Treaty of Tabriz

Primary Articles

Article I: The nation of Iran will remain a vassal of the Russian Federation.

Article II: The nation of Iran will replace its pro-revolutionary government and it will be replaced by one that is Pro-Russian and will be the same regime as the one before/

Article III: Iran will have a military no larger than 50,000 (Includes paramilitaries and reserves.) and will only consist of a defense force that will not attack any nation unless attacked first.

Article IV: The Iranian Navy will be confiscated by the Russian Federation for scrapping.

Article V: All research of nuclear weapons, biological weapons, and chemical weapons will cease and inspectors from NATO and the Russian Federation will be allowed to inspect the nation.

Article VI: All weaponized strains of the Z-Virus will be confiscated as well as all nuclear weapon and chemical weapon research.

Article VII: All uranium mined/excavated in Iran will be monitored by Russian or NATO inspectors.

Article VIII: Occupation by NATO, the Russian Federation, Korea, and other belligerents in the War on Terror will be allowed to occupy Iran and will be administered by the Russian Federation.

Article IX: Resistance against the occupation by government led forces will be considered an act of aggression and unjustly attack.

Article X: Oil sanctions against other nations (If any) will be lifted.

Article XI: Black market operations will cease to exist in the nation.

Article XII: If insurgency does occur, the new Iranian Defense Force will aid and supply the occupation force.

Article: XIII: Any government led insurgency or resistance against the occupation force will result in another declaration of war against the new Iranian regime.

Secondary Demands

All the signatories have a 50%  special discount and free tariffs. (Not Canon)

Korea gets the provinces of Bushehr and Hormozgan and Khuzestan. (Not Canon)

Not plausible for you to annex Iranian territory. If this means occupation, Iran will be jointly occupied anyway.

Tehran is occupied by joint NATO-CSTO forces and an army base shall be established there. (Canon)

All of Iran will be joint occupied.

All that the Mughal Empire asks of this treaty is that we be allowed to aid in the occupation, since we were friends of the government before the revolution and subsequent war and have harbored them since then. We would like to help in their re-establishment. Monster Pumpkin (talk) 23:15, August 14, 2013 (UTC) (Canon)

UK and new commonwealth get permanent bases in the Iranian Persian Gulf. (Not Canon.)

Will have to be a joint military base with Russian administration to be considered canon.


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