The Treaty of Tarnovo is the treaty regarding the end of the war with between the Third Bulgarian Empire and the Kingdom of Greece.

Bulgarian demands

While the Tsar regrets such an invasion of Greece, we have made all attempts to provide minimal loss of life in this situation for the Greek peoples.

Demands are as follows.

  • Macedon in in its almost entirety will be ceded to Bulgaria, barring the current Greek capital of Thessaloniki
  • Thrace in its entirety will be ceded to Bulgaria.
  • Skopje and the areas around will also be ceded to Bulgaria
  • The Greek majority of the Greek Aegean islands except the closest ones to the remainder of the Greek mainland will be ceded to Bulgaria
  • Any Greeks that express interest in returning to the remaining Greek territory will be granted safe passage.
  • Greece will pay a minimal tribute to Bulgaria for a period of 10 years
  • Greece will maintain a truce with Bulgaria for a period of no shorter than 30 years, and any attempts to break this truce will lead to major repurcussion.
  • All Greek claims to the conquered territories will be renounced and Constantinople will be transferred to Bulgaria as its vassal (I'm pretty sure the city is your vassal is it not?)

The Below map is the post war between Greece and Bulgaria it is non-negotiable since I collapse you no matter what but have no want to outright annex you in entirety. 

Third Bulgar Empire 1460's borders

Post war borders of Greece and Bulgaria.


You got any questions or is the position pretty clear here. I would like to hear your input before i change or input any more treaty stipulations. -Feud


King Jacob I Crispo, King of the Hellenes - NathanialPrice

Tsar Vasili-Kaloyan Dracultesti-Beserab, Tsar of all Bulgaria: The Wings of Freedom #FP Wings of freedom 2 (Talk to Me)

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