The Triple Entente, later simply the Allies, was a military alliance operating before and during the Great War. The Entente was ultimately broken up by the expansionist stance taken by Great Russia. The remainder of the Entente later would form the European Community.

Member States

Pre-Great War

Members Joined After the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Members Joined After the Miracle of the Marne

  • Romania (Catipulation on December 1917, returned November 1918)

After the War

Though Great Russia was formally a part of both the Entente and the Alliance, the other powers in the alliance now had a new enemy, one in a prime position to exploit their loses during the Great War. Lavr Kornilov may have won the war for the allies, but now his expansionist, militarist stance was a threat to the rest of Europe.

The Alliance would eventually become the European Community, creating new economic and political ties between the surviving member states.

Great Russia was not the only member of the Alliance to fall out of favour. The Japanese Empire was also too expansionist for the Europeans. It was regarded as a minor threat, though, until it suddenly betrayed the alliance in the Great East Asian War. It's assault on formerly European colony holdings meant that the European Community would form a pseudo-alliance with the South Asian Union, the only asian competitor to the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

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