The Sican Tribe of the Frog left Sicily and headed northwest during the Sican Diaspora, ending up in Lusitania/Spain and living there until 6 AD. In 6 AD, the Frogs sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean, successfully landing on Puerto Rico some 9 years later.

Nomads in Puerto Rico

The Frogs arrived on Puerto Rico in 15 AD. From that time until the 80s AD, the Frogs traveled the land without a home, constantly being attacked by the natives and occaisonally enslaved. Without connection to the other Sican tribes, the Frogs had no military or economic support.

The Kingdom of Gue

At about 83 AD, the Frogs had gathered enough population and resources to begin conquering the locals. After a lengthy war, all of Puerto Rico was under control of the Frogs by 98 AD, and in 99 AD, the first king of Gue was crowned.

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