The Treaty of Turin was a treaty between the Duchy of Savoy and the Republic of Genoa as an end of hostilities and official peace between them for the Hungaro-Veneto War. This war was originially a conflict between the Republic of Venice and the Kingdom of Hungary, which eventually escalated and resulted in the occupation of the island of Corisca by Florence followed by a Savoyard invasion and occupation of Genoa itself.


The Treaty of Turin will contain the following terms: 

  1. Genoa is to become a vassal of Savoy. 
  2. The Duchy is to use Genoa as a staging area for its troops and ships to conduct further incursions into Italy. 
  3. The Republic of Genoa is to pay 15,000 gold coins for compensation. 
  4. Genoa is to provide a small 10% of earned revenue to Savoy. 


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