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The Treaty of Xiamen is a peace treaty between the Empire of Japan and her vassals and the Republic of China to formally end the  two year long Second Sino-Japanese war (1935-1937). The treaty does not end the Sino-Soviet war and thus they are not involved in the signing


Article I: General Terms

All hostilities between the Empire of Japan and her vassals and the Republic of China shall end.

An NAP between Japan and China lasting 15 years shall be put into effect

Article II: Territorial Concessions 

Chinese land ceded in the Treaty of Xiamen 1937

The Republic of Mengjiang, with its capital as Kalgan, shall be released from China and be ceded to Japan as a vassal

The Eastern region of China, extending down past Shanghai,will merge with Manchukuo under the rule of the Kangde Emperor

The town of Guangzhou shall be annexed to the Empire of Japan

Article III: War Reparations

China shall pay a war indemnity of 7% of  their income over the next 10 years


  • Flag of the Republic of China - Chairman and General Chang Kai-Shek of the Republic of China -

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