This is the Treaty of Taipei between Korea and the ROC, PRC, Bao Faction, and Wu.

The Treaty 

Korea will withdraw troops for all the Chinese Factions if they accept Korean vassalization. This will but an end to the Second Chinese Civil War.

Terms of vassalization:

The ROC, PRC, Bao Faction, and Wu will join the Korean Chinese Confederacy/Kochina

  • How about the Fedeterative Republic of China
  • That name is too biased towards the Republic of China, thus defeating the purpose of the Chinese Confederacy. 

Under the Chinese Confederacy each Chinese Faction will remain autonomous by running its own internal affairs and economy but international affairs such as diplomacy must have further approval by the Head State and the Supreme State.

The Head Chinese state of the Chinese Confederacy shall be Wu and the Supreme State of the Chinese Confederacy shall be Korea.

The capital of the Chinese Confederation will be the autonomous city of Beijing and will be administered by both the nations of Wu and Korea. 

  • Can the name be renamed again Peking.
  • Peking is the Romanized name for Beijing. Since this is the Chinese Confederacy, the Chinese name is preferred but Peking can be used too.

Each of the factions will control a region of China and the factions may be refered to the regions they control:

Wu- Central China

ROC- Southern China

Bao's Faction (split in two): Northern China, Manchuria

PRC- Western China.

Autonomous Cities:





Other nations need to sign this like Iberia, United Mediterr., Germany, and Wu. 

This treaty probably needs more terms, just so you both know. You should define the relationship and control each of you has over the RoC and future Chinese Confederacy.

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