Agency, similar to Great Britain or the United States, is brought up, but it is realized that there is not enough money, nor technology, to keep up an agency of spies, and will continue to rely on Italian intelligence for the world. 3,000 soldiers remain stationed in East Africa alongside Italians. Oil extraction is being tested, thanks to Italian and New Zealand technology, though it will still be predicted to take seven years to properly extract oil.
  • Italian Diplomacy: The parliament gives a contract to the new company Italia Petrol, to start extracting oil from Arabia with 55% of all profits going to Arabia and the other 45% to Italy as well as aiding in the extraction of oil in other areas of the country.
  • New Zealand: With the war over the military begins to be reduced in size. The fleet is called back home for repairs. Businessmen continue to invest in South America. The borders are opened to large numbers of South American citizens fleeing from their destroyed countries.
  • Mexico: Begins to rebuild. The focus of the country is moved to Yucatan (this having voted to become part of Mexico in order to speed up reconstruction). Asks for help in drilling oil. Plans drawn up for the construction of several new ports.
  • Costa Rica: Costa Rica proposes an alliance between Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile and Argentina. Research continues.


  1. Latin America continues reconstruction
    • Huh? CoLA does not exist anymore, and Latin America can refer to a number of territories...
    • He's referring to the ex-CoLA members, all of which are considered Latin American.
    • Ah. Being Costa Rica, I got a little paranoid there. Speaking of which...
  • Costa Rica: Costa Rica continues research. The proposed alliance between Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile and Argentina will be mainly for economic purposes, not military purposes.
  • Italy: the skirmishes across the AH border get more aggressive this time with firing a few artillery rounds every few days. The new industrialization plan is expanded quite a bit. reconstruction in East Africa begins, and Italian "helpers" (actually colonists) start settling in the puppet state to help bring up the regional economy, they live in specially protected settlements guarded by the royal army and somali colonial soldiers now the first army of the East African union.
  • Romania: Taking Italy's lead, the army begins firing a few rounds into A-H every few days, in the hope it will provoke war. The King begins pouring money into an industrialisation fund, so new nusinesses and factories can get a head start. Ten more armoured cars are ordered for construction, as are a similar number of mortars from Britain. We offer Arabia more professional assistance with regards to oil extraction, and we send a team of some of our best experts. As well, we offer one of our spymasters to help establish a small Intelligence agency.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: We happily accept the contract with Romania, for help with oil extraction, and to help set up our first intellegence agency.
  • Arabia: Upon Romanian oil extractors arriving in Saudi Arabia, it expected that the country may modernize sooner. (Mods, is it okay that if two countries help out in oil extraction process, can my country modernize about two or three years sooner, like sometime in the Late 1910's?) Meanwhile, the country's first spy agency is set up. Research continues on Machine Guns and Airplanes.
    • It still takes 10 years to extract oil no matter how much help you get, it's a long process even when you do finally extract the oil. It'll be an uphill battle to modernize this Arabia, it's still landlocked and a lot of your land is basically just sand.
  • Argentina: Argentina accepts Costa Rica's request. It thanks France and Britain to help lead to better relations. Reconstruction continues and so does demilitarization.
  • Chile: With the end of the war and the dismantle of the CoLA, the government prepares new measures in economy, military, education and health, for begin a new age in his history. Trade agreements are offer to France, Italy and Russia.
  • France: France accepts the trade agreement of Chile, and the President of France hopes to establish better relations with its former enemy. Meanwhile, the military is expanded and an alliance is sent to Germany (I don't know if I asked for one yet). Meanwhile, research continues into the military and economic sectors of France.
  • New Zealand: The economy continues to grow. The New Prime minister decides to attempt to make the country more self succificient to give it a better edge in trade deals. A expedition to the south pole with government funding begins to be planned for next year. A prototype icebreaking ship begins constuction.
  • Mexico: Continues rebuilding. Ports are a quarter complete. We ask for Romainian help in setting up an oil extraction business. We agree to Costa Rica's proposal, allowing it does not violate the Treaty of Berlin.
  • Brazil: Brazil continues construction on infrastructure.
    • Like the Brazilians would ever do that. Like Brazilians would even agree to that.
    • Fine. I changed the election results, yeah.
    • Much better.
    • 'Once again, Dean, you're OCCUPIED. You post as the British military government not anything else. Also you're supposed to demilitarize not increase your military.'
    • When can I have my own government then???????
    • Soon.
  • Bulgaria: Bulgaria increases military, infrastructure, economy and tech, Research and construction of Battleships and Airplanes con't.
  • Germany: The port of Mexico is decided to be Coatzacoalcos, and troops are immediately sent to renovate the area. A total of four naval ships arrive, and more begin to be built. As well, the government announces to the other anti-AH coalition that if the empire does not declare war on us before 1913, we should begin the attack. The military continues to collect soldiers for the impending attack. Propaganda posters sent to Austria are hoped to be helping the dissolution movement. However, formal protest against the actions of the German government begin to brew, protesters not wanting to go to war again, and "for a war that doesn't concern [us]. Available troops are quickly sent to keep the peace.
  • Russia begins more work for the La Paz port and a flag is designed for it. The number of dreadnoughts in the navy now numbers 15. Thirty seven new Duma seats are held for when Austria-Hungary goes down. Also, Chris, Gem is inactive so AH will not respond. Best if we start next turn.
    • That's true. Next turn works fine.
  • America begins to work on repairing the wartorn territory taken from Mexico. Troops remain in the DR and Northern Mexico. America also begins to build a port based at Guadalajara (did I spell that right?).
    • Do you mean Guadalajara? Because that's an inland city and if settled, wouldn't really be considered a port...
    • I dinka mean that. There is a very small town in Eastern Mexico that is on the Gulf. I believe it is either Guadalajero or Guandalijero. Or was it Guandalita? I forget.
  • Britain: Sends aid to its ally Russia in its coming attack on Austria to quickly resolve the war. The port we took (Veracruz) will be renamed Puerto del Rey or Puerto de la Reyna depending on the gender of the British monarch at the time. Puerto del Rey begins renovations and improvement that advance quickly since Veracruz was already an incredibly important city on the Gulf of Mexico. The flag of Puerto del Rey is being drafted.
  • Spain: Spanish economy stumbles even though the war ends. As trade becomes less between Latin America and Spain, due to increasing British, American influence, trade becomes less frequent with Spain. As result of this elections take place, the Spanish Prime Minister and much of the Parliament keeps it place, but a group of Fascist take charge. Even one Communist member has a seat in the parliament. Unrest brews in the north. Spain criticizes Italian, German, Romanian, Russian acts on Austria-Hungary, due to Austria-Hungary historically being trading parthner for Spain, and fears a war there may let its econonmy stumble.
    • New Zealand: It's bad for business if economies begin to fail. We would be more than willing to make up for lack of trade with Austria Hungary.


  1. Global Events: Russia, Italy, Romania, and Germany begin the Invasion of Austria-Hungary. Mexico begins reconstruction.
  • Romania: Troops cross the border with Transylvania, led by the armoured cars. The largely Romanian population welcomes the invaders (as they did OTL). The troops pass through the Carpathians and quickly take the towns of Brasov, Fagaras and Miecuria Cuic, and troops threaten the large city of Sibui. The Romanian population is very helpful, giving the troops billets, food, oil, etc. And some join the ranks. The navy blockades the Danube River, letting no Austria-Hungarian vessels in or out.
  • Italy: In acordance with the beginning of hostilities the Italian navy starts engaging the AH navy in nattles across the Adriatic and Mediterranean and thanks to the Italian subs a substantial advantage is gained. with this, an amphibious assault is planned for next year to divert Austria-Hungarian troops away from the mountains so that the main assault will be easier and with less casualties. the first dreadnought of Italy is nearly completed. The Fascist propaganda is bringing thousands onto the side of the government in support. Reconstruction in East Africa continues along with the repression of any resistance that may occur.
  • Spain: It feels an economic depression, as the treasury is nearly empty due to Spanish Based Companies in Austria losing value due to the war there. Spain is forced to dismiss half of the soldiers of the navy and army, which skyrockets the unemployment in Spain. Unrest continues to grow in the north. The King sends merchant missions to African Nations to establish an economic presence there.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: The King is willing to send a diplomatic mission to Madrid, if Spain pulls out its businesses in Austria-Hungary. In return, we could help refer Spain to the Italy-Germany-Romania-Ottoman alliance that Arabia is hopefully part of. (We never got full confirmation if we are part of the alliance.)
    • Romanian Diplomacy We think Arabia is a part of the alliance, but Romania is not, since our alliance with Britain is more important to us. We are still allied with you and Italy, just not with Germany or the Ottomans.
    • New Zealand D: Spain if you want trade, I would be happy to help.
    • British Diplomacy: Britain offers to help the Spanish economy in return for joining the Entente.
  • Argentina:condemns Fascism as an attack on democracy. It calls most of the world to condemn the movement and pressure Italy to ban it. They continue reconstruction, aiming on infrastructure and the economy. It remains neutral towards Austria, but sees the anti-Austrian coalition as the aggressors.
  • Russia: begins to move troops into Austria-Hungary. The civilians welcome the Russians as they did the Romanians. Slovakia is occupied by the end of the year and troops push into the Czech region, although they meet resistance from Austrian forces and the Army of Vienna and the Army of Prague.
  • Britain:Sends troops to Russia and part of the navy blockades the Adriatic sea coast of Austria-Hungary as per Romania's request. Brazil continues reconstruction.
    • Romanian Diplomacy The King thanks Britain very much for responding to his request with such speed. He is in no doubt the blockade of the Adriatic will tip the balance in favour of the allied forces.
  • Arabia:Continues research on Machine Guns and Airplanes, and while not a part of the war in Austria-Hungary, remains supportive of Italian, Romanian, German and Russian (despite no diplomatic relations with Russia have been established) troops who invade them. Hopefully, should Austria-Hungary be broken apart, we are offering to send workers to Muslim parts of the Balkans to help rebuild.
  • Chile: The economy show good signals of recuperation in the last months. Some new modern industries begin to be built in the country. The population reached to 4.000.000 according the last census.
  • New Zealand: Continues the construction of industry. Begins to issue better rifles to men.
  • Costa Rica: The Costa Rican government supports the invasion of Austria-Hungary, and sends 1200 troops to the Dalmatian coast to meet up with the British.
  • Brazil: Reconstruction continues. Britain is petitioned to grant Brazil independence.
  • Germany: German troops finally invade Austria. The German government plans to send waves of troops to massive Austrian cities, concluding with Vienna, to capture the control of the majority of the area to cause a swift surrender. Protesters continue to protest the anticipated Austrian annexation, but many Austro-Germans are in favour of the annexation. Meanwhile, Port Wilhelm prospers as more and more Germans arrive.
  • Mexico: Sees Fascism as a terrible thing. Asks for help in setting up a oil business. Proposes an international sport festival to cheer everyone up after the war.


  • Argentina calls for Italy to boycott Fascism as an attack on democracy. They begin to develop a growing steel industry from the iron and coal reserves in the country. Also, education begins to spread acrosss the country. New ports are built across the northeastern coast of the country.
  • New Zealand: Naval base in Samoa is renovated to be larger and better defended. Military continues reform. Industrialisation continues. Exibition sent to south pole. Not expected to survive.
  • Mexico: Reconstruction continues. Plans for a , healthier, spacious New Mexico City (in Yucatan) are completed and construction begins.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: You once suggested a suggestion for a sports festival, which caught the King's attention. We consider sending an official diplomatic mission to the new capital of Mexico, since sports like Association Football (Soccer) and Basketball have become very popular in Riyadh and other parts of Saudi Arabia, since many Italian soldiers have played with the locals, bringing the enjoyment of sports to this country. Cancels planned diplomatic mission upon hearing of attacks on Fascism in Mexico, which can be considered anti-Italian.
  • Italy: the Italian government declares the intent of its participation in the Austria-Hungarian war, to annex areas with Italian ethnic groups in it and to create an independent Croatian state (a puppet state of course) and and to remove its long time rival from the international stage. with British help the Austria-Hungarian navy is almost completely destroyed and the amphibious landing of the coastline begins with heavy fighting along the border continuing. settlement by Italians in east Africa continues. The first dreadnought is made and it is named the ITSS Emmanual after the king of Italy. Fascist influence in Italy continues to grow and the now are a powerful political party in southern Italy and in Milan, but due to their help to help gain support for the parliament they are tolerated and accepted. Communication companies continue to branch out throughout Italian holdings.
  • Spanish: Emergency elections in the Parliament are held as 21 Parliament Members are murdered by an obvious, planned attack, the Government blames famous Fascist Movements, while the Fascist Groups reply pointing out some of those members were sympathetic to the their own movements, and were against the war in Morocco, to the point that they accuse the government. Neverless, elections take place with Fascist winning 14 of the 21 seats, an independent runner with Communist ideas wins a seat, while the others are retaken by Liberal and Conservative groups. Unemployment skyrockets, due to the dismissing of half of the Spanish Military for much needed air in the economy.
  • Arabia: Saudi Arabia continues work on Machine Guns and Airplanes, still offers to send workers to Muslim-portions of the Balkans to rebuild, after Austria-Hungary dissolves. We ask that someone makes an independent state in the Balkans for Muslims, though we are willing for it being just a puppet state</span> for Italy or Romania, who ever liberates the country first.
  • Colombia: the Colombians start to generating an army, alliances are offered with USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Germany, France and Britain. The nation starts producing a fleet.
  • Chile: The infrastructure in principal cities is improved. New railroads begin to replace to the obsolete ones. The shipyards re-start the production of a new fleet for the Navy. The Congress discuss the Colombian alliance offer.
  • 3 states australia

    The three states of Australia.

    Railroads have made the connection of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne has been completed with roads as well connecting the captials. The two states of South Australia and the Northern Territory has been joined to called Central Australia as their will be only three states. They will be Western Australia, Central Australia and Eastern Australia. This will help the time zone. Elections has also been held with labor losing the polls in a whitewash, 53 to 19 seats.
    • While that might sound like a good idea, there is absolutely no way the Eastern states would or could be amalgamated like that. Remember, it is still just 12 years since the states agreed to become the same COUNTRY. NSW and Victoria are natural rivals, and would not have agreed to it. It is, in fact, unconstitutional, since the states do have rights. Imagine if the US government just decided to amalgamate all the states by their timezones; there would be another civil war. (And BTW, South Australia already owned the Northern Territory at this point.) Callumthered (talk) 07:19, July 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • ​Romania: Troops continue to advance into Transylvania, with shells falling on the Alba Iulia, the capital of the territory. King Carol visits the "liberated" areas, much to the joy of the ethnic Romanians who live there. Telegraph lines are laid throughout the country, as well as the new territories.


  • Spain: Spain enters an economic depression as companies begin outsourcing jobs to other countries, and Spanish Companies denying any trade in the countries that invaded Austria-Hungary. Fascist and Communist-based ideal protests begin.
  • Argentina asks that Europe try to resist Fascism and Communism as much as possible due to the negative side effects that can be produced. They aid Spain into trying to resist the power of Fascism and Communism. They warn Italy that relations will end if Fascism takes over the country.
  • Arabia: Fascism becomes very popular in Arabia, against King Abdulaziz' wishes, mainly in villages and towns near Italian bases. Though the King does not approve of Fascism, he does not want to get on Italy's bad side, so he states in public that he approves of Fascist beliefs, as long as they believe in the fundamentals of Islam.
  • New Zealand: Self suficientcy continues to be implemented. More government funding is put into building new, more efficent farms and several new coal mines are opened on the south island.
  • Australia: After a massive protests in Canberra, the country of Australia will stay at six states and a territory. Australia ask France to be partners. They also look to see how they connect Tasmania with the mainland by boat.
  • Chile: The government begin a modernization program for the Armed Forces. New industries continues his construction.
  • Mexico: Proposes the Union of Non-extremist Nations or UNEN, to combat Fascism and Communism. Reconstruction continues.
    • That will have to comply with the Treaty of Berlin, which states there can be no Confederation-like union between just the South American nations. Just keep that in mind. ChrisL123 (talk) 18:15, July 11, 2012 (UTC)
  • France: France denounces the ideology of Fascism, and suggests the formation of the United Against Fascism and Communism or the UAFC to combat Communism and Fascism, but also supports the UNEN. However, these are just ideas and probably won't happen anytime soon. Meanwhile, the military is expanded and France supports the UNEN suggestion.
  • Germany: German troops continue to batter the hopefully-weakening Austria, and efforts are made to try to finally "liberate" the German-Austrian area. Propaganda posters spread to Hungary, in order to try to gain independence and sever the empire quickly. Less troops migrate to Port Wilhelm, and naval efforts are slowed significantly.
  • Italy: the government's political plans are helping keep harmony in Italian society as many have the right to political freedom and the Fascists are kept happy with their current power base. (For everyone's information Italy isn't a Fascist nation at the moment. Read my posts closely. They are a political sizable minority at the moment, the liberals and conservatives are still in power.) the war in Austria-Hungary is going better then expected with the landing assault taking a few key coastlines and forcing the AH forces to split their forces in the western front allowing the Italian royal forces to push into ah territory from the mountain range (people keep in mind that in this time war wasn't mobile what so ever it was long atrocious trench fighting just a heads up I guess) and the forces start securing their gains digging in for the next major push in a few months time. the first airplane division is ready and is put into service (I researched plans over four years ago). Italian oil companies request Arabian premission for their engineers and members of the companies to set up settlements in arabia this will also help stimulate Arabian internal trade.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: We agree to the deal, and allow Italian settlements to be set up within Saudi Arabia. We also offer local workers from nearby villages to help out with Italian engineers.
  • Romania: Transylvannia is finally completely under Romanian control. The King tours the liberated regions, and officially declares them to be a part of the Kingdom of Romania. Troops are sent to the Italian front to help the Italians, as are some ships and airships. More engineers are sent to hep the Arabians.
    • Arabian Diplomacy: We welcome the Romanian engineers, and open up one or two villages for the Romanian engineers to work.


Dude, is anyone actually going to return to this game? Stewdio333 (talk) 06:49, July 17, 2012 (UTC)


  • Saudi Arabia: Research continues on Machine Guns and Airplanes, while Italian and Romanian customs are becoming popular among locals, not just sports like association football, but Fascism is also becoming popular. King Abdulaziz offers members of the Alliance (Italy, Germany, Ottoman, and neutral allies, Romania and New Zealand) a meeting in Riyadh, to show how the country has grown from a backwater place in the open desert, to a rapidly growing economy.
  • Romania: King Carol dies, and is succeeded by his son, Ferdinand. A week of mourning is declared throughout the country, and Carol is given a magnificent funeral in Sofia. More troops are sent to the Italian front. A top diplomat is sent to Riyadh, and reports back favourably to the King, saying that Arabia has indeed improved itself and Romanian help and money is most surely not going to waste.
  • Mexico: A new political party emerges. The Alianza Mexicana de la Gran Pueblos (The Mexican Alliance of Greater Peoples or AMGP). Reconstruction contiues.
  • Spain: Fascist Groups revolt in the north, bringing a skirmish between the armed forces and Fascist groups, forty people die. The economy is brought again to near collapse.
  • Italy: The war in AH is proving far more efficient then previously thought possible and much of the Alps and much of the AH coast line are under Italian occupation, Italian military officers begin promoting independence amongst the slavic population in the Baltics, and unification in Italian dominant regions. Italian Fascists openly support the Spanish Fascist uprising and several attempt to head for spain but the government forbids participation and stricter surveillance begins on the borders and in ports. Industrialization of the state of East Africa begins with all major companies being owned by Italian business, repression of Ethiopians continues to make sure the populace can't rise up, with periodic checks on housing, facilities, public areas. the Italian forces are re-enforced with native somali colonial troops who are trained in the same way as Italian soldiers.


Well, the game is dead unless there are like six edits or so.

  • Spain: Spain erupts into a civil war, northern Fascist group claim a war for justice, the southern Communist ideals revolts also in the south. The government takes care of the south, but encounters heavy resistance with the Fascist groups in the north. The economy is on the brink of collapse.
  • Saudi Arabia: More workers are offered to take care of Muslims in the ruins of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. King Abdulaziz announces his intentions to support Fascist groups around the world.
  • Romania: King Ferdinand orders more troops to the Italian front for a last push to destroy Austria-Hungary. The navy begins construction of another airship.
  • Italy: With government realizing that the Fascist uprising in Spain may spill into the rest of Europe and further destabilize the continent grants more liberties to the Fascist party and mainstreams the party but behind closed doors begins employing tactics to regulate Fascist movements so that they can't make any major blows to the government. The Italian ambassador suggests Arabia follow similar ideas. The war in AH is going largely well and many cities are being claimed with minimum damage which the Italian high command is quite happy about.


Mod Events

Europe worries about the Fascist Uprising in Spain

Fascist Groups gain slight momentum worldwide, as the political idea takes more shape.

An English Prince is murdered, the man responsible is taken into custody, his identity is unknown and nationality is to be announced in a few months.

  • Spain: Spain's economy colapses under what is now forming a civil war between Fascist Groups in the south and the government. The government cries out for support from any nation, as the Fascist Groups do in fact have a support of the majority. The military wins initial victories all around Spain but is spread thin.
  • Saudi Arabia: Drills attempting to extract oil continue, thanks to Italian and Romanian technology, with a predicted growth, by Arab economic experts, that in the 1920's the economy will boom. Hopefully, Fascist governments will be supportive of a monarchy controlling Saudi Arabia. While we have few diplomatic ties with Britain, we send our condolences, and hope that Britain can get through this tragedy.
    • NOTE TO ANYBODY: Try recruiting, or bringing back people to this map game, the mods will likely only return if they see that this game is still continuing.
  • ​Romania: King Ferdinand is shocked by the news of the assassination, and tells Britain that it will give any assistance asked against the perpetrator. The Parliament approves a package of military aid (weapons and munitions) to the Spanish government.
  • Italy: Due to the wish of not wanting to anger its Fascist population the Italian government declares neutrality in the conflict but many Italians decide to go fight in the Iberian peninsula to help the Spanish Fascists seize power. the army continues to push on in AH with the war at an ending point officials say. With a massive celebration is declared by the Fascist leaders to celebrate the first step to Italian supremacy nearly at hand. Another two dreadnoughts are comminsioned.
  • Mexico: The new party quickly expands, being Fascist and the government, like Italy, is forced to agree to the demands of the people for neutrality. We ask Italy and Saudi Arabia for an alliance. Also we ask Arabia for help in setting up an oil industry.
    • Saudi Diplomacy: We would welcome Mexico as an ally to the Arabs, however, hopefully Italy will agree to the alliance. Many Saudi officials are hoping for a Fascist alliance between Saudi Arabia, Italy, Mexico and Spain.
    • Italian Diplomacy: The Italian government accepts the Mexican offer and begins sending supplies to the new Mexican government to rebuild the destroyed nation.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: We thank you. We will put the money to good use strengthening the glorious nation of Mexico.
  • Brazil: Brazil exits its long era of isolation - a time in which it built up industry and railways across the nation. Work on building up the long ignored military begins and mass production of guns begins to train the armies with. Brazil secretly offers Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Italy an alliance.
    • Italian Diplomacy: The government refuses to have anything to do with any Latin American nations accept Mexico due to their support for the Ethiopians in the second Italo-Ethiopian war and for the blocking of Italian debt collection in Venezuela.
    • Persia Dip: Persia wants to send send a force of 500,000 troops to help the Spanish military.
  • Colombia: After the years of disorganization lived since the war of a thousand days the nation recovers enough and ask for an alliance with the Brazilian and the French as well with Mexico to get back up to its feet.

Game closed. New version will be made. Monster Pumpkin (talk)

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