The Treaty of Urajiosutoku, or in Russia The Treaty of Vladivostok, was a treaty between Russia and Japan to end The Russo-Japanese war and attempt to rekindle ties between the two realms.


  • Russia shall cede the Kamchatka peninsula to the Empire of Japan.
  • POW's on both sides will be returned to their respective homeland.
  • An embassy will be opened by each nation in each others capital.
  • The Empire of Japan will withdraw from the Tripartite Pact and annul all relations with its members.
  • The Russian People's Socialist Republic will cut funding to all communist nations and parties in East Asia
  • Russia and Japan will enter a 20 year NAP

Japanese Counter-Proposal

The Empire of Japan agrees to all the terms and conditions provided, with the exception of Term IV "The Empire of Japan will withdraw from the Tripartite Pact and annul all relations with its members." Japan values the relationship between her and the Tripartite Pact. Instead, Imperial Japan offers this:

"The Empire of Japan shall not join in any offensive wars the Tripartite Pact declares on Russia, but will be forced to intervene if Russia invades any member of the Tripartite Pact. Imperial Japan also takes it upon herself to try her best to be the mediator in any conflicts between the Caliphate and Russia, doing everything in her power to keep a state of peace between the two nations. Japan also strongly suggests that the Caliphate and Russia enter a 20-year NAP in a separate peace proposal."

Nihon also has other terms and conditions:

  • The Empire of Japan shall forgive each other of its transgressions against each other, Russia shall forgive Japan for her surprise invasion of Russia and killing its populace and Japan shall forgive Russia for her use of chemical weapons on Japanese soldiers.
  • In order to avoid the horrors of this war, the use of chemical weapons shall be banned from here on in.
  • In order to avoid the horrors of this war and other wars around the world, the Empire of Japan and Russia shall agree to use diplomacy, and use war as an absolute last resort.
  • This treaty shall be used as the basis to establish an International League of Peace, in order to prevent a horrible war such as this to happen again.
  • The Empire of Japan and Russia shall enter its relations prior to the Red Scare of 1906 and after the Treaty of Samarkand in 1895, restoring a normalization of relations as well as resuming trade between the two parties.
  • - Imperial Japanese Foreign Minister Kogan Riyu.


  • Dimitri Polunin, Grand Premier of the Russian Socialist Party and Chairman of the Russian peoples Socialist Republic and leader of the Proletariat Revolution - Toby2: THEY CALL ME Mr. Awesome!!!
  • Emperor Heiwa to Han'ei i  , His Supreme Holiness, God of the People, and Emperor of the great Empire of Japan, land of the Rising Sun -  KawaiiKame (Only signing provided that the Japanese Counter-Proposal is accepted by Russia.)


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