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The Tripartite Pact, or the Three-Power Pact formed allegiance between Germany, Japan, and Italy on September 27th, 1940, creating the Axis powers. Representatives included Adolf Hitler
Signing ceremony for the Axis Powers Tripartite Pact;

The Tripartite Pact

(Germany), Galiazzo Ciano (Fascist Italy), and Saburo Kurusu (Japan). A major result of the act was Germany's declaration of war on the United States after the States waged war on Japan in the Pacific.

Point of Divergence

Japan makes the decision to turn down Hitler's proposition to attend the Tripartite Pact, knowing well enough that Germany could not back Japan in Asia, and chose to continue its goals to become the Eastern world's Great Britain. With the rejection from Japanese ambassador Saburo Kurusu, Hitler had to quickly find a quick replacement for the Tripartite, his first choice was the newly Fascist nation of Spain, and its new leader Francisco Franco.

Important Events

  • September 1, 1939 - Beginning of the Second European War
  • March 23, 1944 - End of the Second European War

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