Treaty of Versailles
Treaty of Peace between the Allied and Associated Powers and Central and Associated Powers
Type of treaty Peace treaty
Drafted 28 June 1919
10 January 1920
Ratification by the two Principal Central and four Principal Allied Powers
Signatories Central Powers:
German Empire
Ottoman Empire
Kingdom of Bulgaria
and others...

Allied Powers:
British Empire
and others...

Depositary French Government
Languages German, English and French (original documents)
Bulgarian, Serbian and Turkish (official copies)

The Treaty of Versailles is a peace treaty ending the fighting between the Allied and Central powers, which on most fronts, resulted in a stalemate. Some fronts were different, which would affect Europe and to extent the whole world later on as many were dissatisfied with the results. There was no clear winner in the war, and it was mostly ended due to exhaustion and the sudden onset of the ubiquitous "Spanish flu".


The Great War was started by a chain of events starting from Austro-Hungarian occupation and subsequent annexation of Bosnia, increased nationalism in Serbia due to the rule of the Karađorđević dynasty, those two together resulted in the events in Sarajevo with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Serbia declined to let Austro-Hungarian officials investigate the matter in Serbia, which prompted a declaration of war to Serbia by Austria-Hungary and Germany, which resulted in Russia and the other Allied powers joining forces. Germany also attempted to use Belgium as a quick way to get to France which was the main reason for British involvement.

As the Communist revolution began in Russia, the Imperial forces of Russia retreated and the Central powers gained an advantage. However due to late stage involvement of American forces, both sides agreed to an armistice in order to prevent further bloodshed, as Serbia had already been fully occuppied by the Central Powers and the Ottoman Empire was at the brink of falling apart.



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