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Negotiation of the Treaty, Agra, 1527

The Treaty of Two Tigers or as it was cynically called, The Great Indian Plot of 1527 is a binding military and economic alliance between the Mughal Empire, under Emperor Babur and its closest ally Bengal. Below are extracts of the Persian text which includes Islamic dating conventions.

The name of the treaty pays homage to the great realm of Bengal and its symbol, the Tiger, and Babur's own name, which in itself translated to Tiger.


In the year nine thirty-three, Ẓahīr-ud-Dīn Muḥammad, Al-Sultan-Al-Azam of Gurkani, did extend the following terms to the Bengali delegation after discussion and consultation with the sovereigns and religious authorities of both realms.

  1. Should either the Mughal Empire or Bengal fall prey to invasion from an entity outside the sub-continent, the other shall immediately declare war on said entity.
  2. Freedom for religious minorities shall be enshrined and protected in law by both realms, allowing Moslem and Hindu to co-exist without fear of persecution.
  3. This treaty does not bind either realm to a war outside the sub-continent, though provisions such as economic and naval aid are required.
  4. India shall be split evenly amongst the realms within this treaty, and all future conquests along the southern coasts will be coordinated between the two powers.
  5. Humayun, Shahzade of the Mughal Empire shall wed at the earliest opportunity a Bengali bride of appropriate station, who will convert to the Sunni faith.

Signed on behalf of Gurkani in Agra, 28th December 933, (1527), witnessesed by the Mughal Religious Council and Kurultai. The treaty has now been submitted to Bengal for review and signature.

Mughal Emperor:

His Imperial Majesty, Ẓahīr-ud-Dīn Muḥammad, Al-Sultan-Al-Azam of Gurkani, Padshah-e-Ghazi, Azam Panah, Shahanshah, Al Khaqan Al Mukarram, Zillullah, Padshah of Kabulistan, Mirza of Sistain, Multan, Sindh and Bikaner.

Bengali Sultan:

King Anu agrees to the terms. (More to come)

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