The Treaty of Vienna was a follow up to the Treaty of Guelders of 1519. Now Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V wants to break the betrothal between himself and Sophia in order to marry Isabella of Portugal.


The Holy Roman Empire would:

  • Allow Sophia to marry the husband of her choice
  • Instead, the eldest daughter of Sophia would marry the eldest son of Charles V and any younger daughter would marry either his younger sons or the sons of his brothers
  • Guelders will remain independent in the event of male issue

The Duchy of Guelders would:

  • Remain independent
  • Pay homage to the Emperor
  • Betroth the future daughters of Sophia to the sons of Charles V
  • Annul any marriage of Sophia's so that she may marry the Emperor in case some tragedy befall the Empress


  1. Charles V, Holy roman Emperor
  2. Charles II, Duke of Guelders

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