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It is late February, 2014. The Russian Federation moves troops into the Ukraine. In OTL, the Ukrainians did not do much (if any thing) at all to stop the Russians from taking the Ukraine ... but what if they did? This timeline is to show what would happen if the Ukrainians fought back against the Russian forces.


February 23-March 1

Due to reports of Russian troops invading Crimea, the government in Kiev sends soldiers to Crimea to investigate. Upon arriving, they spot Russian soldiers and vehicles. They are given orders not to engage the Russians, unless fired upon. A few days later, at the beginning of March, more Russian troops are spotted and Ukrainians begin abandoning posts to Russian soldiers, who begin to take over. The Russian soldiers come upon the garrison sent to protect Crimea, and order them to stand down and leave. Once they have refused, they threaten them once more. Again, they refused. This results in a fire-fight in the city of Simferopol. Two Ukrainians and one Russian soldier is killed. This results in both sides arguing about who shot first. Video evidence suggests the Russians by eye-witnesses say that the Ukrainians started it. This results in the Ukraine taking action against the Russians, and sending more troops to Crimea, asking for international assistance in the mean time.

March 1-3

A series of firefights occur while retaking the Ukrainian bases, resulting in the loss of four Ukrainian soldiers and six Russians. When Russian helicopters fire rockets in the open streets of Simferopol at Ukrainian soldiers, and kills a civilian, the United States intervenes, and sends a group of jets from air bases in Europe to the Crimea to shoot down Russian helicopters.

Open Warfare

March 3-7

As American jets shoot down Russian helicopters, the Russians roll tanks and armored vehicles into the Crimea, and the troops on the Ukraine border spill over into East Ukraine. This results in open warfare against Ukrainian and Russian troops in the countryside and cities. This results in deaths of 7 civilians, 14 Ukrainian soldiers, and 6 Russian soldiers, also with the loss of 1 American pilot and a Russian helicopter.


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