The Tribe of the Quick Warrior is a Sican tribe. Following the Sican Diaspora, the Quick Warrior tribe migrated into Libya, and wandered the Sahara for about 30 years.

The Kingdom of Cycaenae

In 55 BCE, after years of wandering the deserts of Africa, the Quick Warrior tribe reached Lake Chad. In 49 BCE, they established the city of Cycaes. In 31 BCE, the first queen was coronated, and the Kingdom of Cycaenae was officially established.

The Cycaenaens were a country of vicious warriors. They would constantly invade regions, enslaving its people and/or slaughtering them in the massive Colosseum of Cycaes. They never held land, but instead took its wealth and people. This is considered to be the reason that North Africa is scarcely populated.

The Cycaenaens resisted invasion from Rome and other local barbarians, becoming a very powerful state militarily. It was also a cultural, scientific, and commercial center of Africa.

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