Union-confederate soldiers-1-

Union and Confederate soldiers.

The Treaty of Unity was signed by the United States of America and the Confederate States of America on June 10, 1863 in Savannah, Georgia. It ended the American Civil War and restored the union.


  1. States would return to pre Civil war borders except West Virginia would be recognized as a state.
  2. No reparations by either side could be claimed.
  3. Slavery would be phased out.
  4. Debt by both sides would be covered by the United States of America.
  5. No civilian, military officer or enlisted soldier would be held for treason or brought to trial for any event during the conflict.
  6. The Army of the Union and the Army of South would reunify with rank and privileges recognizes by the Department of War.
  7. Representatives from the south would immediately rejoin their northern counterparts in both the United States Senate and House of Representatives. 


While there was some discomfort with former enemies reuniting so quickly the fear of total defeat by outside forces got their attention re-directed toward their common enemies. The leadership of the former northern forces would concentrate on moving against the British forces while the armies of the south re-enforced with some northern forces moved against the Franco-Mexican Alliance. While some resentment was held by southern states by the phasing out of slavery; the circulation of the essay The Golden Path has a profound affect on the citizens of the southern states and most quickly excepted the terms of the treaty. 

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