The Treaty of Washington was the first treaty signed in Washington by various nations who occupy North America between 1865 and today. Where possible any nation will try to sign a peace treaty in Washington. The Treaty of Washington ended the North American Civil War. The treaty stated:

  1. Quebec and The CSA were new nations.
    The Kentucky River marks the border between The US and CS in Kentucky and North Kentucky.
    La Grande River marked Quebec's and the Canadian province of Aurora's border.
    The CSA abandoned their claims to the Arizona Territory.
    Mexico was to receive ten million dollars per year for 50 years from the USA and
    A sliver of California was added to Baja California.
Balkanization of North America 1865

Aftermath of the American Civil War

Many people ask why such harsh terms were agreed to by Yankees but what most of them don't realize is French, Mexican and Confederate forces could have done a lot worse but didn't feel quite so brave.

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