13th January 1860 commenced the Trials of Charles Darwin', marking a point of divergence for the WWS TL.  Barely a month after On the Origin of the Species publication, British politicians debated the freedom of press and whether Darwin was trying to spread anti-Christianic views among the scientific community.  Eventually, this led the country to arrest Darwin, using complicated loopholes around Charles Darwin's right to expression.  The sentencing for Darwin was only a 5-year imprisonment; however, an angry riot in midsummer 1861 burned him at the stake before he could complete his sentence.

Before the Trial

When Darwin wrote his book, this sparked controversy among particular members of an alt-Christian group that had strict fundamentalist views and believed Darwin was being blinded by the Devil.  When the debate had become very high circulated within the media, other religions put in their two cents as well.  Alt-Islamic and -Jewish groups were notably the other alt-religions that had become very well involved with the trial.  People believed the view that species evolved was destabilizing faith in God, provoking atheism into the scientific community.  Most people began to argue that either alt-religion and alt-science should agree, or one should not exist at all.  Eventually alt-religion would win out in World Without Science.

Political Debates

"God created everything; that's all we need to know!  Why study something that we already have the answer for?" was one politician's view on the matter, which was reflected for other Brits.  The very few people that agreed with Darwin were a small minority at this time, so they were easily silenced by big, influential alt-religious groups.  "We should not be teaching our children such fantasies of humans springing from monkey.  We should be explaining God's awesome power as he created the heavens and the Earth," came the mindset of educators around the globe.  People had managed centuries with their faith in God and they did not want to jeopardize losing this faith among the ideas of the portrayed delusional and unstable members of the scientific community.

During the Trial

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After the Trial

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