The Treaty of Unity (Filipino: Kasunduan ng Lungsod ng Calamba, literally the "Agreement of Calamba City") is a proposed treaty that aims for Philippine Reunification through annexing the South Philippines as an Autonomous region.


  1. The Philippine National Union shall be annexed as an Autonomous Region
  2. The aspects of the two constituent regions’ political, and economic systems shall be independent of each other’s ideologies and standards.
  3. The Visayan Autonomous Region will be ruled indirectly, and shall have its own National Diet to represent its peoples’ opinions on discussions on national issues
  4. The Visayan Autonomous Region’s territorial expansion shall be limited to Visayas and any extraterritorial expansion shall not be recognised by the central government and shall be annexed at a later point.

Proposal by Angelo Briones in the name of the PNU

  1. Knowledge of the treaty being signed must be kept from discovery by the Valento regime
  2. The treaty takes effect on the capture of Cebu City, Valento's death, or any situation terminating the Regime's tenure.


Flag of the President of the PhilippinesKingdom of the Philippines: ~Premier José Marcos

Philippine National Union flag (Atomic World Map Game)Philippine National Union: (secretly signed) ~ Deputy Chancellor and NAP national governor Angelo Briones

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