The Sican Tribe of the Hill migrated eastward after the Sican Diaspora, directly into Armenia, but not staying there for long. In 273 AD, an entirely new tribe formed out of them, the Clam tribe.

Pre-Syriac War

Before the Syriac War, the Hill tribe lived in Armenia. By 20 BCE, they gained an incredible amount of power in local politics. Their population also boomed in later half of the 1st century BCE in Armenia.

The Syriac War

In 13 BCE, the Dome tribe and the Hill tribe decided they would attack Syria and try to create a neo-Cycaen kingdom there. The Hills provided most of the manpower in the war, and lost over half of the soldiers it deployed. When the Romans defeated the Hills and Domes, the Hills traveled eastward again.


From 12 BC until 117 AD, the Hills wandered Asia aimlessly looking for sanction. They had tiny casares in Kurdistan, Persia, Uzbekistan, Tibet, and Baluccistan at different points in time.

For a large portion of time, the tribe split into different factions that separated, many of which were completely slaughtered. The surviving factions merged together after periods of suffering, but the proccess would repeat itself over and over.

Sino-Sican War

In 117, the Hill tribe was in Nepal when its leaders attacked China. For 3 years, the Hills moved swiftly through China and seized its cities. In 120, Shanghai fell to the Hills and they established the Hill Dynasty that ruled China until 251.

The Hill Dynasty

Beginning in 120, the Hills established a dynasty in China. In 121, they built Xanux, a city for the Hills. The Hills ruled China with power until 230.

From 230-270, the Hill dynasty declined. Some historians say the official end was in 251, when southeastern and northwestern China declared independence, but more say it was in 270 when the Song Dynasty conquered the remaining Hill Chinese lands, except for Xanux, which remained a casare for several hundred more years.

Tribe of the Clam

In 273, a militaristic faction within the Hills broke off, and sailed east to find a new land. These would become known as the Clams, or the Tribe of the Clam.

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