The Treaty of Tapu is a treaty between the Dutch East India Company representing the interests of the Dutch Empire and the Supreme Council of the 12 which represented the Marrikuwuyanga Empire. In this treaty, it was agreed upon by both nations that the Dutch would provide Marrikuwuyanga modern weaponry and technology with the Marrikuwuyanga in return acknowledging and protecting Dutch interests in the region.


Since the rebellion against the Ayutthaya had started, the Marrikuwuyanga felt quite uneasy towards the Ayutthaya ... The Marrikuwuyanga almost entirely depended on the Ayutthaya for goods and with the Ayutthaya finding it almost to deliver the goods due to the rebellion, the Marrikuwuyangan economy suffered heavily. In search of another nation to replace the Ayutthaya, the Marrikuwuyanga would find the Dutch.. A nation little did the Marrikuwuyanga knew were more developed and willing to trade than the Ayutthaya.


Article #1

On Trade

1. 60% of all goods produced by the Empire of Marrikuwuyanga and the Kingdom of Timor for trading, would be passed onto the Dutch East Indian Company who would then in turn sell it to other foreign nations. The Dutch East Indian Company would, of course, be sold the goods for a much cheaper price. 2. The Dutch East Indian Company would be allowed to freely use Marrikuwuyangan ports for trade purposes although they are not allowed to enter into Marrikuwuyangan land itself but rather use the ports as trading posts as well.

Article #2

On Military

1. The Dutch East Indian Company shall provide the Marrikuwuyangan army with the finest weaponry and the know how to develop them. The Dutch East Indian Company shall also aid the Marrikuwuyanga in training their soldiers. 2. The Marrikuwuyangan military shall never make any aggression into territory controlled by the Dutch Empire. The Marrikuwuyangan Empire would acknowledge and respect the interests of the Dutch in the region [East Indies] and shall make not attack any area believed to be strategically or economically important to the Dutch 3. The Dutch Empire shall neer make any aggression into territory controlled by the Marrikuwuyangan Empire. The Dutch Empire would acknowledge and respect the interests of the Marrikuwuyanga in the region [East Indies and Australasia] and shall not attack area believed to be strategically or economically important to the Marrikuwuyanga.

Article #3

On Diplomacy

1. The Dutch shall appoint a diplomat at Tapu [Capital of Marrikuwuyanga] who will inform the Marrikuwuyanga of any message sent by the Dutch or any action performed by the Dutch of significant important. Basically, to keep the Marrikuwuyanga in touch of the Dutch's motives so as to make sure the Marrikuwuyanga did not acquire any land which is in the interests of the Dutch. 2. The Dutch East Indian Company shall not meet with the Emperor and anything related to trading shall be discussed the the Supreme Council of 12 which are the 12 Tribal Elders.

Article #4

On Religion

1. The Dutch merchants shall not be forced to worship the Emperor neither will they be forced to follow Yadaism or Buddhism which are major religions followed by the people of Marrikuwuyanga. 2. The Dutch shall not be allowed to spread their religion in Marrikuwuyanga land, they will not be allowed to convert anyone but in case anyone does convert to the Dutch religions, the person shall be handed over to the Dutch authorities who would then be fully responsible for any action performed by that person.


This Treaty shall go into effect immediately following the Signatures (and Ratification, if need be) by the Head of State, or his Lawfully appointed Representative, of both Signatory Nations.

His Imperial Highness of the Marrikuwuyanga Empire, Conquer of Yalngu, Chief of Jawoyn, Creator of all Beings, Incarnate of Buddha, The Golden One and Celestial Being of Mercy; Emperor Yada Gulpilil. RexImperio (talk) 08:57, May 22, 2014 (UTC)

[Dutch Here] Karl van Nassau: representative of the East India's Company of the Netherlands, and on behalf of King William I of the Netherlands. With Blood and Iron (talk) 16:24, June 5, 2014 (UTC)


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