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Tribal Union
Timeline: Louisiana Revolution

OTL equivalent: Florida
Greater Iroquois flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Myakka City
Largest city Myakka City
Other cities Ocala, Tampa
Language No official language
Religion varous Indian tribal religions
Ethnic Groups
Native American
  others Spanish, Louisianan, American, Dominican, Hatian, etc.
Demonym Iroquois
Government Republic
  legislature Tribal Council
Chieftain Russell Begaye
Leader of State Russell Begaye
Area 65,755 square miles
Population 34.9 million 
Established 1859
Independence from Louisiana
Currency Iroquois dollar (ID)
Time Zone EST
Calling Code +98
Internet TLD .tu
Organizations Carribbean Treaty Association
The Tribal Union (commonly referred to as the Iroquois Nation) is a small nation situated on the Florida Peninsula. It has a GDP of $1.003 trillion US dollars, has a high standard of living and does well on the quality of life survey, although it is densely populated. It's only national border is the United States to the north.

It was established after the Midwestern War with the United States in 1859, when the United States attempted to seize tribal land to make room for its growing population. Following the defeat of the Native Americans, the United States and Louisiana negotiated a treaty in which the Florida territory would be given to the Native Americans. Since its establishment, it has generally lived peacefully and is a developed nation very isolated from global affairs.




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