The Treaty of Vienna was the document signed by the major European Powers in order to end the Prussian Expansion War, which had ended in the defeat of the North Sea Pact powers of Prussia, the United Kingdom and Sweden, by the superior powers of the French Empire, Austria-Hungary, Italy of the Marseilles Pact, as well as the Russian Empire.

Gains and Losses

The biggest loser of the Prussian Expansion War was Prussia itself. In all, Prussia was to give its small North Sea coast to the Confederation of the Rhine, as well as land to Poland around the city of Kattowitz. The greatest humiliation was to surrender the East Prussian city of Koenigsberg and the majority of the surrounding area to Russia. Sweden was also forced to surrender a large part of Northern Sweden to Russia.

France gained Cyprus, Malta and Jamaica from the reluctant British: they only had a few units under Prussian command in Europe,

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