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The Tri-Powers Conflict, also known as the First Cold War was a state of heightened tensions that led to trade and proxy wars, political conflict and military build up between the three main power blocks in the world between the end of the Third Global War in 1946 until the collapse of Brazil and her allies in the aftermath of the Venezuelan War in 1978.

During this period, the three main alliances were the Juneau Pact between the United States of America, Russia and the other democracies in the world; the European Defensive Alliance led by Imperial France, and with Japan, as well as other Sorelist and right wing dictatorships as "confederates" of the EDA; and Brazil and her allies in the so-called "Brazilian Bloc, mostly composed of presidential and one party run dictatorships. The main reason that the last two groups were not considered "allied" was due to various differences in opinion and the difficulty in seeing eye to eye on many issues.

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