The Treaty of Toronto was a treaty proposed by Britain to end the Russo-British War.

The Treaty

  1. Russia doesn't attack Persia again.
  2. Russia joins the Entente and declare war on the Central Powers.
  3. Russia gives Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Armenia to Persia.
  4. Russia cuts all ties with the Ottoman Empire.
  5. Russia has to pay Britain and Persia war reparations for the next 20 years.
  6. British-Turkish War will continue.
  7. Russia must stop the invasion of Japan and give them land.
  8. The entente will include: Britain, Persia, Japan, France, Belgium, all South American countries except from Argentina and Paraguay.
  9. The British-German War will be renamed World War 1.


Britain - AH28


(( You do realize, that anyone wouldn't accept this treaty. numbers 2,3, 9 wouldn't be fair, as if Russia was Britain's puppet state, which it isn't. And WW1 wouldn't have sense, because Asian aren't fighting except for China and Japan etc.))

Russia isn't Britons puppet. And WW1 includes nations from Europe, South America, North America, Oceana, Africa. Japan, Persia and the Ottomans are fighting in this war. I think thats enogh to say its a world war. ~ AH28

(( Ah, All righty then))

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