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The Treaty of Trieste was a treaty proposed by the Austrians after the peace agreement of the Venetian-Padua Conflict. While it was signed by the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, it was never signed by the Venetian Doge, despite claims by the Austrians that it was.


  • All borders shall return to as they were before the outbreak of the conflict (status quo ante bellum).
  • Venice shall withdraw all soldiers from Padua.
  • The Republic of Venice shall pay for all damages caused to the city state of Padua caused during the invasion by the Venetian army.
  • All the states of the HRE shall agree to a limited free trade agreement with Venice, as a sign of good will from both groups of nations.
  • The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and the Doge of Venice shall ensure that no constituent from either the Holy Roman Empire or Venetian Empire shall invade each others lands for a period of fifteen years.


  • Albert II of Germany, on behalf of the nations of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Austria - Mscoree (talk) 20:45, February 13, 2014 (UTC)

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