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Tribe of the Hawk (The Sicans)

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The Sican tribe of the Hawk left Sicily following the Sican Diaspora traveling north, sneaking through Gaul and Britannia into modern-day Scotland.

The Casare of Ephelia

Once in Scotland, the Hawks founded the city of Ephelia, and created the Casare of Ephelia around what was believed to be the Oracle of Ephelos.

The Hawks in Ephelia had a wave of conquest in the first half of the 3rd century, and again in the early 400s.

Ephelian Empire

Following the conquests of the Ephelians, they created an empire in 411. It was unstable from the start, the Ephelian Civil War in 477 led to the end of the empire in 486.

County of Hauccas

After the Ephelian Empire fell, the remaining Hawk lands in Ephelia were conquered. The Hawk tribe fled to northern Germany, where they established the County of Hauccas.

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