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The Treaty of Tallinn was a document that ended the state of war between the Kingdom of Prussia and the Republic of Pskov.


  • Hostilities between the Kingdom of Prussia and the Republic of Pskov shall immediately cease, and a state of peace shall exist.
  • The Republic of Pskov shall agree to a twenty year non aggression pact with the Kingdom of Prussia.
  • The nation of Narva shall be annexed into the Republic of Pskov, and shall operate as an internal vassal with a small level of autonomy, but with representation within the Pskovian government.
  • The Kingdom of Prussia shall agree to an alliance with Pskov, to ensure Pskov's protection from foreign invasions in Pskov's moment of weakness.
  • Prussia, Pskov, Poland-Lithuania, and the Grand Duchy of Moscow shall agree to an alliance for the the joint protection of stability in the Baltic region, and to ensure peace and trade between all three states. This alliance shall exist into perpetuity and shall be known as the Union of Reval. 
  • Free trade shall exist between the states of Prussia, Pskov, Poland-Lithuania, and Moscow and each nation's respective colonies.  


  • Pskovgfull Her Grace Velikaya Knyaginya Elena Kondratieva of Pskov
  • His Majesty Albert I, King of Prussia - Harvenard2 (talk) 00:50, October 11, 2014 (UTC)


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