The Treaty of West Berlin signed on August 15th, 1968 brought an end to the 2nd French Revolution. President Charles de Gaulle did not want to return to France in order to sign the treaty because he feared for his safety. His proposed location for signing the treaty, Frankfurt however did not sit well with the representatives of the various rebel groups in France. They feared a plot to hold them hostage as a desperate last attempt to stop the revolution. Philippe Comte, an avowed marxist-leninist and major revolutionary met with diplomats from the USSR and arranged a deal where President de Gaulle would go to West Berlin and then the revolutionary delegates would go there and sign the treaty. If German authorities arrested them the USSR would invade West Berlin. The United States threatened retaliation if the USSR invaded West Berlin, but the USSR held firm. However, the revolutionary delegates arrived in West Berlin and agreed to a treaty without incident. Still this incident heightened tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Text of the Treaty

We, the undersigned do hereby declare an end to the war in France and agreement on the following:

I. The French Republic and all offices and positions thereof are hereby abolished.

II. All property rights previously recognized by the French Republic within the borders of the French Republic are hereby abolished.

III. The territory of the French Republic is not granted to any given institution, but shall be worked out by the French people themselves.

The third stipulation specifically denied a successor state to the French Republic. At this point it was not clear that France would become anarchist. However, revolutionaries had a wide variety of ideas and organizations had already formed during the revolution so as a compromise revolutionaries agreed to allow what ever form of government if any to emerge on its own accord rather than creating a successor state.

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