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Part 1: 1861-1863

What if the Trent Incident of the Civil War had dragged Britain into the war?

Britain would enter the war with the CSA side and attack from Canada into the Oregon area.  Advances would then come by slowly and then the British conquer the American Northwest.  CSA would then restore to itself the areas already captured by April 1862.  Then the CSA attacks Kentucky-Maryland areas and the success makes France decide to help the CSA as well.  France then helps the CSA conquer Philadelphia and takes Maine.  In January 1863 the USA surrenders and CSA annexes New Mexico and Indian Territories, and the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, DC, Kentucky, and Missouri.  Britain annexes Oregon and the Washington Territory while France annexes Maine.

Part 2: 1863-1870

CSA invades Mexico to help Maximilian seize power and then buys the provinces of Chihuahua, Sonora and both Baja Californias. Meanwhile, tensions between many European powers rise and Germany defeats Austria as normal. France has more soldiers in Europe due to more Mexican survivors.

Part 3: 1870-1882

France declares war on Germany and due to less Mexican deaths and not very many Civil War deaths, is able to advance into the Rhineland and force Germany to surrender annexing the Rhineland. The Central Alliance between Austria-Hungary and Germany and Italy is formed as normal. Meanwhile, the CSA and Spain have increased tensions over the ownership of the Cuban Island that CSA demands and the CSA secretly mobilizes.

Part 4: 1882-1901

This time starts with the USA admitting Utah as a state early because it is less disagreeable due to the hostile states farther South. CSA mobilizes further and a Spanish merchant ship spreads news of mobilization so Spain blockades the CSA demanding that it pay one billion Confederate dollars and destroy all of its weapons. CSA declares that the "Ultimatum is an Act of War" and attacks. Back in Europe, France declares war on the Low Countries in an attempt to close the Rhine Gap. Germany responds by attacking France. Mexico rebels. France loses and cedes the Rhineland back to Germany and cede its North tip to Belgium. Mexico again becomes independent. Back in North America, Spain loses Cuba and the Philippines and Guam and Puerto Rico but with less troops the CSA is defeated by Philippine rebels. Colonization in Africa goes as normal with the exception of CSA's Colony of Ethiopia which scares all of Europe.

Part 5: 1901-1914

The Quadruple Entente forms between CSA, France, Britain and Russia. The USA and Mexico join the Central Alliance in response. The Balkan Wars rage as normal. Franz Ferdinand is assassinated as normal. USA becomes desegregated.

Part 6: 1914-1915

Austria Hungary and Germany start attacking Serbia and Montenegro. This meant that Russia attacked Austria Hungary and Germany. Now France and Britain attacked Germany. The Ottoman Empire attacks Russia. Belgium and the Netherlands attack France and Britain.  CSA attacks Mexico.  USA attacks CSA Britain France and later Russia.  The sides quickly become: USA, Mexico, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire, Belgium, The Netherlands, The Philippines vs Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Greece, Russia, Japan, Portugal, France, Britain, CSA, Albania.  Eastern Europe Front goes on as normal.  France makes some quick advances but is quickly stopped between the Rhine and the Netherlands.  CSA gains some parts of Mexico for a short while.  USA blitzes into all areas it lost in 1863 and also into Eastern Canada.

Part 7: 1915-1917

The tide changes in most parts.  Eastern Europe still goes as normal.  France loses a lot of its Eastern Frontier.  Ireland rebels.  Britain can not crush it. Quebec and Ontario and British Columbia. The CSA is on the defensive against Mexico and goes to 1861 borders quickly. It also loses much of Arkansas, Virginia and Tennessee. Russia surrenders and the Brest-Litovsk Treaty is the same exact terms. Italy never enters the war. Mutiny is very serious in France and France leaves giving Alsace-Lorraine to Germany. The Balkans are going to give Bulgaria 1913 borders plus Coastal Romania, Macedonia and a big chunk of Greece. Austria-Hungary gets Serbia, Montenegro and Albania.  Britain loses all of Canada to the USA and Ireland gains independence but Germany had to work hard to invade the Mainland. The CSA is forced to allow the USA to go to 1861 South borders, ceding Guam and abolishes Slavery, and gives Cuba, Puerto Rico, Texas, Louisiana, South and West Florida to Mexico as well as the areas that had been purchased from France in 1867. Russia becomes democratized and Alaska goes to the USA. North  Africa goes to the Ottoman Empire. Austria-Hungary and Germany split the rest. Australia and New Zealand become independent. Belgium and the Netherlands gain a few African colonies and the Netherlands also gets South American Colonies of Guyanas.

Part 8: 1917-1919

Italy is seen as a betrayer by many Central Powers for staying Neutral.  They want to punish it. Austria-Hungary and Germany and the Ottoman Empire declare war. Italy quickly is defeated. Colonies are split. Austria-Hungary annexes parts of the mainland. The rest of the world goes on with nothing special worth noting.

Part 9: 1919-1937

Adolf Hitler is accused of insanity and killed.  There was no need to send Lenin to Russia so Communism never rises.  Adolf Hitler never had the time to make Nazism popular.  But normal Fascism still rises.  1922: Romania, 1926: Britain (at this point, it causes resentment among Canada to the USA to seemingly suddenly disappear), 1929: Spain after a Civil War that comes even sooner than in our timeline.  1931: Japan and CSA, 1933: Italy, 1934: France.  By 1937 they annex many European Islands.  Japan also takes Manchuria renaming it Manchukuo and China dissolves into factions in chaos with no clear end in sight.  Japan takes advantage of it by annexing even more territory.  But what ignites the chaotic spark finally is the attacks on American Macau and Hong Kong by Japan at the same time as French surprise attacks on Belgium and Luxembourg.

Part 10: 1937-1939

France and Britain quickly overrun Germany and the Low Countries.  They then prepare an Attack at Austria-Hungary.  Spain attacks and conquers Portugal as it was discussing the possibility of signing an alliance with France and Spain!  Japan takes many American and German Colonies and the Philippines.  Romania is quickly defeated by Hungarian Armies.  Italy only manages to take Tyrol and Izonzo and nothing else.  The CSA takes areas lost to Mexico and also Kentucky and DC but then reaches standstill.  Rebellions occur among Blacks as the breaking of the Treaty of Baltimore which the CSA promised to free its slaves.  The sides are now USA, Mexico, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire VS Spain, Japan, France, Britain, CSA, Italy.  The Fascists are getting early successes.

Part 11: 1939-1941

The Fascists want to dominate Europe.  They want to rid the Scandinavian Democracies.  They attack: Denmark (Soon Capture) and the great resistors of Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland who survive the onslaught.  The USA and Mexico taking advantage of Negro uprisings take huge chunks of area.  The CSA is stuck on very few states and surrenders in March 1941.  USA sends troops to reinforce the Scandinavian resistors while Mexico starts to deal with Japan.  CSA is divided into USA and Mexican sectors with South Carolina in neither sector but heavily influenced by both nations.  The Fronts in Europe are at a stand still except for the Italian attack into Albania.

Part 12: 1941-1943

The Fascists are now on the defensive.  Japan is being slowly tangled up by Mexico.  Japan finally loses by July 1943.  Operation Penguin on January 1942 takes Ireland and Britain surrenders in April.  Rebellions in Catalonia are impossible to crush and take many Spanish Troops off the front.  The Austro-Hungarians manage to drive all Italian gains off and Germany is freed by June 1942 and then the Low Countries are liberated soon after.  The American and Scandinavians (and Catalonian who soon annex the Toulouse area) defeat France by November 1942.  Austrians and Ottomans take Italy out during February 1943 via hopping into the Sicily and advancing up.  Spain during April 1943 is defeated and is divides just like Liberated Germany.  Soldier come over to help speed up Mexican attacks on Japan just then and help bring the Final push.  Portugal gets Northwest Spain.

Part 13: 1943-1948

As World War 2 comes to a close the West Democracies begins to realize their differences with the East Monarchies and vice versa and a Cold War begins.  Africa is decolonized due to rebellions against weak countries.  Austria-Hungary ends up dismantling itself into Galicia, Austria, Transylvania, Slovenia, Croatia, Southwest Slavia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.  Only Austria and Hungary continue to be Monarchies.


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