Tribe of Odin
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "N/A"
(and largest city)
Odin/"Odivina" (working name until finalized in February 2017)
Language Pennsylvania German
Religion Thorism (100%)
Demonym 'Odin's children'
Government Norse Theocratic Chiefdom
  legislature Elders of Odin (Council);
Schlacht I (Head of Tribe) (2016-)
Area .3 (miles) km²
Population 44 
Independence March 5, 2016
Tribe of Odin is the newest Tribe in Post-Maryland created from a former Amish Council and its community to permanently disconnected from mainstreamed Amish communities.

History of Tribe of Odin

Tribe's newfound existence was result of its community folk want descents themselves from Mainstream Amish communities over years of travelers mistaken them with their Christian brethren.