The Treaty of Tripoli was a treaty proposed by the Caliphate to end the Carthave-Caliphate war.

The Treaty

  1. The Caliphate will give the Carthage Empire 1000 pixels of land.
  2. The Caliphate would have have to recognise the Carthage Empire an independent country.
  3. The Caliphate would have to pay the Carthage Empire war reparations.
  4. The Carthage Empire has to join the High Council of Eurasia.
  5. The Carthage Empire and the Caliphate would work together to defeat the Goths.
  6. The Carthage Empire doesn't have to become Muslim.
  7. The Caliphate would have to aid the Carthage Empire when expanding/in war and the same visa versa.
  8. They don't attack each other for 75 years.


Caliphate - AH28

Carthage Empire -


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