The Tribal Code was a set of rules enforced by the Aboriginal Collective to try to create some order into the chaotic society. It was slightly effective but was not as successful as its creators had hoped. It was eventually replaced by the Collective Pact, was much more effective.

These were its terms:

  • All men shall keep to the Code.
  • All men shall keep to our leaders.
  • All men shall know the deities.
  • All men shall know the Land, and all men shall keep to the Land.
  • All men shall abide by their brothers.
  • All men shall abide by their kin.
  • All men shall know themselves and their past.

One of the main problems with the Code was that it was not completely loyal to some of the tribesmen's beliefs, its most significant reason for its demise.

The Code was often altered by the Collective so that they could make various exceptions to their laws. The basic ideas of the Code, however, remained unchanged in all of its existence.

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