Spanish Treaty Proposal

Note: Please post your issues in the discussion, and I'll revise the treaty.

Article I: Terms

  • All fighting between the allied powers and the central powers will cease. 
  • Germany is responsible for the damage caused by this war.

Article II: Organization of Nations

  • An Organization of Nations will be established, with its goal to keep peace in the world. Its headquarters will be in the neutral country of the USA.
  • All signatories of this treaty agree to join the ON, except for  the German states, which will receive observor status until deemed otherwise by the ON.
  • Within the ON, there will be resolutions which may be proposed by any county.
  • Within the ON, there will be an International Assembly in addition to a Council.
  • Within the International Assembly, each nation has one vote.
  • Each Council member has one vote. The founding members of the Council will be France, Russia, Britain, and Spain. The council must, at all times, have five member states. The International Assembly may vote on non-permanent member nations.
  • Each resolution must pass both the International Assembly and the Council with a majority vote.
  • The ON will be responsible for carrying out and enforcing this treaty.

Article III: German Europe

  • The Territories of Alsace and Lorraine will be ceded to France.
  • The Saarland will be administered by the Organization of Nations until 1918, at which point it may vote on whether to join France, become independent, or join Rhineland.
  • The Eastern borders of Germany will be equivalent to its OTL 1920 border. Russia will also gain control of Danzig.
  • Germany will be divided into the following countries: Prussia (All remaining German land east of the Elbe, with Capital at Berlin), Bavaria (Southeastern part of Germany, with capital at Munich), Rhineland (Western part of country including all of western border, with capital at Cologne), Saxony (land West of Elbe, North of Bavaria, and East of the Saale, with capital at Leipzig), and Hanover (remaining land in central Germany, including land west of Elbe but east of Weser River, with capital at Hanover)
  • The German states will all agree to not unify with each other without the consent of the ON.

Article IV: German Colonies

  • German Cameroon will be ceded to Spain.
  • German Tanganyika and Togoland will be ceded to France.
  • All other German colonies will be ceded to Britain.

Article V: Austro-Hungarian Empire

  • Austria-Hungary will be divided as it was in OTL, except that the Trieste region will be part of Yugoslavia.
  • The Habsburgs will not be in power in any country of former Austria-Hungary.


Ottoman: We would like to make out the middle east and have Palestine under Riyad or Nejd.

Britain or France may decide to have Palestine under Riyadh or Nejd if they want.

Serbia: do not agree to giving the Ottoman lands in Europe to France and Britain. We want the imperialists out. We have the utmost respect for our allies but we demand that our request fr a nation of slavs be created.

Austria-Hungary: We do not agree with these terms.

Turkey: We don't plan don't attack the balklands all we want in Balklands is Istanbul and it surrounding area OTL

As a mod, I'd like to point out several things: For one, Poland fought on the side with Russia. No annexation whatsoever. This means that Galicia, at least the western part with Krakow, also would get Polish, if anything else. The war in Turkey is not yet over, so I suggest making a separate treaty for it. For the second, the UK has one interest in Africa: Tanganyika, to make the Trans-African Railway from Cairo to Cape Town. Also, Tanganyika has no connection to a French African territory whatsoever, thus not in the interest of France. By the way, I might just say one thing: You missed a lot of German territories, etc..... plus by destroying Germany, you're making the Nazi movement impending much worse than OTL....... please be careful. ~AM

General Discussion

German Colonies

  • Spain would like control of Cameroon

European Borders

Serbia: We would like the world to accept the creation of Yugoslavia containing Serbia, Montenegro all Ottoman lands north east of Edirne and all Austro- Hungarian lands in the Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia). We will internally decide through a committee how the government will work. We also generally wish our allies to be happy and will work to support them.

Turkey: We don't plan don't attack the balklands all we want in Balklands is Istanbul and it surrounding area OTL.

Ottoman: We are willing to give up our land in Europe except Istanbul and surrounding ares.

Britain:Would like to split Germany along pre-unification lines, as well as splitting AH along OTL lines.

Military Restrictions


Russian Announcement

Instead of really making a proposal, the Russian Empire simply announces the following:

  • Galicia will become a part of Poland(which is our protectorate)
  • A new Hungarian state will be created, which will contain OTL Hungary+Transsylvania(Officially, it would be independent, but unbeknownst to the other nations, it will be Russia's puppet)
  • A new state will be made from Bohemia and Moravia, called Czechia (Officially, it would be independent, but unbeknownst to the other nations, it will be Russia's puppet)
  • A new state will be made in Eastern Prussia, called Prussia (Officially, it would be independent, but unbeknownst to the other nations, it will be Russia's puppet)
  • The City of Danzig would become a Russian territory and port, although both Poland and Prussia will have access to the city too.
  • A new state will be made in Germany, in OTL East-Germany(This state will include Berlin). The state will be called Brandenburg-Saxony(Officially it would be independent, but, unbeknownst to the other nations, it will be Russia's puppet).
  • Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia join the Russian Empire as autonomous territories. 
  • The state of Yugoslavia is formed, consisting of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

The Russian Empire will keep a close eye on developments in the rest of the treaty, but announces that this is simply happening and that this part of the treaty is irrefutable. 

As a mod, I should point out that Romania is also your protectorate, and that some of it won't really work. For one, Transylvania would most surely join Romania, not anything else. The majority of the population wishes so. For the second, how will you get access to Danzig? Danzig would be pretty isolated and the next closest port is Riga. For the third, you cannot play this umbeknowst to the others thing. They will know, no matter what. You cannot hold this as a secret. ~AM

Britain does not agree to these terms. You can't puppet everything or I'll kick you out of the alliance and the negotiations.

I have changed the cross outs. -Vatonica.

Russo-Tripartite Peace Treaty:

Article I: Terms

  • All fighting between the Russia and the Tripartite Pact ceases 
  • Germany is responsible for the damage caused by this war

Article II: Territorial Concessions of Germany

  • Germany will cease East Prussia.
  • East Prussia is reformed into the Principality of Prussia, nominally independent (de facto a Russian Puppet
  • The City of Danzig becomes a Free City, with a special degree of autonomy, within Russia

Article III: Austro-Hungarian Empire

  • Carniola, Croatia, Dalmatia, Bosnia, the City of Trieste, Backa and Baranja join Yugoslavia
  • The Czech Principality gets nominally independent (de facto a Russian Puppet)
  • Western Galicia, along with the city of Krakau, goes to Poland
  • Eastern Galicia, along with the city of Lemberg, goes to Russia
  • Bukovina goes to Romania
  • Trentino goes to Italy (Trentino is NOT the entirety of South Tyrol)
  • Hungary (along OTL borders bar the Hungarian Baranja), gets nominal independence (de facto a Russian puppet)
  • Transylvania (Transylvania, Maramures and Crisana east of the OTL Romanian-Hungarian border) gets nominal independence (de facto a Russian puppet)
  • Austria (OTL Austria plus Alto Adige) gets independence

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